Emergency assistance Burke County Salvation Army.

A wide range of assistance programs are offered by the Burke County Salvation Army, and some of them are for emergencies and others are long term support. The short term aid (food, financial help for paying bills or rent, free school supplies or Christmas toys, etc.) are combined with long term advocacy as well as case management. More information on the social services as well as the Family Store from the Salvation Army in Morgantown and Burke County are below.

Crisis intervention and case management

When any client seeks support from the faith based charity, it will be recommended that they seek additional long term support. This is where the Morgantown North Carolina Salvation Army case management approach comes into play.

The client will meet with a case worker. They will assess all the background of the client. It includes going over finances, employment, budgets, and family life. The service combines the ministry along with more practical advice around finances. Some of this is done in partnership with other agencies in the region, such as credit counseling in Burke County, HUD foreclosure counseling, and even community action agencies. The exact components of case management may touch upon.

-Budgeting classes.
-Help in applying for public aid, including SNAP food stamps, SSI disability, section 8 and more.
-Salvation Army Burke County job training ranges from free clothes to the use of a computer, resume review services, and more. Find a list of free clothes for work.
-Families with children can learn about day care and other services for their child, even including summer camp programs.
-Credit repair classes.

Some of that is offered directly by the Salvation Army. Other programs are run in partnership with other non-profits or government offices in Burke County. A combination of different approaches will be used, based on client need.





Emergency help from Morgantown Salvation Army

The funds are limited. Most of the money is raised from the sale of goods at the thrift store. Other money may come from United Way grants, local fund raisers held in the community, and even one time donations from the public.

Any assistance from the Burke County Salvation Army is first come and served. They will need proof of income (from a job and benefits), residency, copies of identification including SS cards, and much more. All of this will be assessed by the Salvation Army application process. Any type of funds is also general combined with the case management that is referenced above as well.

The components of the financial aid are as follows. When it is not possible to assist, then referrals are given to other agencies in the region.

-Free groceries from emergency food pantry.
-Emergency disaster services.
-Thrift store sells low cost items.
-Assistance with eye exams and glasses, or vouchers for some prescription medications.
-One time, short term rental and/or utility bill assistance. There are also other homeless prevention programs in North Carolina.
-Community feeding program from a soup kitchen.
-Free holiday, Christmas as well as seasonal assistance. This includes food, toys, back to school supplies, gifts and clothing for winter or summer wear.
-Substance abusers and addicts can get help from the Salvation Army in the form of alcohol and drug rehabilitation referrals.

There is also a homeless drop-in service that combines shelter with additional support. The Salvation Army in Burke County will offer mail pick-up, laundry, phone access, and also free snacks. The emergency temporary housing (or shelters) is open for families, but it is offsite.




The list above is some of what the MorgantownSalvation center in Burke County can provide. They will also other requests on a case by case basis. If/when they are out of resources, or when no further help can be provided, then additional assistance may be arranged too. For more information, intake, or to speak to a case worker, the address is 420 W Fleming Dr, Ste B, Morganton, North Carolina 28655. Or dial (828) 439-8080.


By Jon McNamara

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