Charlotte area Salvation Army assistance programs.

Salvation Army programs in Charlotte as well as around Mecklenburg County will provide assistance based on the needs of the local community and available resources. While financial assistance and funds for bills is not as common, they will more than likely have so called material assistance. This can be food, clothing, holiday assistance, meals, shelter, and more. Some limited financial help for expenses such as rent and utilities may be offered for low income families, seniors, and the working poor. Also contact the Salvation Army for referrals to Charlotte and Mecklenburg County non-profits and government programs.

Christmas assistance and programs have been run by the Charlotte Salvation Army since the early 1900s! Hundreds of children and low income families receive help from the Angel tree and other holiday programs. Programs can provide food, meals, gifts, and more.

The Christmas center serves families in both Mecklenburg and Union counties. Many of the applicants are single moms and dads, or families with an unemployed parent. While most applicants are working hard to simply try to provide for their family, they may have gone through a difficult period or financial crisis. Some of the primary beneficiaries may also be children who live with caregivers, grandparents, or relatives. With the high unemployment rates in North Carolina, many seeking holiday aid are unemployed parents who are just struggling to stay financially afloat. While a focus is on children, the Salvation Army will also register senior citizens and elderly who are desperately stretching every penny they have to just pay the bills.

The organization is often the first call for families or individuals in need of assistance. The Charlotte Salvation Army tries to bring the real spirit and joy of Christmas to struggling and challenged families through a variety of assistance programs.

The Christmas Bureau is another holiday program. It was created by The Salvation Army of Greater Charlotte, Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, The Charlotte Observer’s Empty Stocking Fund, The United Way of Central Carolinas, Inc, and also the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. This is more of a clearing house, and can direct those in need to free hot meals, holiday gifts and toys, and much more.





Angel Tree was created in partnership with the TV station FOX in Charlotte. It provides thousands of children from needy families with free new clothing, toys, and shoes, and toys. This program usually opens for enrollment in November, and at that time “Angels” may either be selected at several locations throughout Charlotte and the county or online.

Silver Bells is focused on the elderly and senior citizens who are age 60 and older. It can provide them with needed goods such as new clothing, toiletries, shoes, and other household or personal items that a fixed income cannot provide.

Crisis assistance can help people make ends meet and obtain basic needs. Assistance is available in many communities around Mecklenburg County, as well as North and South Carolina. The Salvation Army can provide limited amounts of financial or material assistance. The exact terms and amount of support will vary between different command centers and offices. You need to call a center by you, but some programs can offer the following.

  • Funds for utility bills, including electricity and water. Some reconnection deposits may be paid out too.
  • Housing can include help with paying mortgage/rent payments. This is not common though, but the Salvation Army has referrals to eviction help in North Carolina.
  • Financial help and vouchers with prescription medications.
  • Material goods include food for families or clothing.
  • Salvation Army case managers help families, including immigrants and minorities, apply for government benefits too, including food stamps or low income housing.

Centers across Charlotte and the state will have different application and enrollment standards. Case workers will review your income, ensure you have ID, social security card, and ensure you are facing a true crisis and have no other options. Your local office will have more information, and can provide details and schedule an appointment.

Disasters can be addressed. The Salvation Army and their professionally trained disaster relief personnel (and other volunteers) are on call throughout Mecklenburg County and the entire state of the Carolinas. They will support people should an emergency or disaster occur. They provide food and water, shelter, and clothing as well as spiritual comfort.

Children and Women’s Homeless Shelter is known as Center of Hope. It provides daily stability and may be able to allow people to get help and assistance so they can be on their way to finding a permanent way out of homelessness. It is the city of Charlotte’s only 24/7 year-round emergency shelter, and provides comfort to hundreds of children and females per year.




Main Charlotte area as well as Mecklenburg County Salvation Army centers

The goal is to offer assistance from a site near where the resident may live. This makes it easier for the vulnerable, such as the elderly or disabled, to drop by. Find everything from referrals to a box of free groceries, money for rent, and more from a Salvation Army Family Service center or store.

501 Archdale Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina, dial (704) 972-3400

901 Belmont Avenue, Charlotte, NC (704) 333-2849

1011 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC telephone (704) 544-8540

1023 Central Avenue, Charlotte, (704) 332-1171

1000 North Wendover Road, Charlotte, call the center at (704) 295-1742

1615 East 5th Street, Charlotte, phone number is (704) 971-4451


By Jon McNamara

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