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Free pet food in your community

Low-income families and senior citizens can get free pet food for dogs, cats, and other animals. There are a combination of charity organizations and companies that give supplies away. Get free dog or cat food from pet pantries, the Humane Society, Feeding America, animal shelters, manufactures, and other resources. Find where to get free pet food in your local area.

There are many resources available to help low-income families, people with no money and senior citizens keep their pets fed and healthy. The free pet food is often combined with other assistance, including cat litter, neutering or spaying surgery, preventative care, exams and more. In general, free wet or dry dog food or cat kibble and will be provided near you, depending on resource availability.

Free pet food from a charity near you

Free pet food banks near you and pantries are operated by many charities, churches or non-profits. In general, a pet food pantry is a dedicated organization or a section within general food pantries for low-income families or struggling people. The distribution centers not only give out groceries, but they also offer free dog food or cat food for families in need.

These pantries all vary in how they help and the free pet supplies or food they give away. Many operate independently or in collaboration with animal shelters, Feeding America, veterinary clinics, and other local charity or for-profit organizations. To find a pet food pantry near you, scroll down the page and select a state to get details on local community centers, charities, churches, or animal shelters.

Feeding America is a nationwide network of local non-profit food banks that operate in every county in the US. The organization, among other things, partners with pantries, soup kitchens, drive-thru food banks and other hunger prevention services.

A number of programs are available. Feeding America will distribute free pet food (or give referrals from their customer service teams) as well as provide other assistance to millions of people in the United States. Many Feeding America food banks also offer dog or cat food for free as well as other pet supplies. It is worth contacting your local Feeding America food bank to inquire about pet food distribution centers. Locate Feeding America food banks in your community.




Seniors or the homebound will get free pet food from Meals on Wheels. It is a non-profit, mostly volunteer driven organization that provides nutritious meals to senior citizens who are homebound, disabled, lack transportation or have difficulty preparing their meals. Some Meals on Wheels programs also offer free dog or cat food assistance for seniors' pets, known as "We All Love Our Pets" (WALOP) or "AniMeals.” More on free pet food for seniors from Meals on Wheels.

Free pet food is often given away animal shelters and rescue organizations near you. Most of these are non-profit organizations, and they offer free dog or cat food, toys, medications, kibble and more to help low-income families, the disabled and senior citizens care for their pets. There will often be free pet foods for homeless people.

  • These organizations may provide cat or dog pet food on a first-come, first-served basis, or through a qualification process. Get kibble, canned or wet food, toppers, semi-moist and more. There will be often be partial bags of food and various brands of cat or dog items offered, as most animals shelters rely on donated supplies from the community. Look for a animal shelter at Adopt a Pet or PetFinder, as they list rescue groups, some of which will give out free pet food.

Veterinary clinics and local pet stores may have programs or partnerships to provide free pet food, in particular kibble, to those in need. They will often work with manufacturers on these programs, such as Purina, Hills, Blue Buffalo, Diamond Natural and others. Reach out to local businesses in your area to inquire about any available assistance, and even look here for a free vet near you.

The Humane Society is a leading animal welfare organization committed to providing various forms assistance to pets and their owners, including free pet food. They help people with emergency vet care, boarding, adoptions and more. In addition to that, many local branches of the Humane Society offer free pet food, including bags of kibble or canned, to the low-income, veterans and the unemployed among others.




  • The non-profit, which operates in most communities including near you, will provide free or low-cost pet food to families facing financial difficulties. To find a Humane Society location near you and inquire about their pet food assistance programs, look here for Human Society locations.

Samples, couponing and discounts will help people save money on pet food or supplies. Anyone can use coupons, sign up for samples from companies and look for discounts at pet stores and online retailers. Websites like RetailMeNot and offer printable coupons and discount codes for pet food and supplies. Additionally, signing up for rewards programs at pet stores can help you save on pet food purchases over time. Find coupons for free.Free pet food near you

There are online platforms where low-income families can seek help. Websites like GoFundMe and social media platforms will help raise awareness and even money to cover your pet's food expenses. Additionally, some online pet food banks, such as, provide free pet food to families in need by partnering with manufacturers and distributing cat or dog food through local animal shelters.

Free cat and dog food pantries

Low-income families, struggling households and people in need can get help from a free food bank near them. Income and other application criteria are in place. They almost all have groceries, and some/many have limited supplies of free pet food, both canned or kibble. Select a state below to find a free food bank in your community to determine if pet supplies are given out.



























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina







West Virginia


Conclusion – Free dog and cat food programs

Owning a pet can provide numerous benefits, but it can also be financially challenging for low-income families, retirees, and senior citizens. By utilizing the charitable or corporate resources listed, it is possible to get pet fppd assistance to help keep your dog or cat healthy and happy.


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