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Assistance programs San Bernardino County.

Find how to get financial help in San Bernardino County. Everything from grants to help with paying rent to free food, medical care, and much more is available. Low income families can contact a charity, non-profit, or government agency for help, even with their mortgage or a security deposit. Get financial help near you in San Bernardino County CA below.

If they can’t assist, then referrals will be given to other financial assistance programs or places that give out free stuff. The programs include free health care clinics for people with no insurance, free food pantries, places that provide back to school supplies or Christmas gifts as well as low income housing units or furniture. Transportation is also a major need in San Bernardino County, and some agencies offer free cars or gas vouchers.

Community Action agency programs for financial assistance

If you are struggling like many people do from time to time, the Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County (CAPSBC) offers social services, financial resources, and programs that you can use to get help. Get financial assistance for paying energy or electric bills. There are grants to assist with rent, food programs, and they can even help you develop skills to get a job. They also partner with other local organizations to provide even more aid. A sampling of what they offer is below, but contact them directly for more information or to apply.

  • Energy, education and conservation program are offered. This program is run by the CAPSBC agency and it will focus on lowering homeowners utility bills by installing free upgrades to your home, and it can also provide direct cash grants to pay utility bills.
    • California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)- This program provides a 20% discount on your monthly electric or gas bill.
    • Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)- Offers cash grants to helps relieve emergency and non-emergency situations for gas and utility eligible customers. The funds can be used to ensure your service is not disconnected, or to just pay a regular monthly bill.
    • Weatherization Services Program - Your home will receive free energy saving improvements that will help lower your utility bill by up to 35%. The free updates include installation of applicable weatherization measures such as insulation, duct repair, filter replacement, heating units, etc. The result is that your home will be more comfortable and more healthful, and of course lower the cost of your monthly utility bills.




  • Rent Help is available to stop homelessness. The San Bernardino County Community Action Agency offers ways to get help with rent, and they work closely with local charities and organizations to ensure you take advantage of all the resources available. They can offer section 8 housing, and also administer the federal government Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP).
    If you are struggling with paying your rent, facing an eviction, need help with a security deposit, or even need assistance paying a utility bill, the federal government offers support.
    One key one is the HUD funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program which can provide you with up to 18 months of ongoing rent assistance. The funds are intended to reduce the number of evictions that occur across the county and help stabilize a situation. Funds can also be used to pay an energy bill, if the unpaid utility bills would otherwise result in you losing your home. Locate additional ways to get help with back rent.
  • CAPSBC Food programs and free resources. The Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County Food Assistance Program Bank serves over 50,000 people each and every month. They do this by working closely with over 155 affiliate agencies and charities such as schools, churches, senior centers, and soup kitchens.
  • Emergency Assistance, including Mortgage - Assistance is provided to families and individuals who are experiencing with an unexpected crisis situation from CAPSBC. Emergency assistance provided includes one time rent payments, food vouchers, shelter assistance, bus passes, help from medical debt collectors, and more.

Contact the San Bernardino County Community Action Agency at 696 S. Tippecanoe Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408, and the phone number is 909-723-1500. They offer more services and assistance programs then is listed here. Get more details on the San Bernardino County Community Action Agency.

Help with utility bills, rent, and mortgage payments.

Multiple agencies are listed below, including Catholic Charities. They are some of the leading nonprofit organizations in San Bernardino County that are helping residents with food aid, employment help, job training, rent assistance, and other services for locals. They are distributing grants in the form of one-time mortgage, rent, or utility bill assistance payments. In addition, Catholic Charities will also begin passing out both mortgage payment and rent assistance. Find other ways and get more information on mortgage help.





As funding allows, the charity has begun distributing money to qualified local residents who are in need for both rent and utility bills. They have already seen an immediate rush of applicants looking for rent help. Also, residents can still apply for utility and electric bill payments, including help for electricity, gas, water, and propane bills. However, the “comfort” type of utility services, such as cable television and Internet, are not included. Though most of the help provided is s a one-time fix, the grants and payments paid out, which the charities send directly to a bank, landlord, mortgage or utility companies are meant to help families on the brink of losing their homes, shelter, or prevent a utility shut off.

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors will in some years get grants from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. The funds will provide additional support to the needy. This may be funds for both rental and utility bill assistance, and free motel and hotel vouchers for those families and individuals who are facing eviction or are at risk of becoming homeless. Aid is even available for those who are currently homeless. These grants will flow to agencies such as Catholic Charities.

Another resource for low income and struggling families is the San Bernardino Salvation Army (phone (909) 888-1336). As funding allows, this charity agency will also help as many individuals in need as possible. Some of the services and assistance programs offered including financial assistance for rent and utility bills, free holiday gifts and meals, access to a food pantry, vouchers for medications, and much more. They also operate shelters, can provide free back to school supplies or books, and offer motel vouchers among many other programs.

Also try the Ontario California Salvation Army for assistance (Dial (909) 986-6748), Salvation Army - Redland ((909) 792-6868, or the Salvation Army - Pomona ((909) 623-1579). Read more on these various programs at the Salvation Army San Bernardino assistance programs.

Family Service Association of Redlands (phone (909) 793-2673) offers people basic life services for low-income, unemployed and other qualified individuals, including homeless families. Some of the services and financial assistance offered include Case Management, food, rent help, clothing, housing and limited medical bill assistance.

Inland Valley Hope Partners is a partnership of local churches, business, and non-profits that have combined services to provide people with help. Among the resources offered include rent and mortgage payment assistance, money for utility bills, and free food. They cover all of San Bernardino County, including  Pomona and Ontario California. (909) 622-3806. Find more details on Inland Valley Hope Partners assistance programs.

Free basic needs, clothing, furniture or holiday aid - Dozens of non-profits, churches, and community agencies distribute free goods and vouchers to the needy. Receive free work clothes, school supplies, holiday assistance, baby items and more. Or get household furnishings at free furniture banks. Continue to find free clothes, furniture and school supplies in San Bernardino County.





Operation Provider ((909) 337-8585) offers basic needs assistance, including access to the Electric and Gas Assistance Fund (EAF & GAF). Twin Peaks California

Samaritans Helping Hand, which is based in Victorville, provides assistance to San Bernardino families. They provide utilities payments for homes, local bus day passes, food and meals, greyhound tickets, prescription medications, and clothing. Call the non-profit at (760) 243-5933, or learn more on programs from Samaritans Helping Hand.

Loans and cash - Find lenders that focus on everyone from low income families to moderate income households. Both non-profits and private companies, such as payday lenders, may provide money to help pay bills and other expenses. Clients can include Spanish speakers, the disabled, single parents, and others. Find emergency cash loans in San Bernardino County.

Family Development is a program that can offer both emergency financial support as well as extensive case management. All resources are limited and conditions apply, but there may be government grants for bills and other basic needs. The San Bernardino FDP program may offer.

  • Transportation, including gasoline vouchers or bus passes.
  • Eviction prevention in the form of funds to pay a partial mortgage or rent payment.
  • Transitional Housing for the homeless and assistance with security deposits.
  • They direct commuters to free cars from charity organizations.

Much more is offered too, such as free Christmas assistance, job placement, savings including Asset Building and other aid. Read more San Bernardino Family Development.

Hearts and Lives - This Blue Jay California located agency provides emergency food voucher, utility bill assistance, information and referral to federal government programs, case management. Call (909) 337-9922.

Community Development and Housing - San Bernardino County (phone (909) 388910) runs the homeless prevention and rapid rehousing program. It is funded by stimulus dollars, and can help families avoid an eviction from their home or apartment. The government agency can also arrange transitional housing along with emergency funds for vulnerable, such as disabled or single parents in the area. Read San Bernardino Community Development and Housing.

Catholic Charities of San Bernardino - A program can provide financial assistance with paying utility bills to prevent disconnection, or money is offered to reconnect services. Also get information on food programs, rent and housing assistance, and other referrals.

Other resources for low income families includes school supplies, Thanksgiving or Christmas meals and gifts, as well as assistance for immigrants. 16051 Kasota Rd., Ste.700, Apple Valley, California 92307. Call (760) 242-2311, or click here for details on Catholic Charities in San Bernardino.

Social services and financial aid - Several government funded programs are available for the needy across San Bernardino. Find how to get help with bills and other basic needs from the county. Read more San Bernardino emergency assistance.

Desert Sanctuary Inc. - Services offered to those who have experienced domestic violence includes legal advocacy, housing and shelter, food, child care, clothing, and job finding services. 703 E. Main St., Barstow, CA  92311. Dial (760) 256-3733

Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board can help with housing concerns. It is a Housing and Urban Development approved agency that can advise on the section 8 rent assistance program, offer home loan default counseling and information on reverse mortgages, and other support. Address is 222 E. Main St, Barstow, CA, 92311. Call 760-256-7779 for details.





Hearts and Lives – A San Bernardino County non-profit that offers healthy family and Medicaid programs, limited free food and gas vouchers, and emergency rent help. Other resources may be WIC assistance, referrals and also case management. They may facilitate low interest rate loans for paying rental costs. Location is 24028 Lake Dr., Crestline, California, 92325. Call 909-338-3222.

Family Service Agency San Bernardino - Offers Utility Assistance Fund (EAF & GAF) as well as food. They also help the entire family, including new parents, but such services as given them referrals to free baby supplies near them. The office is at 1669 N. E Street, San Bernardino, California 92405. Call (909) 886-6737.

TTT Community Recovery can help the less fortunate in the community. They took part in the Rapid Re-housing and Homelessness Prevention program which offered rental assistance, home ownership counseling, short term case management, and referral assistance. Get information on local emergency shelters, free food pantries, and legal assistance in San Bernardino. 8137 Malachite, Ste A, Rancho Cucamonga, California, 91730. Call 909-373-0972

Mary’s Mercy Center administers many services for families in poverty, immigrants, and the homeless. Most of the resources include hot meals or boxes of food. However the St. Joseph's Clothes Closet may have free diapers, baby formula, and school supplies too. The faith based charity may also direct clients to short term transitional housing, or offer money as a form of emergency financial support. More on Mary’s Mercy Center resources.

Free Christmas gifts, food and meals are widely available across San Bernardino County. Some churches or charities will even hold holiday parties. Some of the main beneficiaries are children and the elderly or disabled that are homebound. Free toys, home delivered meals and food baskets may be offered. Click more San Bernardino County free Christmas programs.

Desert Manna provides assistance in San Bernardino County. For those that qualify, funds may be available for paying utility bills for Edison Electric customers only. Other assistance programs available from the charity include a clothing closet for those who can’t afford items on their own. Groceries may be offered from a pantry or the USDA food commodities program. An emergency shelter and shower facilities are located on site. Call 760-256-7797 for details and hours of these resources.

United States Veterans Initiative is for military members, veterans and their immediate family members. Resources offered address homeless prevention and try to ensure housing stability of low income families. Financial assistance may be offered for security deposits, rent, utilities, moving costs and more. Call this Colton California based agency at 951-999-9115.

SVDP has two locations in San Bernardino County. One Society of Saint Vincent has a thrift store which sells gently used items to the public. There is also a free food pantry, volunteer walks to help the poor, financial aid, as well as resources for immigrants, Spanish speakers as well as others. Read more on assistance from Society of Saint Vincent San Bernardino County.

San Bernardino Department of Aging and Adult Services can provide information as well as financial assistance to the disabled and senior citizens. Receive part time jobs from the Employment Program, information on health insurance and free medical care, hot meals, and help for caregivers. They also partner with dentists on doctors on free clinics with no insurance.

Other resources include in home support, housing, and much more. The elderly, their spouses and physically and/or mentally disabled can use the Adult Services. 686 E. Mill St., San Bernardino, CA 92415, phone 909-891-3900. Or read help for seniors in California.







Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino oversees many federal and state of California government housing resources. These include the Tenant Based Assistance Program (TBA) as well as section 8 vouchers. They can also coordinate Senior and Public Housing, the program known as Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) and the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (VASH). Call 909-890-9533 for information, or read more on the housing authority of San Bernardino.

HUD grants and Continuum of Care affiliated agencies assist with housing issues. Whether it is direct financial help to stop an eviction, or access to a low income apartment, support is offered. Charities may also offer legal aid, free vouchers for a hotel, applications to section 8 housing, supportive housing units for the disabled, and other resources. Locate various San Bernardino County programs to stop eviction.

Low income housing resources are extensive. Those that were evicted, facing a crisis, or the homeless can use an emergency shelter. Other resources in San Bernardio County include low income housing and so called transitional housing programs. Families can also work with a case manager on locating and paying the rent on a new home r apartment as well. Continue with low income and transitional housing in San Bernardino.

Family Assistance Program is a resource that provides a number of services, one of which is emergency help with paying rent. Note that funding is limited. Other resources include English As A Second Language and the possibility of natural gas and electricity bill assistance. The center is located at 15075 7th St, Victorville, CA, 92392. Telephone 760-843-0701.

Mountain View Community Church - Get help paying gas bills. 8833 Palmetto Ave., Fontana, California 92335. Call (909) 357-9377.

Another Way provides assistance and referrals for the unmet needs for income qualified residents with developmental disabilities. Programs funded include utility bill assistance, grants for paying rent, free food, burial assistance, help for medical/dental services and support for immigrants. 1365 S Waterman Ave, San Bernardino, California, 92408, call 909-890-3045 for intake.

Students from K through 12 can get free back to school supplies, clothes, and hygiene supplies. Several seasonal programs are run. Immigrants, low income households, Spanish speakers and others can attend an event for school items such as gently used/refurbished laptops, book bags, backpacks and other goods. More on free back to school supplies in San Bernardino County.

Lutheran Social Services of San Bernardino - The non-profit charity can assist the less fortunate. Outreach, referrals, job placement advice and case management is available. The goal is to get families and those that are struggling back on the path to self-sufficiency.

More limited, one-time emergency financial assistance may be offered as well. Some San Bernardino California families will qualify for support such as money for rent, energy bills, clothing, or food. Other housing resources may be shelter, funds for security deposits, and transitional housing for the homeless. Get more details on programs from Southern California Lutheran Services.

Desert Aids Project helps HIV patients and their families. The center may have government benefits and financial counseling, free food, low income housing assistance, legal counseling, and case management. There may also be transportation to appointments, including dental care and other support. Call 760-323-2118.

Inland Legal Aid - Low income families that can’t afford an attorney can apply for help. Paralegals, students, or an attorney will assist with various civil issues. Clients can receive free support in contesting a foreclosure or an eviction. Consumer credit issues, such as illegal debt collection tactics can be assisted. Lawyers will also advise San Bernardino families on appealing disability or unemployment denials, and assist in other ways. More on Inland and San Bernardino legal aid.

HomeStrong USA (call (877) 647-8764) helps low income families and the working poor buy a home. There may be low cost loans, home buying or mortgage assistance, budgeting, counseling and more. The aim is to help people in a financial hardship with homeownership. Office is at 10134 6th St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730.





Assistance from a San Bernardino church - Contact a regional parish to learn about (or apply for) some or all of the following. Rental and energy bill assistance, after school care for kids, free food, clothes, and much more. Churches may also have volunteers that deliver meals or fix cars on their behalf. Click here San Bernardino church programs.

Government and Cash Assistance - The County Human Services departments offers public aid and government resources for low income families. The office runs both state of California and federal government programs, including HEAP, weatherization, Medi-Cal, food stamps, and CalWORKs. Cash and grants can be provided for basic needs as well as longer term job training and self-sufficiency. Continue with public assistance San Bernardino.

A number of non-profits and government programs that offer rent help also operate in the San Bernardino County. Low income tenants, immigrants, and single mothers (among others) may get emergency funds or loans for paying housing as well as rental expenses. More on San Bernardino rent assistance programs.

Non-profit credit and debt assistance

People across California are struggling with making their debt payments, and need some type of help reducing or eliminating medical and credit card debts. The Consumer Credit Financial Solutions, Inc. of San Bernardino County provides access to non-profit credit counselors. Individuals can learn about debt consolidation programs, solutions that can help people get out of credit card debt, and even solutions for bill collectors. The agency even has HUD approved counselors that can provide alternatives to a foreclosure filing. Call (909) 890-2211 for debt help.

Receive foreclosure prevention services from Neighborhood Housing Services of the Inland Empire, Inc. It is a HUD approved agency, and the foreclosure and mortgage programs they offer homeowners provides them with counselors to work with the borrower and the lender to reconcile payment difficulties to a mutual satisfaction, and explore foreclosure prevention opportunities. They can even refer people to new programs like the California hardest hit fund. Call (909)-884-6891

Homeowners in San Bernardino can also contact Neighborhood Partnership Housing Services, Inc. for foreclosure help. Among other resources and services they offer include mortgage default and foreclosure prevention. Phone (909) 988-5979

San Bernardino residents need their cars to get back and forth to work. They rely on them for transportation. But some people struggle to keep up with the payments. There are programs available to help, and locate even such resources as assistance for paying car impound fees.

San Bernardino health care and free clinics

There are several different facilities that people can turn to throughout the county for low cost or free medical and dental care. These clinics will usually never turn anyone away, but they do focus on the unemployed, low income, and people with no or poor health insurance. A listing of some of the agencies and clinics include:

  • Redlands Community Hospital Family Clinics (909) 335-5799)
  • Social Action Community Health System (909) 382-7100
  • Inland Empire Community Clinic (909) 877-0510
  • Tri-County Dental Society (909) 370-2112
  • Victor Valley Community Services (760) 243-9646

This is just a sampling. Call them to make appointments, or learn more about their services. They may also be able to refer you to other medical assistance programs, including federal and California programs. Or find more on San Bernardino free community clinics.







Crisis financial assistance for shelter, housing, and food

Several San Bernardino charities and non-profits can provide emergency assistance for those crisis’s that can arise, such as a job loss or medical emergency. Contact any of these organizations to learn more about their services. Some may have utility or heating assistance, funds for rent or to prevent evictions, or other forms of financial aid and support. Many are also part of HUD counseling agencies.

  • Central City Lutheran Mission - (909) 381-6921
  • HOPE (The Homeless Outreach) - (909) 983-5783
  • Westside Community Services (San Bern.) - (909) 384-5428
  • Samaritan Helping Hand (High Desert) - (760) 243-5933
  • Chino Neighborhood House - (909) 628-5608
  • Faith Lutheran Church - (760) 364-3957
  • Church of the Nazarene - (909) 886-8104

There are dozens of other free food pantries or soup kitchens. Struggling families may receive groceries or applications to Cal Fresh, among other support. Or try them for a free Thanksgiving diner meal or holiday food box. Click here to find a listing of additional food banks, pantries, and distribution enters in San Bernardino California. They assist anyone in need. More on free food pantries in San Bernardino County.


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