Programs from San Bernardino housing authority.

There are a number of programs administered by San Bernardino housing authority. Clients come from a wide range of situations. There is assistance for tenants facing evictions, the homeless, and homeowners that are behind on their mortgage. Resources are even available for families looking to buy their first home, so clients of the non-profit come from a variety of backgrounds.

The services are broken up below based on whether someone is dealing with a mortgage or maybe a tenant struggling with their rent payments. Even if San Bernardino housing authority can't address the needs of the applicant, counselors will try to offer referrals to some other type of long term solution.

Resources for tenants or eviction prevention

One key federal funded homeless prevention program is Emergency Solution Grant. This can help stop an eviction and also rehouse families. This provides both advice as well as one time financial assistance to households who would otherwise become homeless. Or if a family in San Bernardino County needs to find a new home or low income apartment to move into, there may be cash grants to re-house persons who are homeless as defined by federal government law.

When it comes to the uses of the money, ESG can help with rent, utility bill assistance, security and utility deposits, moving costs, and legal fees. So a homeless person moving from short term housing, that now has a job, may qualify. Another beneficiary will be single parents in San Bernardino. The local housing authority or other non-profits in the county may funding on an annual basis.

San Bernardino housing authority Section 8 Housing vouchers is paid for by HUD, or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The agency administers the program locally, even though it rarely takes new applicants due to demand and also limited resources.

It is a rent subsidy program, and it was designed to assist very low-income families in California and nationwide. Applicants to it normally have a job, but it does not pay a livable wage. Clients may be disabled or elderly, and section 8 will offer both financial support and guidance to them in affording decent, safe, and sanitary housing.




Participants from San Bernardino County are able to choose any housing that meets the requirements of the program, whether it is an apartment, condo, or even mobile home. However, the team from San Bernardino housing authority will inspect the home. It must meet minimum standards of health and safety HUD.

The voucher will only pay a portion of the rent. Once approved, a subsidy is paid to the landlord on behalf of the family. The tenant needs to pay any security deposits as well as energy bills. They also need to pays the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the amount of the voucher. The tenant will then be able to enroll into FSS, or Family Self-Sufficiency.

Transitional housing helps people in the areas who are unable to return to their homes or that need time to save money. There can be many reasons for that. No matter the situation, San Bernardino housing authority will offer guidance, short term housing and a range of services for many months. The goal is to provide time to the client so they can become self-reliant. They can get a job, help on opening a bank account, an education, and save money for the future.

The short term, transition housing helps people find a safe place to live. The skills guests learn range from budgeting, housekeeping, using credit, and even life skills such as food menu planning. Educational services are also arranged, such as high school, community college, GED, vocational training or university. They will gain work experience as well, so the housing offers people many services.





San Bernardino housing authority programs for homeowners or buyers

Home Ownership Counseling addresses foreclosures and gives advice for those looking to purchase. The components of it are below.

  • Free Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is arranged. This is available at HUD approved agencies in the region.
  • Potential buyers can register for Pre-purchase Education. This will advise people that are unfamiliar with the process, and give tips on maintaining a budget, home inspections, find an affordable loan and what happens at a closing.
  • General Financial Management Counseling is arranged by San Bernardino housing authority. This will help improve credit scores and include other steps on saving and budgeting.

Whether someone is having difficulty making a mortgage payment, or is facing eviction from their landlord, then staff from the housing authority can help. They will assist people with protecting their home or apartment. Residents of San Bernardino County should contact the non-profit as soon as possible. Counselor may be able to assist clients in keeping their home, and they will discuss all of the possible options. The main office is at 715 East Brier Drive in San Bernardino, CA 92408-2841. Or call 909.890.0644.



By Jon McNamara

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