Pima County assistance programs.

Get help with everything from grants to pay electric bills to rent, job placement, ESL classes, and free food a swell. Pima County agencies help the low income, immigrants, and others who are struggling. Emergency financial assistance is combined with long term case management services as well.

Rent, food, and utility bill assistance

The need for rent help and other aid in Green Valley and Pima County Arizona has greatly increased. Green Valley Assistance Services, which only provides services in Amado, Arivaca, Sahuarita, Tubac,  Green Valley and Tumacacori Arizona, has had a tremendous increase in the last 16 months in the number of households needing assistance to pay rent.

There are programs that can help. The Temporary Emergency Monetary Assistance Program, which provides short term, temporary support and a lifeline to help in particular with paying a senior’s rent or utility bills, has seen increases in demand. Just last year over 500 families were helped, and the number is rapidly increasing by over 20% per year.

There are some criteria. Before anyone can qualify for a cash grant or payment, they must complete an application and a benefits checkup that can match them with such assistance programs such as food stamps, utility-bill reductions, and other aid to help them save money. Call Green Valley Assistance Services at (520) 625-5966.

In addition to this aid, at Green Valley’s Casa de Esperanza, ((520) 625-2273) a counselor is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to talk to those who may be stressed about their financial condition, money and medical issues. Call the Casa Care Line for this assistance.

Last, but not least, the Pima Council on Aging (phone (520) 790-7262) provides resources and information and help for those who may be concerned with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Medicare issues, the Arizona Long Term Care System, and other state or federal funded health care assistance programs. Get more details on assistance programs for seniors.





While the agencies above can either provide free food or groceries, or refer Pima County families to organizations that may be able to help, residents do have many other options available to them for free groceries, government food programs, and nutritional support. Find a comprehensive listing of Pima County food pantries.

Help with paying sewer bill

There is a sewer bill assistance program. The Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department provides residents with help paying their sewer bill from the Sewer Outreach Subsidy program.

This so called outreach program offers a rate structure that is based on household income guidelines. All parts of your monthly bills, including the the monthly service fee and the flow volume charge are eligible for the discounted sewer bill rate.

To be qualified for assistance, the customers must be a residential sewer customer, meet income criteria, and also have a water/sewer bill in their name. Pima County estimates that almost 15 percent of the households in the county are eligible for this sewer bill assistance program. Dial (520) 326-4333 to learn more.

Free medical prescriptions and health care

Residents can get free prescription drugs, medication and also medical supplies. Help is available for lower income families. Find additional ways to get free prescription medicines. Contact St. Elizabeth Health Center at 140 W. Speedway Blvd, phone #520.628.7871. In addition, the facility provides low income and uninsured with free health care.

The City of Tucson Environmental Services Low-Income Assistance Program

This program is run by the Pima County community action agency (520.724-2667). It provided assistance to help pay water bills for residents who receive their water service from Tucson Water only.

Mortgage and rental assistance

Residents of Pima County who are in need of temporary assistance can get help with paying their rent and/or mortgage. Aid is available to help avoid an eviction or foreclosure and to prevent homelessness. Note that assistance is restricted to one-time only per year. Contact Community Action Agency at 100 W. 37th Street, Tucson, AZ 85713. The number is 520.724-2667.

CPLC - Provides comprehensive housing, mortgage delinquency , and foreclosure counseling to homeowners facing foreclosure. The housing counselor will conducts a financial analysis, provides information about options, mediate, negotiate, and in general act as an intermediary between lender and client, and advocates for an affordable and sustainable solution. The agency may include mortgage payment assistance to eligible clients as well. Tucson. (520) 882-0018




Utility Repair, Replacement, and Deposit Program (URRD)

The URRD provides provides eligible low to mid income families and individuals who are in a crisis situation with emergency assistance in making utility deposits, replacement of heating and cooling related appliances, or repairs. Some examples of what can be offered include utility-related water and sewer systems and also even appliances. Please contact the Community Action Agency hotline at 520.724-2667.

Help from Pima County Community Action Agency

For assistance with rent and utility bills, please call 520-243-6688.
For assistance with paying for your water bills, please call 520-243-6770.

Emergency financial assistance for utility bills, prescriptions rent, and other expenses

Green Valley Assistance Services Temporary Monetary Assistance Program - The non-profit agency provides emergency, temporary monetary and financial assistance to qualified households on low incomes. Includes assistance for paying for their rent and prescriptions. Green Valley Arizona. Find more details on their resources offered, and click more information Green Valley Assistance.

Interfaith Community Services - Provides emergency financial assistance and help with bills for people in need throughout Pima County. Includes assistance for rent, work-related expenses (such as bus passes and gas vouchers), mortgage help, cooling and utilities, prescription medications.

Other resources may be for housing needs, including funds to pay rent, eviction prevention advice or security deposits. Free Christmas meals, gifts, and programs are available for children. Senior citizens can also look into home care or free delivered meals. Case managers also help with job training and educational needs. Tucson Arizona. (520) 731-3076. Click here.

United Way ESG - They only offer help to low income families that lease their home. The agency provides limited financial assistance for paying rent to prevent eviction, and money and grants for utilities to prevent shutoff. Also the agency may offer grocery gift cards, bus passes, and referrals to additional services and government programs. Call 877-211-8661.

Some agencies, such as Jewish Family and Children's Service of Southern Arizona, Inc., also offer referrals to this, however they support Jewish families only. The non-profit only provide emergency financial assistance to individuals of the Jewish Faith, practicing or non-practicing. If you qualify for this program, please contact 520-795-0300, ext. 2204 to set up an appointment for intake. More on assistance from Pima County Jewish Family Services.

While much more limited, JFCS of Southern Arizona may offer information on one time security deposit, housing, or emergency rent assistance. Some federations may even provide certain individuals zero percent interest loans. More on rent assistance.




Tucson Urban League - Numerous services are offered. They offer emergency financial assistance for paying a clients rent and mortgage payment to prevent eviction. In addition, they provide utility payments to prevent shutoff including assistance for paying gas, electric, and even water bills. Last, but not least, they offer budget counseling, debt reduction, financial literacy education, and referrals to other services and agencies. Dial (520) 791-9522, or read Urban League Tucson.

The national non-profit has dozens of other offices in the nation and throughout Arizona. While the programs can change based on funding levels and location, each center is focused on the low income and poor. Click here for more on the Urban League.

The Salvation Army Green Valley Outpost - Dial (520) 625-3888. They offer numerous resources are administered. Get financial assistance for paying your rent, utilities, and prescription medications. The agency also provides clothing, household items, holiday assistance and meals, and also pastoral counseling.

Several other Salvation Army centers operate in Pima County and Tucson Arizona. One of the main resources administered is known as Family Services, and this program can provide emergency funds for a number of basic needs. Credit counseling and life skills management is also offered. Find more details on Tucson Salvation Army centers.

Saint Ambrose Catholic Church of Tucson Arizona can help people with the area, including free food boxes; vouchers for food, limited assistance with rent and utilities, as also clothing and household items. (520) 628-7837

Social services, cash assistance, and job finding programs - Pima County has several government sponsored programs that offer aid. Apply for cash and emergency assistance for basic needs. Or use the services of the regional OneStop centers to get help finding a job and building your employment skills. Learn more.

One of the best places to turn to is Catholic Community Services. They run their own programs, and can refer people to others. They provide emergency aid, counseling, senior programs, access to health care, and much more. 1-800-234-0344

Arizona Youth Partnership offers assistance to those facing eviction and the currently homeless. Financial assistance, sometimes in the form of a loan, may be for paying rent or security deposits. Other services includes job search assistance, life skills programs and also use of free computer labs. 13644 N Sandario Rd, Marana, AZ 85653-8579. Call (520) 744-9595.

Emergency homeless and rehousing programs rely on federal government HUD grants as well as coordination among a number of organizations in Pima County. Charities, churches, and social service offices partner together to help stop evictions or utility disconnections. Services include grants for paying electric bills or rent, motel vouchers, shelters, and information on specialty services, such as assistance for veterans or single mothers. Learn more.

Project Action for Veterans is based in Tucson. Programs are for veterans and their families in Pima County. Case management and financial assistance is for utility bills, rent, deposit, moving costs. Other resources include job training and child care assistance. (520) 308-3093

Robles Junction/Three Points Community Information mostly provides referrals. Get information on, and help applying for, rent help or other public aid. Additional referrals may be for free food pantries, Medicaid applications, SNAP food stamps, or loan programs for bills such as security deposits. Telephone - (520) 822-4408.

Saint Pius X Catholic Church Samaritan Assistance & Food Pantry - Distributed food boxes and limited financial assistance for paying rent and utilities. (520) 885-3573

Pima County Chicanos Por La Causa provides social services and assistance. A focus is on seniors and immigrants, but others facing poverty may also qualify. Self-sufficiency includes job training at Workforce centers as well as ESL classes. Housing ranges from low income apartments / transitional centers to emergency cash assistance for back rent. They are also a HUD agency for mortgage counseling, provide home delivered meals, and other aid. More on financial help from Chicanos Por La Causa.





Arizona Housing & Prevention Services Pima County - The Arizona Department of Housing administers resources that include Eviction Prevention and Emergency Homeless Housing (EPEH) Program. Assistance programs offered include mortgage foreclosure help, rental eviction prevention, rental security deposits and Utility bill help deposits, Energy and Utility assistance. Tucson Arizona 520-498-4613

Ajo Community Services of Pima County – They run the Emergency Services Network (ESN). The program can provide rent, electric and utility assistance. The non-profit also accepts applications for resources such as Short Term Crisis Services (STCS), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration), Utility Repair, Replacement and Deposit (URRD) and LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). Renters can also apply for HUD housing as well as Section 8 vouchers. 120 W Estrella Ave, Ajo, Arizona 85321-2765, call (520) 387-5611

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church – Regardless of religion, stop by for free food and utility payment assistance, and services cover people within parish boundaries. 1946 E Lee St, Tucson, AZ 85719-4337, call (520) 327-6015

Financial assistance for water bills - A program for lower income customers operates in Pima County. Qualified households can receive discounts and/or direct assistance for up to 12 months. Applicants will need to meet income limits and other conditions of the program. Read more.

Tucson Indian Center Emergency Financial Assistance – Programs are not restricted to Native Americans. Anyone who needs help can apply for one-time financial assistance for housing expenses such as rent and mortgage payments. Funds can prevent homelessness, and utility payment assistance to avoid shut-off of your power. 97 E Congress St. Ste 101, Tucson, Arizona 85701-1734, call (520) 884-7131

Basic needs, clothing, holiday assistance - Residents of Tucson and Pima County can turn to non-profits for non-monetary aid. This centers may not have financial assistance but rather distribute or have free vouchers for items like clothes, school supplies, Christmas assistance, furniture and personal goods. More on clothing closets in Pima County.

Marana PPEP Human Services Department - Provides direct emergency financial assistance for paying rent and utilities, and can provide referrals for other needed services and charities too. They are a leading non-profit in the region. Other services can include job training, food, and referrals. Some assistance for those facing eviction may be available as well, including information on transitional housing and security deposit or home loan programs. Or look into senior assistance programs. Call (520) 616-0236, or learn more.

Catholic Charities - While they provide a number of services, their main focus is on the following. A clinic provides low cost medical and dental care, free meals and food, credit counseling and budgeting advice, and last, but not least, assistance is available for immigrants in Pima County. No matter your religion, this charity may be able to help. More Pima County Catholic Charities.

JFCS Emergency Financial Assistance Program – If you are Jewish and also facing a disconnection of your utilities, then you may be able to qualify for financial assistance. Pima County residents facing an eviction may qualify for rent help. The non-profit also provides bus passes, grocery gift cards, and referrals to additional services and charities. The organization also collaborates with other non-profit agencies in providing for the basic needs of people who are homeless or near-homeless. Note the support is only for the Jewish religion. 4301 E 5th St, Tucson, AZ 85711-7313, call (520) 795-0300

Greater Littletown Human Resource Group – Can help people apply for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Also distributes eye glasses and emergency food boxes. 6465 S Craycroft Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85756, call (520) 574-2263

Community Action / Emergency Services Network - Non-profits, charities, and other groups across Pima County are part of the group. They are coordinated by the non-profit community action organization and offer a wide range of services, including housing solutions such as rent or assistance for security deposits. They also work with clinics to offer reduced or free medical care, home repairs, and maybe even water bill assistance. Read more.





Lutheran Services supports Pima County. The charity organization offers numerous programs, include housing, shelter, job training, and emergency assistance. Contact them for information on their Community Development services. Examples of programs are.

  • Housing and basic needs such as food or clothes from I-HELP.
  • Occasional emergency aid for paying rent or electric bills.
  • Job placement/training for both adults and youth.
  • Other referrals and support is available too. More.

Pima County transitional housing programs and shelters can provide low income families and the homeless a place to stay and also other forms of guidance and support. Those that qualify, including the evicted and homeless, will also receive assistance in finding and paying for a new home or apartment in Pima County Arizona. Also use the case management services, such as career counseling, employment search, and information on state and federal housing resources. Learn more.

Crisis Services - This state program is run by non-profits such as community action agencies, shelters, and social service groups in Pima County. Among other resources, this program can offer financial assistance for paying bills such as rent, energy, and mortgages. Programs can also help people find a job, or gain new skills to keep their current job. More Arizona Short Term Crisis Services.

Air Force Aid Society can support both active duty and retired military personnel. The agency can offer emergency financial assistance for a variety of needs. This can include rent, security deposits, food, car repairs, medical costs and more. The agency may also have funds to pay for travel if there is a death in the family. Any aid paid out to qualified Pima County families may be as a loan or a grant. Address is 5355 E Granite St, Airman & Family Readiness Center Bldg 2441, Tucson, AZ 85707-3526, call (520) 228-5690.

Free Christmas and Thanksgiving programs - Charities and churches in Pima County help lower income families, in particular those with children or senior members, around the holidays. What may be offered from places such as the Salvation Army and others include meals, toys for children, and free food or holiday gift baskets. Find details on holiday programs in Tucson and Pima.

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - Tucson Diocesan Council works with local churches and other charity organizations. They offer emergency assistance programs for people in need, including clothing vouchers, rent payments, food pantries, and furniture too. 829 S 6th Ave, Tucson, Arizona 85701, call (520) 628-7837 for intake. Click more Tucson Saint Vincent

Pima County rent and deposit programs are available from various sources. The focus will be on stopping evictions and providing information on accessing stable, low income housing in the Tucson region. There is also financial aid for rehousing the homeless. Find a listing of other Tucson agencies that focus on rent assistance. More.




Pima County financial assistance programs that are also available statewide

Several other low to moderate income resources and assistance programs are available to Tucson and Pima County residents. The programs include.

Foreclosure assistance in Pima County

The Primavera Foundation is a local organization that has received nearly $300,000 from NeighborWorks America. The funds are to be used to provide intensive foreclosure mitigation assistance, counseling, resources, and support for its affordable housing and community development activities and initiatives Contact them at 520.623.5111, or click here for additional mortgage help.

The majority of the funding ($285,000) is to be used foreclosure mitigation and the remainder, $25,000, is flexible funding for the program.

Another place to get free foreclosure counseling in Pima County is the Tucson Urban League. The services offered to area families include Mortgage Delinquency and Default Counseling, Homebuyer Education, Eviction services, Pre-purchase Homeownership Counseling, Free foreclosure help, Post Mortgage Counseling, Loss Mitigation counseling, and even renter assistance counseling. (520) 791-9522. They can also direct people to state of Arizona mortgage programs. Learn more.

Greenpath Debt Solutions  is a local HUD-approved housing counseling agency and can offer mortgage delinquency, foreclosure prevention, first-time homebuyer and reverse mortgage programs. Dial (888) 776-6735, or also learn more about HUD foreclosure counseling.

Help with rent

In addition to the foreclosure aid mentioned below, Primavera also offers housing assistance for those who are able to be evicted, or who may be homeless. Some of the services offered include eviction prevention, counseling and case management, food and clothing are available, and referrals to other organizations and charities. The phone number is 520.623.5111, and click here to find other rent programs.

Help with paying debts

Receive access to various credit and debt assistance programs from Pio Decimo Center Asset Building for Families (520-622-2801). The agency provides free tax preparation services through an IRS trained volunteer staff, helps with managing and reducing debts, encourages long-term savings through matched savings accounts using tax refund dollars to get started, and provides budgeting assistance.

Greenpath Debt Solutions of Tempe ((888) 776-6735) provides clients with credit counseling including debt management programs. All of these services can help clients get out of debt by waiving fees, lowering interest rates, and bringing credit card and medical accounts current. Learn more on debt negotiation and consolidation loans.

Additional resources are offered to Pima County individuals who need help paying bills and debts. Find more Pima County non-profit credit counseling.

Pima County and Tucson community clinics

United Community Health Center at Arivaca Clinic - Offers some services on a sliding fee scale, and provides primary health and medical care for patients all ages. Includes annual flu shots, immunizations, school physicals, minor surgery, blood pressure screening, prenatal care, and well-child and women's exams. Call (520) 407-5500





Other community clinics in the Pima County and Tucson area to call for low cost or free medical care include the following. While some centers may offer free health or dental care to the low income, other clinics may bill based on a sliding fee scale.

  • United Community Health Center at Three Points Clinic - Tucson.(520) 407-5700
  • El Rio Pascua Yaqui Clinic - Tucson Arizona. (520) 879-6225
  • El Rio Southeast Clinic - Dial (520) 309-3210. El Rio has community clinics all around the County. Call them for locations.
  • If none of these centers can help you, find even more Pima County clinics.


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