Tucson Urban League services and assistance programs.

Working to address housing issues and coordinate self-sufficiency, the Urban League of Tucson offers several assistance programs for Pima County families as well as individuals. While a focus is on homeless prevention and employment, the non-profit does offer other services, such as weatherization, referrals, and support for the youth in the county.

Financial resources in Tucson

The Case Management Emergency Assistance Services Program is the main resource for distributing financial assistance. Aid in the form of low interest loans or government grants is offered to low-income Pima County individuals and families experiencing crisis situations.

The overriding goal of the program is to prevent homelessness. It works by offering assistance with paying rent, mortgages, and utilities (water, electric, gas, or phone bills). To make an appointment to discuss these services or eligibility, TUL of Tucson can be reached at 520-791-9522. Or find other suggestions on how to get free loans.

The Urban League is dedicated to promoting independence and self-sufficiency. This will address the right of all individuals to be active participants in the management and planning of their own lives. To that end, the non-profit offer the Seniors' Breakfast and Lunch Program and other aid.

The program provides basic support services to Tucson's low-income senior citizens, including free nutritious meals in a group setting. The meals sites also provide the opportunity to socialize with others, offer preventative health services, and assistance with transportation. It all combines to support improved well-being, health and quality of life.

The Affordable Housing Department in Tucson Arizona provides counseling and workshops to help low-to-moderate income families either achieve maintain self-sufficiency through homeownership. Services provided include homebuyer education, referrals and counseling on the following topics:





  • Pre-Purchase or Post-Mortgage financing.
  • Renter Assistance, including emergency funds to pay it.
  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default and Loss Mitigation.

For those low income or elderly in Pima County who own homes in need of work, the Housing Repair Program works in partnership with the City of Tucson and the county to provide eligible applicants with the following repair services. Get help in dealing with Roof Repair or Replacement; Electrical Repair; Water Heater Replacement; or also Furnace or Cooling System Repair.

All potential home repairs and the applicants to the Tucson Urban League are professionally assessed for program suitability. Services rendered are determined on a case-by-case basis. Available funding may vary based on government grants allotted.

The purpose of the TUL Weatherization Program is to help low-income households reduce utility and cooling bills by making their homes more energy-efficient. Program emphasis is on providing assistance to the elderly, homes with children, the disabled, and high energy users.

The free energy conservation services may include Energy-Efficient Light Bulb Installation, Sealing to Reduce Air Infiltration, Smoke Detector Replacement, as well as Safety and Energy-Efficiency Testing of Water Heaters. There is also information on efficient Stoves, and Refrigerators and Homeowner Energy Education, or find more information on free appliances from weatherization.

All work performed by the contractors from the Weatherization Program is preceded by diagnostic testing for program compatibility. Services from the program are rendered and determined on a case-by-case basis.

Urban League job training and career services

Job Training and Employment provides a full spectrum of employment-related services, such as on-the-job training for youths and adults, summer jobs for young people, school-related assistance, and job-placement with employers in Arizona. The League is dedicated to the mission of preparing teens, adults, and unemployed workers for obtaining and keeping jobs in high-demand sectors.




Also for those looking for work, the Tucson Urban League offers job-placement and referral services to low-income youth, adults, under employed and dislocated workers. Case managers work in partnership with the County One-Stop Centers to offer the most comprehensive set of services available to prepare clients for the competitive job market.

Help for students and children

The Tucson Urban League Early Learning Centers offer safe, age-appropriate day care services for children aged 1 to 12 years, on a full- or part-time basis. Children take part in structured educational activities that allow them to explore subjects like reading, computers, music, and arts and crafts. Older children have the opportunity to engage in self-directed student activities, or to take advantage of homework assistance. For those that attend, free breakfast, lunch, and snacks are served daily. The program also accepts the state of Arizona DES Childcare Subsidies.

Summer programs for teens and students are available in Pima County. The Tucson Urban League offers a number of summer education and employment programs targeting youth aged 14 through 24. Dedicated professionals or teachers provide work experience, academic enrichment, basic education, and employability skills training during the summer months. Students earn credit toward school, gain exposure to the workplace, and engage in career and educational planning. The program receives funding from the federal government and Pima County.

The In-School Training and Employment (IN-STEP) Program is presented by TUL in partnership with the University of Arizona. The program's purpose is to provide low-income high school students from 14 to 21 years of age with opportunities to obtain part-time work on campus during the after-school hours. Staff work to expand knowledge and inspire appreciation for post-secondary education, while providing valuable work experience for participants.

The Mentoring and Project Yes Tutoring service works to address the lack of wide-ranging programs available for youth. So to fill the gap, the Urban League will provide the youth in Tucson with a positive and safe after-school environment.





In an effort to keep elementary and middle school students on the right academic track, Project YES offers tutoring and mentoring services during the after-school hours. The focus is on academic achievement and the development of positive social skills. Each day, students from Pima County receive help with their homework and tutoring services in writing, reading and math from caring and dedicated professionals. They can also enroll into instruction in computer technology and other activities.

For more information, the Tucson Urban League is located at 2305 S. Park Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85713. Call 520-791-9522.


By Jon McNamara

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