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Energy and utility bill assistance programs in Arizona.

Utility companies in Arizona offer financial assistance to help pay energy, electric and utility bills. There are also government grants for paying bills as well as free energy conservation / weatherization services. Utility providers can offer payment plans, abatements, emergency funds to pay a deposit to turn utilities back on or stop a disconnection. Find information on emergency financial help for utility, cooling, and air conditioning bills below.

They also administer programs that can help people reduce and save money, including free weatherization in Arizona. In addition to the companies themselves, various non-profit organizations, charities, and other agencies may also be able to offer financial help. Learn who to call for help, and get more details on the application process.

Arizona statewide government energy bill assistance programs

Grants for low income energy assistance from LIHEAP and free conservation - There are two main federal and state government programs can provide cash assistance for paying utility bills as well as free energy conservation measures. Thousands of low income Arizona families benefit from government grants every year. Read more on Arizona LIHEAP.

Home Energy Assistance Fund – This emergency financial aid program provides funds and government grants for low-income families, seniors and individuals that are experiencing extreme financial hardship. The grant based resource operates across the state. The  program can help them pay overdue utility bills and energy bills, and it can also prevent potential electric or gas shutoff of their service. The assistance fund is currently being administered by the Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA) through Community Action Program (CAP) offices that are located in every county throughout Arizona.

The emergency aid that is offered may in fact provide eligible individuals annual one-time financial assistance and cash grants. there may be hundreds of dollars paid out to  restore utilities and pay bills to avoid disconnections. Individuals or families may only apply once in a 12-month period for emergency funding. Contact your local CAP office or call 602-604-0640 for more information on the financial aid. More details on low income energy bill assistance in Arizona.




Get help directly from utility companies in Arizona

APS - Arizona Public Service runs the Energy Support Program, which offers a discount up to 25 percent off the cost of electricity bills for those qualified customers who meet certain household income guidelines. The exact amount of the discount varies depending on how much electricity is used by the customer each and every month.  Application forms can be picked up at all APS business offices, or call them for more information.

Arizona Public Service – The Medical Care Equipment Program can help people who have a letter from a doctor showing a need of life sustaining medical equipment. If they meet this condition they can be provided a discount up to 40 percent off the cost of utility and electricity bills, if they also meet certain income guidelines.  You can dial (602) 371-6884 or (800) 253-9405 to obtain a Physician Verification, an application and additional information on the program.

Arizona Public Service – A resource known as Project S.H.A.R.E. (Service to Help Arizonans with Relief on Energy) can help pay energy (gas, electric, oil, wood) bills for people living on a fixed income, senior citizens who are over 60 years of age, and help is available for people facing a short term financial emergency or for customers under age 60. Funds may also be available for people who are experiencing special hardships, a medical emergency or for disabled people with no source of income. Contact your local Salvation Army to apply for financial help, dial 800-253-9405 or to learn more.

Arizona Public Service – The Energy-Wise conservation program provides free or low cost weatherization improvements or repairs to the home. To apply or learn more contact your local Community Action Agency office in your county.

APS also provides other conservation and payment programs to low income families. They range from discounts to services that can help prevent a shut off of your utilities. Click here for more on assistance from APS.

Electrical District No. 3 - This is the power company for the Maricopa Arizona and immediately surrounding region. They do administer a few emergency financial assistance programs in partnership with local community action agencies. More on emergency help from Electrical District No. 3.





Glendale Water and Power (GWP) - There are some programs for low income customers of this utility company. The main service is known as Helping Hand. Based on donations from the greater Arizona community, there may be emergency financial assistance, including grants, to help pay bills. What can be covered includes water, electric, and even reconnection deposits. Call (623) 930-3639, or more on financial help from Glendale Water and Power.

Mohave Electric Coop can help people around the poverty level. A program known as Members Helping Members may be able to offer energy bill assistance, and help is made available for members who are facing an emergency and who also have a crisis situation. The exact amount of financial assistance offered will be determined on a case by case basis up to a maximum of $200 per qualified household. Funds will be used to help pay for Mohave member's electric bills only, and the money will be paid directly to the member's account. Currently applications are being made available at Mohave Electric's Customer Service Office.

Navaho Tribal Utility Authority runs two programs. The first is the Life Support Discount. This will provide a 7% discount on bills, and the discount is available to customers who require utility services to be maintained for a life-threatening health condition that is certified by a licensed physician. A second component is the Senior Citizen Discount, which gives a 7% discount on utility bills to customers who are 60 years or older.

Salt River Project – They offer additional weatherization measures that are in addition to the federal government funded program. For example, SRP may be able to provide up to $6,000 per eligible household for energy-efficiency home improvements and conservation measures that are on top of federal government funding.

The money can be used for, among other things, floor, window, and attic insulation, Faucet aerators, Air conditioner duct seals, Window shading, Space heating and cooling system equipment maintenance and tune-up, ENERGY STAR-labeled compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, Low-flow showerheads, and much more. Dial a community action agency. Pinal County: (520) 466-1112. Maricopa County - outside Phoenix/Mesa: (602) 506-5911. City of Phoenix: (602) 495-0700. Mesa Community Action Network: (480) 833-9200

Salt River Project - An Economy Price Plan may be able to offer customers who live on a limited income with savings of $17 off their monthly SRP charges. Call SRP at 602-236-8888 in Phoenix Arizona, or from outside the city dial 800-258-4777.

Salt River Project – People who need life-sustaining equipment may qualify for a Medical Life Support Discount. This will provide the patient and/or their family member with a $17 monthly discount on their monthly utility bill. Call 1-800-258-4777 or dial 602-236-8888.





Salt River Project – A resource known as SHARE can help customers who are in need. A customer can request assistance by calling SRP Customer Resource Counselors at (602) 236-3000. After placing that phone call, a SRP Customer Resource Counselor can refer the individual in need to the appropriate Salvation Army office and advise what information you will need in order to apply.

Salt River Project offers several other resources. Most of the programs are focused on lower income or unemployed people who are faced with a disconnection or a one time crisis. Find more information on assistance from Salt River Project.

Southwest Gas – The Low Income Ratepayer Assistance (LIRA) can help low income customers and provide them with a 20% rate discount on their energy bill, and the reduction is applicable to the first 150 therms per month during the winter season from November to April. Depending on where you live, please call Southern Arizona: 520-889-1888 or dial Central Arizona: 602-861-1999.

Southwest Gas runs the Low-Income Energy Conservation Program. This can provide energy-saving measures and home improvements, and these are made available to income-qualified customers, at no cost to them. Examples of energy-saving and weatherization measures are caulking, insulation, weather-stripping, ductwork repairs and new or fixing windows.

Southwest Gas Corporation - Energy Share is an emergency or crisis fund that provides direct financial assistance and cash grants to qualified people with unexpected financial difficulties, such as a medical emergency or the loss of a job.  The Salvation Army runs the program at the local level, so call them to apply.

Other low income and emergency resources are offered by this energy company. Find more Southwest Gas financial assistance programs.

Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc. – A resource known as Operation Roundup may be able to help families cope with financial emergencies, special medical needs, illnesses and in general provide aid. Visit the utilities website to get an application.

Trico Electric Cooperative – A financial assistance program called Operation Roundup may be able to help Trico members who are in an emergency situation and who are facing a crisis. Call 520-744-2944.

Tucson Electric Power Company offers a couple different resources and services. They include the Residential Lifeline Discount Program, which can provide struggling or low income customers with up to an $8 discount on their energy bills. Call 520-623-7711

Tucson Electric Power Company – The Lifeline/Medical Life-Support Discount is offered in addition to above, and it can provide individuals with a medical situation extra savings on their utility bill. Dial 520-623-7711.

Tucson Electric Power – Both Pima County as well as the Tucson Urban League are working together to assist low-income residents in reducing energy use, helping them save energy and help families lower their utility bills by implementing year-round weatherization measures. The improvements are offered at no cost to eligible customers, and adequate funding is offered. Tucson Urban League: 791-9522. Pima County: 740-4076

Tucson Electric Power Company. More primary charity and emergency type funds are offered. One is the Low-Income Fund for Emergencies (LIFE) Fund, which works with LIHEAP funding. The Salvation Army runs the program. The second option is Help with Emergency Energy Relief Operation (H.E.E.R.O.), which can provide one-time payments on energy bills for low-income customers. This is also offered run by the Salvation Army in your town or county. Call 520-623-7711. Learn more on Tucson Electric utility assistance.

Unisource Energy Services – This energy company offers customers the C.A.R.E.S. program, which may be able to provide low income customers with a deduction of up to $8 off their monthly electric bills and up to $18 off their natural gas bills. The exact amount of savings offered will depend on their exact usage.  Customers who are medically life-support dependent and who meet specific eligibility requirements may also get a discount.







UniSource Energy Services – Their own Low-Income Weatherization Program is offer, which is in addition to the federal government version. This conservation program complements the federal government weatherization assistance program and it can provide for customers free or low cost energy efficiency measures and improvements to more UES customers.

The UES utility company partners closely with Community Action agencies, charities, and other non-profits that are located within the UES service territories that are responsible for outreach, conducting the work, and arranging of the installation/work. To learn more about weatherization, contact your local community action agency for more information and to apply.

Unisource also provides additional financial aid and payment programs in Arizona. Many of them are offered in partnership with local non-profits or government offices. More on assistance from Unisource.

There may be information on other utility programs that are offered across Arizona. If your company is not listed above, or if you just want more information on options, click here for more energy or utility assistance programs.


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