Southwest Gas bill paying programs in Arizona.

The Arizona division of Southwest Gas provides customers across the state with payment plans, energy conservation measures, and information as well as referrals to government assistance, such as LIHEAP and weatherization. Resources are offered to both provide short term relief with paying bills and averting a disconnection. there is also support available to help people save money on their bills through weatherization.

Resources administered by Southwest Gas

Arizona residents can explore options including the Deferred Payment Program, Conservation as well as the Pledge to Energy Share.

The Deferred Payment Program is for people facing a short term financial hardship and who have unpaid bills. What this program does is it provides customers additional time for paying their expenses. Note the bills are still due, but they just can be repaid over multiple months. Customers are able to obtain assistance before their gas service is discontinued by Southwest Gas. As part of this service a representative from the company will refer individuals to additional assistance programs in Arizona that are offered by non-profits as well as the government.

Pledge to Energy Share is a donation program for low income families, the disabled, and seniors. The resource relies on the contributions of local businesses and the generosity of individuals across the service territory. One hundred percent of all donations provided to Energy Share are used to help families and individuals across Arizona in need. Every dollar you contribute is tax-deductible on your federal and state income taxes.

This is an emergency fund which provides direct cash assistance to qualified low income people who are faced with some sort of crisis and/or unexpected financial hardship. This can include a medical emergency, hospital visit, or even an unexpected job loss or reduction in work hours. Energy Share is administered by The Salvation Army. They accept applications and distribute funds.

The Southwest Gas Low-Income Energy Conservation Bill Assistance Program is also for low income families with a hardship situation. It can also help those families that are at risk of endangering their health by not utilizing necessary appliances safely, such as water heaters, air conditioners or furnaces. Customers can receive advice on how to save money by reducing energy, and also some basic improvements to their homes or heating and cooling equipment.





Examples of what can be accomplished from the Low Income Energy Conservation Program include comprehensive weatherization materials (such as caulking), free energy audits and review of a customer’s home, conservation tips and education. The entire focus of the service is to increase energy-efficiency and safety in the homes of qualified low-income customers in the service territory.

Federal government and state of Arizona government aid

Resources that are paid for by the government include Low-Income Ratepayer Assistance (LIRA), the Arizona Home Energy Assistance Fund, as well as LIHEAP and weatherization.

The Arizona Home Energy Assistance Fund is run by Community Action Agencies, which are all non-profit organizations. The program offers Southwest Gas customers with utility and gas bill assistance. Other components of it include financial education, job training, tax preparation and assistance with food, clothing, shelter, and energy conservation measures.

The Arizona and Southwest Gas Conservation Program will help people make their home and apartments more energy efficient. A wide variety of energy-saving and conservation measures are available to low income-qualified customers, at no cost. A focus is on seniors and those who are most at risk. Some of what can be done include window repairs, caulking, weather-stripping, ductwork repairs, and other energy-saving measures. It is run in partnership, and with the same standards of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program.

Arizona Low-Income Ratepayer Assistance (LIRA) can offer a 30% reduction or savings on the per therm rate. It is in effect from November 1 through April 30. It is only offered for residential customers. As part of the application process, Southwest Gas can verify your household assets, income and eligibility, and customers need to reapply every two years.



By Jon McNamara

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