Glendale water and utility bill assistance from Helping Hand.

Qualified low income families that reside in Glendale Arizona can get help with paying their utility bills from Helping Hand. There is also funding available to pay for deposits in certain cases as well. Any grants from GWP will be one time only and this is not a long term, government subsidy.

The Glendale Arizona Helping Hand Program assists residents that qualify by offering cash assistance. While funding levels will vary, there may be up to $150 available for paying bills or a deposit. Also, the aid paid out is only to address a temporary financial emergency that the family may be faced with.

While the qualifications may change, some of them may include the following. The application will have the latest details, and all funding levels are limited.

First and foremost, the applicant must be a Glendale Water and Power residential customer. They need to have an open account for several months as well. However, there may be financial assistance available to pay a connection deposit as well, and in these cases the person applying for help does not need to be an existing customer.

Another condition is that the household’s utility service must still be active, but it needs to be in danger of being shut off. So the customer needs to have received a Glendale Water and Power disconnection notice.

The crisis being faced must be one time only. Some examples of this can be an unexpected medical supply, health care need, and/or pharmaceutical expenses. The customer needs to have a receipt as well to support that expense / condition. Another reason is the household may have a death in the family that is causing the hardship.

Helping Hand can also assist those faced with unexpected unemployment, such as a reduction of work hours, being laid off, or a full fledged termination. If this is the reason for seeking help, then there needs to be proof of termination provided such as an unemployment check or paycheck stubs that shows reduced hours.

The program is only offered one time as well. But for those that do need some assistance, it can pay for a portion of utility bills, even including water, air conditioning, or electricity. There may only be a couple hundred dollars paid out at most to those that need it. So the household seeking support can’t have previously received any type of assistance from the GWP Helping Hand assistance program.




Income levels are enforced as well. So be prepared to have proof of total gross household income, and this needs to be for all family members. The amount of the income needs to be at or below eligibility guidelines. Copies of ID as well as social security cards are also mandatory. The customer may also have proof of low-income status such as enrollment in Section 8, GWP Senior Care Program, or letter of certification from a local, non-profit community-based organization.

The program can also help in the form of One-Time Deposit Assistance. The income conditions that need to be met are the same. However in these cases the applicant must provide a written description of the temporary financial emergency that prevents them from paying the deposit on their electric or water account.

To learn more or to apply for Helping Hand, dial (818) 548-3300. An application can be mailed to a Glendale Arizona residents home.




By Jon McNamara

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