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Tucson Electric Power financial assistance programs.

Get help with electric bills from Tucson Electric Power. The utility provider offers several different discount programs for certain low income families, senior customers and disabled people. There is also financial help for people in a hardship, emergency assistance to pay a utility bill, government grants and more. Find how to get help from Tucson Electric Power as well as where to apply.

The company has their own programs for struggling customers, including families facing a disconnection or that need their power on. They also have information on and can refer individuals to financial assistance programs, including those offered by the state of Arizona, federal government, and non-profit organizations. The bottom line is that financial help or a payment plan s offered for eligible Tucson Electric Power customers.

The various programs are only offered for residential customers who are struggling and who are in need of low-income assistance or facing a hardship. Families can apply for a reduction in their monthly bill, or look into financial assistance, funds for paying a bill and/or grants. An application will need to be completed and submitted.

Discounts and payment plans from Tucson Electric Power

One of the most wide ranging services is the Low-Income Discount. The discount may be around the $8 per month range, and several qualifications need to be met by customers. The service is offered only for residential customers who have an account in their name. Customers will need to have a combined annual household income at or below 150% of the federal government poverty level. However occasionally program terms and income levels may change, so it is recommend calling Tucson Electric Power for the latest details on the low income discount.

Medical Discount – If a customer is faced with a certain type of medical situation, a discount program has been created and may be available to households that meet the financial eligibility guidelines. To qualify for the discount for medical reasons, customers need to meet certain financial eligibility requirements. Applicants will also be required to provide documentation from their health care provider that supports one or more of the following conditions/requirements.

The customer will need to have a doctor's verification form completed, and this form will need to document the patient's critical need for electrically powered medical equipment or appliances, including providing a detailed description on what the equipment will do and its purpose. The doctor and the form will also need to provide why the regular use of a medical life-support device is essential to maintain the life of a customer of Tucson Electric Power.




Residential Lifeline Discount Program is another savings program. Customers of Tucson Electric Power whose total household income is at or below 150% of the state governments poverty level may qualify for an $8 discount on their account and each monthly bill.

Budget Billing will allow all families, regardless of income, to pay the same amount each month on their bills. It is available for customers of all income levels. For most people their energy usage will usually change with the seasons, such increase during the hot summer months in Arizona. The Budget Billing plan divides a customer’s estimated annual charges into equal monthly payments, so people will pay one fixed amount on their electric bill for the entire year. Once a year the monthly amount due will be reset based upon actual usage.

Hardship funds to pay a Tucson Electric Power bill

Emergency Bill Payment is offered for the low-income by a number of non-profit agencies and government resources. Many community organizations across Arizona may provide you emergency financial assistance. Most of the programs are targeted at those who are having difficulty making ends meet over the short term. Programs are not intended to be long term resources that never end. Qualified low-income households can contact one or more of these agencies for help in paying your bill, or for referrals to other organizations.

A community action agency may be your best resource to get either help or information in obtaining funds or grants to pay your utility bill. While requirements are in place and set by each agency, and may vary according to the non-profit, many locations do have some form of emergency program. The assistance criteria for TEP customers can include one or more of the following.

Agencies will require that the applicant live within service the area, such as town or city, as defined by the agency's requirements for assistance. Electricity assistance programs will also tend to have strict income requirements in place that are based loosely on federal government poverty income levels. Full documentation will also be required, including proper identification and copies of bills.





The Tucson Urban League and Pima County run the weatherization program, which can help people reduce their personal energy use and therefore lower their monthly utility bills. This is offered for free to eligible customers. Contractors from your community action agency, the Urban League, or Tucson Electric Power will conduct energy audits of your home and also provide funding for weatherization measures. Or look here for emergency financial assistance Pima County

  • For services in Pima County, dial (520) 486-1534 or 520-740-4076.
  • The Tucson Urban League can be reached at 520-791-9522 x 2519, or stop by 2305 South Park Ave, Tucson AZ 85713.
  • Salvation Army Family Services is another place to call for assistance. Address is 1021 North 11th Ave, Tucson AZ 85701, 520-792-1111
  • For Pima County residents who live outside of Greater Tucson, call or stop by the Pima County Community Action Agency for information on weatherization or other resources to help pay your Tucson Electric Power Company bills. The main address is 2797 East Ajo Way, Tucson Arizona 85713, call 520-243-6688

Apply for assistance

Representatives from TEP will review your account and situation, and determine your eligibility for financial assistance or emergency help. Call 520-623-7711 to reach the company.


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