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Arizona Financial Aid and Assistance Programs.

Find how to get help, grants, and get assistance in all Arizona cities and counties listed below, including Phoenix and Tucson. Government programs, charities and non-profits provide free food, help with housing and rent payments, as well as other resources for paying bills.

Arizona CoppeRX Card
Many Arizonans, and especially those with limited or no health insurance, are impacted by the rising costs of medications as well as all prescription drugs. Arizona created this card to give residents a simple way to get substantial discounts on spiraling prescription drug prices. Tens of thousands of cards have been distributed, and they have helped people receive millions of dollars in discounts. You just need to present this card to any one of over 500 pharmacies in Arizona to receive a discount on your prescription purchase. Discounts typically range from 15 to 55 percent. Call 1-888-227-8315, or find additional ways to receive free prescription drugs.

How to Get Help With Your Mortgage in Arizona and Foreclosure Prevention Programs
Arizona encourages homeowners who need help with their mortgage to take advantage of the charity organizations and government programs that are available. Find out about mortgage resources. Read more on Arizona mortgage help.

Another option that thousands of homeowners have been turning to are HUD approved foreclosure counseling agencies. Receive access to mortgage and foreclosure programs from counselors, lawyers and government agencies. Read more on free Arizona HUD foreclosure advice.

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)
The program helps ensure families in Arizona have access to health care services and insurance plans that will reduce their medical bills. The medical care insurance coverage provided by AHCCCS is available to thousands of Arizonans each year can include physical exams, doctor’s office visits, prescriptions, immunizations, prenatal care, and hospital care. Phone 1-800-654-8713




This is a free or low cost health insurance plan for children under 19 who have had no or limited health insurance coverage for the past three months. Most families will not need to pay a premium, however those families with higher incomes may have to pay a small monthly fee in order to get this coverage. It can help families deal with their medical bills and debt. Telephone number is 1-877-764-5437

Social Services and Government Financial Aid
The government funded Arizona Department of Health Services provides help with paying bills, cash assistance, grants, and referrals and case management. Offices are located across Arizona. Read more on public assistance in Arizona.

Medical Expense Deduction (MED)
Health coverage and insurance for those individuals whose incomes are too high to qualify for other Arizona AHCCCS assistance programs. 1-800-654-8713

Credit, Free Debt, and General Financial Counseling from Non-Profits
A number of Arizona organizations can help consumers as well as homeowners deal with debts. There is help for personal and home loans, and outstanding bills. More on free credit counseling in Arizona.

SOBRA Progam
This government aid program will give healthcare coverage to residents of Arizona who are under the age of 19 or who are pregnant. There is no monthly premium to pay, unless parent's income is too high, which in that case the monthly premium is still very low.

Family Independence Program
Family Independence (FI) is a time-limited program that will assist families in need with dependent children when families cannot provide for their basic needs. The main focus of this government program is to assist lower income and struggling families by providing free stuff for their basic needs, cash grants and assistance, supportive services, and job training, debt help, and employment opportunities.





The Government Cash Assistance program will provide temporary cash grants and benefits, as well as other supportive services, to families in Arizona's who need the most aid. The program will assist these families with meeting their basic needs for well-being and safety and it will help serve as their bridge back to self-sufficiency.  Phone 602-542-9935 or 1-800-352-8401, or learn more on cash aid in Arizona.

Telephone Assistance
There are three main programs in Arizona, and they include Lifeline, discounts for the Medically Needy, and Lifeline. Credits and other savings can be provided to qualified low income customers. Click more details on phone bill help in Arizona.

Legal Representation and Free Assistance
Lawyers and volunteer non-profit law firms offer free legal support. Lawyers give advice or assistance to Arizona families. They can help people deal with civic cases. Read more on legal aid from free lawyers in Arizona.

Salvation Army Social Services and Emergency Help
Arizona has dozens of Salvation Army branches that operate across the state. While resources are limited, the centers may be able to provide low income families with funds to pay bills in a crisis, food, holiday assistance, case management, rent, and more. More Salvation Army Arizona financial assistance.

Rehousing and Homeless Prevention
Non-profits and charities work with the Coalition to End Homelessness in Arizona. They will offer everything from funds to pay rent to stop an eviction to shelter. There may be government grants to help with paying security deposits on a new, permanent home or apartment. Click more Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness.

Nutrition Assistance Program (N.A.)
Through the Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP food stamps), thousands of Arizonans are now able to provide adequate nutrition for their families. This government aid program helps ensure families in Arizona are fed and well nourished. This is also an emergency service. Call 1-800-352-8401, or get food stamps in an emergency.

Employment Programs, Case Management and Government Grants
Your local community action agency offers a number of services. For example, low income and unemployed individuals can access job training. Agencies can also help people apply for financial assistance programs, grants, and other resources such as child care or transportation assistance. Click more on Arizona community action.

Find assistance with searching for a job and registering for free training. One Stop Centers in Arizona can help the unemployed or those just looking to start a new career. There are also ESL classes and help for immigrants. Click more details on free job training in Arizona.





Migrants, Spanish speakers, and the undereducated in Arizona can often find freelance jobs, both online and from home. There are often jobs for Spanish speakers as well. Find side gig jobs from home.

Free Child Care Assistance
If you need help paying for day care or other child care expenses, the Arizona Department of Economic Security administers a government benefit. There is the child care assistance program that provides an average subsidy of about $350 a month for about 35,000 children across the state. Continue with child care assistance in Arizona.

Help in Arizona for Energy Bills
Click here for a listing of financial aid programs as well as information on energy conserving and weatherization services. Many utility companies administer their financial assistance and grant programs. Find utility bill help in Arizona.

Arizona Food Banks and Centers
Tens of thousands of families get free food and groceries or household supplies. There are food pantries and soup kitchens located in the state. Millions of pounds of food is distributed every year. Read more on free food banks in Arizona.

Homeless or Eviction Prevention in Arizona
Grants may be issued from the Short Term Crisis Services program for paying back rent or other housing concerns. The homeless may receive help with a security deposit and homeowners can benefit from foreclosure counseling services. Learn more on eviction prevention in Arizona.

Vouchers for Paying Rent
Assistance is for seniors, very low income residents and the disabled from the Section 8 housing choice voucher program. As funding allows, financial assistance from HUD can help pay the rent for private homes or apartments. Continue with Arizona section 8 program.

Disability Assistance Programs
The state of Arizona and non-profits provide several benefits as well as resources for disabled residents, their family members and caregivers. Individuals can get help applying for SSDI from the government, vocational training, low income financial assistance, medical support, and referrals. More on Arizona disability benefits.

Seniors and Elderly Resources
The state and their Area Agency on Aging programs offer people over 55 as well as senior citizens in Arizona a number of assistance programs. Get information on and help in applying for benefits, public or government aid, health care, and other social services. Many centers provide food, meals, and energy bill assistance. More on Arizona financial help for the elderly.

Low Cost or Free Health Clinics
Low income, the uninsured, immigrants and patients with limited health insurance can turn to community clinics in Arizona. They can get free or low cost, high quality medical care. Read more on free community clinics in Arizona.

Non-profit dental centers, many of which are federal government funded, provide needy Arizona families and individuals with access to low cost and free dental assistance. More on Arizona free dental centers.





Residents who do not have health insurance, or who are underinsured, have access to programs that focus on their needs. Resources range from government assistance (such as Medicaid) to non-profit health care and discounts on prescription drugs. Continue with uninsured medical care in Arizona.

Emergency Rental Assistance and Low Income Housing
Several programs are offered to Arizona residents to help them pay their rent, locate affordable rentals, and offer other housing aid. Resources are focused on the low income, and other services will help individuals with medical conditions. Find more Arizona housing assistance.

The Arizona Department of Housing also partners with several non-profits and organizations in all counties. The agencies may be able to offer eviction prevention assistance, emergency shelter, rent, and security deposit help as a last resort. More on Arizona government affiliated rent programs.

Assistance From Arizona Cities and Counties


Cochise County (Bisbee)

Coconino County (Flagstaff)

Gila County (Globe)

Maricopa County (Phoenix)


Mohave County (Kingman)

Navajo County (Holbrook)

Pima County (Tucson)

Pinal County (Florence)

Santa Cruz (Nogales)

Yavapai County (Prescott)

Yuma County

Arizona Utility Bill Assistance

Home Energy Assistance Fund
Provides cash grants for low-income families who are under extreme financial hardship. The government grants help those families in need pay overdue utility bills and prevent potential gas or electric service shutoffs. This assistance program may provide eligible families annual one-time financial assistance cash grants of up to $500 to restore utilities to avoid disconnections.







APS Energy Support Program
If you are a lower income customer, you may be able to get a discount on your electric bill through this program.  There are two options, the (E-3) or Medical Care Equipment Program (E-4). E-3 and E-4 both provide a discount up to 40% off the cost of a customers electric bill for customers who meet certain income guidelines. More on APS low income programs.

APS Energy Wise Low Income Weatherization Program
The Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program’s primary mission is to reduce the electricity or fuel expense for space cooling, space heating, and also water heating for income-eligible households. The secondary goal is also to improve the safety and health of the dwelling's occupants.

Project SHARE (Service to Help Arizonans with Relief on Energy)
This program may be able to help pay the energy bills (gas, electric, oil, wood) if you are over the age of 60 or disabled.

Arizona Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Utility Repair, Replacement and Deposit Program (URRD)
These government assistance programs help with paying heating bills, utility bills and deposits. They also conduct home weatherization, and will also replace or repair certain appliances for those in need. Continue with LIHEAP Arizona applications.


By Jon McNamara

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