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Free legal aid and consultation in Arizona.

Find how to get consultations, wither in person or over the phone, free lawyers in Arizona.  Low-income families, senior citizens and people with no money can get advice. Tenants can get free legal aid to stop an eviction, assistance in applying for government benefits, and help with civil issues. Immigration attorneys also help refugees and migrants. Locate free legal and and lawyers in AZ below.

Low-income families can get advice from attorneys, volunteer lawyers and pro-bono assistance programs. Non-profit law firms both employ and have volunteer lawyers who will work closely with qualified low income individuals to provide them with representation, phone or in-person consultations and consultations. While there are a large number of services offered, some of them include the following. Clients can sign up for free workshops, get foreclosure counseling, help stopping an eviction or legal aid for housing discrimination.

Free legal advice for stopping foreclosures, evictions, and housing needs in Arizona

There are a large number of requests for legal advice on housing issues, such as preventing mortgage delinquencies or legal help for stopping pending evictions. The advice provided by these firms can help low-income homeowners who are dealing with a foreclosure. Tenants facing an eviction or women who need an attorney for addressing a domestic issue can meet with a free Arizona lawyer. The law firm will decide on the exact type of services to be offered to eligible individuals based upon the applicants need and resources available.

Lawyers will work directly with homeowners and renters to provide them with free legal assistance. Cases that they can help people with include the potential loss of home due to foreclosure, eviction from section 9 or private rented apartments, or get help with access to subsidized or private housing. Free attorneys also support people living in substandard or unsafe housing conditions.

Other housing issues addressed by a lawyer include resolving landlord/tenant problems, utility service shutoffs and lockouts. If a low-income person, seniors or disabled person has a utility disconnection, they can get help. Also learn about the Lawyers helping homeowners programs.




Consumer issues and protection

Get free legal help for civil cases and consumer debt types issues, including predatory home mortgage loans as well as other deceptive and lending practices (such as payday loans and lenders). Those two issues have impacted many families in Arizona. There is also free lawyers to help with debt settlement in AZ.

The firms also provide free legal help for illegal debt collection, advice on bankruptcies, automobile repossessions, or fraud. Or get free legal aid with issues including garnishments and deficiencies. Unfortunately many of these consumer debt type issues have contributed to the high number of foreclosures in the state, so the issues are related. The legal solutions offered will be similar.

Arizona lawyers help with applications to government benefit programs

Many federal and Arizona state government assistance programs are complicated. They may unfairly deny low income, working poor, or minorities access to the benefits that they are due. In these cases, individuals can turn to free lawyers for support on the application process and to help them through the process. Get free legal support for applying to many programs including TANF Cash Assistance, Unemployment, SNAP Food Stamps, AHCCCS Medical Assistance, Medicaid Health Care, and Social Security disability benefits.

In addition, free services may be offered to help clients deal with public benefits issues including denials of benefits or assistance such as section 8. Or get help with overpayment and reductions of benefits that are due to them. A major goal is to ensure the low income, disabled, and people with no money in AZ get the benefits and public aid they are entitled too.

While lawyers can’t help someone that doesn’t meet income qualifications for these government resources, the firms can ensure applicants are treated fairly. This includes ensuring timely review of an application and communication on the results of it. If your request for either Arizona or federal government benefits is unfairly denied, then get assistance with the appeal process.





Domestic issue advice

Receive free legal aid in Arizona in dealing with civic and domestic type cases involving divorce, domestic violence, child abuse or child snatching. Lawyers help senior citizens and low-income elderly people create will or address unsafe nursing home issues in AZ. Or get help applying for social security.

The domestic support component also provides assistance for cases involving elderly clients who face an eviction, the loss of their housing, or a reduction in income. In addition, limited free legal services are available for other cases involving paternity, legal custody, and adoption.

Arizona legal aid for immigration needs

Arizona individuals and families will receive free legal services to help with certain undocumented persons who are victims of domestic violence or other crimes. Services offered by the non-profit law firms include representation before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. Or lawyers will help people with the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the state Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR Immigration Court).

Refugees, migrant workers, and minorities who are facing abuse or discrimination can get help too. The volunteer attorneys work in partnership with faith based charities or non-profits. Get social services and free legal consultations with Catholic Charities and other groups too.

Who to contact for free legal aid in Arizona

Southern Arizona Legal Aid provides free consultation and representation to qualified individuals who live in the southern part of the state, including Pima County, Cochise, Santa Cruz Counties, Graham, Greenlee, Navajo, Pinal, Gila, and Apache Counties.  There free phone as well as in-persona consultations from the law firm. People in need of support can dial the non-profit law firm at (520) 623-9465 or 1-800-640-9465.

Community Legal Services is an organization that was created by attorneys and several law firms throughout Arizona. The focus is on the city of Phoenix. They can direct people in need to legal programs and other resources that can provide them with help. Contact the organization at 1(800) 852-9075.





In addition to above, volunteers also offer guidance to Maricopa County residents. There is advice for seniors, immigrants, and low income individuals on a number of issues. Clients often request assistance for housing, foreclosure, and consumer debts, all of which may be handled. More on free legal aid in Maricopa County.


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