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Arizona medical care programs for uninsured.

Families who lack health insurance in Arizona can look into various government programs and resources that are offered by non-profit agencies. The state, working with partner organizations, will do what they can in order to help the low income and less fortunate pay their medical bills and receive the coverage they need.

While a number of options are available, many resources are offered for children, seniors, and the disabled. Other key beneficiaries can include residents in Arizona who have cancer, pregnant mothers or those who need prescription drugs for certain diseases or medical issues. Services will often have waiting lists and the funding may be limited. If you currently are underinsured, or can’t obtain private health insurance, then call one or more of the programs listed below.

Long Term Care System, or the Arizona ALTCS program, is offered to the disabled, blind, and elderly. It can coordinate ongoing medical services at a non-profit or government facilitated nursing facility and provides for prescriptions, lab work, doctor visits, and more. Coordination is done with the state’s Health Care Cost Containment System as well as Arizona Long Term Care System. Call 800-962-6690.

AzTEDP - Arizona Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program can distribute free telephone equipment for residents who are eligible due to sight, hard of hearing and/or speech impairment. Eligible participants can receive free telephone equipment such as signaling/flashing devices, TTY's, and volume control telephones. Dial 866-223-3412.

Baby Arizona is for pregnant women. Non-profit health centers and the state will offer prenatal health care while the pregnant woman is waiting for AHCCCS health insurance. If an applicant is later determined to be ineligible, the state and case managers will work out a reasonable payment plan with the doctor who agrees to participate in Baby Arizona. Telephone number is 800-833-4642.

Arizona HIV/AIDS Drug Assistance Program will offer free FDA approved medications to patients who are diagnosed with this disease. 800-334-1540.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment is both the screening and treatment for breast and cervical cancer. Assistance is also offered for patients who have a pre-cancerous cervical lesion. 800-528-0142




AHCCCS provides free or low cost health insurance, and there are several versions and components of the program.

  • Working Individuals with Disability (a/k/a Freedom to Work) is available for the disabled and blind, ages 16 to 65, who are not eligible for any other government or public care. It is offered for those who currently receive Social Security Disability payment from the government. There may be some premiums due for this health insurance plan. Call 800-654-8713
  • Health Insurance for Adults without children is also available, however funding is very limited and there may be a waiting list. 800-654-8713
  • AHCCCS Health Insurance for children and teenagers is offered to people under the age of 19. Families who apply need to meet low income levels and also currently lack health insurance. Telephone number is 800-654-8713.
  • Last, but not least, Arizona offers Health Insurance for Families with Children, and this can either be free or offered at very low costs. It is only offered for US citizens, an eligible immigrant, or qualified aliens. The program can pay for behavioral health services, Doctor's office visits, hospitalization, lab work, and prescriptions. Telephone number is 800-654-8713.

Pregnant Women can receive some forms of health insurance as well. This can help ensure both the baby as well as the mother remain healthy and get the services they need during this timeframe. The goal is to ensure the newborn and the mother get the treatment they need. 800-352-8401

Health Insurance for those 65 or older is available to those who do not need a nursing home level of care. This can help senior citizens and the elderly remain living in their current environment. Call 800-654-8713 for details.

Blind or Disability (AHCCCS). If you have been certified with an approved disability from your doctor then the state may arrange for some comprehensive coverage. A separate service may be offered for people who need long term care. Some of the assistance coordinated may include hospice services, institutional care in a nursing facility, home and community based services, medical services, and behavioral health. Dial 800-654-8713.





Arizona VFC, or the Vaccines for Children Program, will offer free/low cost vaccines for children, infants, teenagers and young students. The state of Arizona, federal government, and other groups partner with community clinics and non-profit health centers. Shots can be provided for polio, measles, Dipththeria, flu, and more. Call 602-542-1023 for applications and details.

Receive financial help for paying Medicare costs. The government may distribute grants or funds for paying bills. Some of what may be covered includes Medicare premiums, deductibles and co-payments for eligible individuals. 800-528-0142

KidsCare Healthcare Insurance is in effect affordable health insurance for children 18 years old or younger who meet income limits. Note that there will often be a waiting list in Arizona. Children and students can receive well child visits and immunizations, physical exams, specialist care, and other support from the state and non-profit hospitals that participate. Call 877-764-5437 for details on the program.

Well Woman HealthCheck Program is basically free cancer screening for breast, cervical, and other forms of cancer. Age restrictions are in place, including the applicant needs to be over 40 for breast cancer screening or 18 for cervical cancer. Dial 877-257-8502.

Arizona health care is offered for people with pre-existing conditions. So if you have been denied insurance from a private carrier then the state, working with the Department of Health and Human Services and other organizations, will offer residents a number of benefits. Applicants will have a few different plans to choose from and it can pay for prescription drugs, specialty care, deductibles and more. It is basically government coordinated, public health insurance. Telephone: 866-717-5826

SSI Medical Assistance is available for seniors, the elderly, and individuals who are age 65 or older. It can also provide insurance coverage to the disabled or blind, regardless of their age. Note that you currently can’t be receiving cash benefits from the SSI program. This is funded mostly by the federal government, with some matching grants from the state. 800-528-0142.





SHIP/State Health Insurance Assistance Program mostly offers information, referrals, and guidance to consumers. Counselors from various non-profit organizations, including agency on aging offices, will provide information about Medicaid, Medicare, and other health insurance benefits. You can also get support with claim filing; applying for Medicare Part D (RX coverage); Medigap insurance; Medicare Advantage Plan and various deductible. 800-432-4040.


By Jon McNamara

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