Financial help for pregnant women and moms during pregnancy.

Low income pregnant women, whether they are single, teenagers or married, have several financial assistance programs available to them. Not only may charities provide them support, but there are also several government benefits that may be able to help. The assistance is available from when the pregnancy was discovered through after the child has been born.

Examples of what may be provided during pregnancy include affordable health insurance to assist with paying medical bills, prescription medications, and free maternity clothing or diapers for when the baby is born. If the pregnancy is causing other financial hardships, such as maybe a struggle to keep up with rent or utilities, then grant based aid may also help a pregnant parent with those expenses.

Some of the assistance is focused just on the specific needs of a pregnant women. However the individual will also have access to all of the other resources that can assist low income families, as there are many other programs out there. These other resources will not only assist those families that are pregnant, but anyone of any life circumstance can apply.

Government benefits for pregnant women or significant others

The government will often help fulfill the need for food, including baby formula. One of the main benefits used to do this is WIC, or the Women, Infants, and Children program. This service will be available from the point of pregnancy and it may last up through and including the child's fifth birthday. Both federal and state agencies run WIC. The goal is to ensure that both the newborn baby is healthy as well as the new mother, both during pregnancy and after birth.

What is provided will be vouchers for purchasing food, cereal, cheese, milk, fruits, vegetables, baby formula, and more. Both the mother and their child can get help in paying for their nutritional needs using this voucher, so it is not isolated to one person. WIC also offers nutritional counseling to the pregnant women as well as their entire household, including spouses and others. This can help people learn how to cook effectively, shop on a budget, and in general care for their future child.




States come into play as they often set the income limits. While many of the Women, Infants, and Children participants are living in poverty or may be teenagers with a limited income, this is not always the case. Some parts of the country may allow women to apply if their income is up to 200% of the poverty guidelines. In addition, if the pregnant women already gets welfare, SSI or SNAP food stamps, they will automatically qualify. Find how to apply for WIC vouchers.

General medical assistance is available to pregnant women.  One of them is Medicaid, which is a state run program. There may also be discounted rates given to them for buying their own health insurance plans from Obamacare or the Affordable Medical Act. The rates also assist them with paying for any needed prescription medications that their baby may need. These programs that provide medical assistance will tend to be contingent based on the individuals income as there will be cut offs set for the pregnant women as well as their baby when he/she is born.

Pregnant women can get additional assistance with food and nutritional needs. The SNAP food stamp program is income dependent. The participant is given a EBT card that is loaded up with funds each month, and they will be able to shop for the groceries they need each month. The amount of the EBT card will depend on income and other factors.

Food Stamps will also help the parents post birth. When the family has an increase in their expenses in the monthly budget from the new baby, this government benefit can help them pay for infant formula and really food for the entire household. SNAP is a key public benefit not just for expectant moms, but also the entire family. More on SNAP food stamps.





Federal or state grants during and after pregnancy

Pregnant moms, or those that are expecting, can get direct financial help from grant based programs. Depending on the state and income levels, some of them are as follows. The grants can generally be used to pay basic living expenses, cover medical bills or prescriptions, housing, and much more. Note there is often a waiting list in place, even when going through pregnancy.

  • Section 8 housing is income based and it can help offset the rent for pregnant moms, with many teenagers benefiting from it. Local housing authorities process the resource, and find section 8 HUD vouchers.
  • TANF, or welfare, is a time limited program. Families living in poverty are given grants as well as job placement. The funds are used to pay for everyday expenses for the low income pregnant woman, and continue with cash assistance from TANF.
  • Once the child is old enough, and the new parent is going back to work or job training, then government vouchers can help pay for day care costs. There are various subsidies to pay for day care bills.

There are many other benefits that can assist a women during their pregnancy. It is usually a good idea to contact a Department of Human or Social Services. There are offices in most counties and all states. They will advise the low income and process applications for benefits. Read more public aid programs.

Pregnant moms and new parents can get help from charities

There is often a need for basic needs, such as food, baby formula, diapers, car seats for the newborn, and furniture including cribs. A key place to turn to for this form of support will be a non-profit or charity in your community. Not only may they offer that form of support, but counseling and referrals are also given from non-judgmental staff members.

When common request is for baby formula. This can be vary costly to pay for when living on a limited income, and pregnant moms will often need this as soon as the baby is born. There are charities that provide formula for free. There are also the government programs such as WIC vouchers which can also help. Women who are pregnant can find places to turn to for free baby formula.

Catholic Charities is one key organization. Note they will not tend to support mothers or teens that are seeking an abortion, but rather they assist new moms with financial aid. Everything from counseling to shelter, meals, and much more is given. Read more on Catholic Charities.

Expectant women and their families can shop at thrift stores or use vouchers from clothing closets. The distribution centers may be at churches or other charities such as the Salvation Army. The centers will give out everything free diapers to maternity clothing to the pregnant women or mom. There may also be bedding sold to them, cribs and baby furniture given out, and much more to get the new family settled. More on clothing closets and low cost thrift stores.





New mothers, and those who are pregnant, are often looking to save money as well. Whether it is on health care, clothing (maternity or children), utilities, housing, or really anything, there are many options out there. For money saving tips and deals.

There are literally dozens of other charities in the region that can give financial help to these women. All throughout this site is more information on resources that can assist pregnant soon to be moms up through birth and for years after.

By Jon McNamara

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