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Free baby formula.

Find free baby formula for new or expecting low-income families. There are assistance programs from food banks and pantries, charities or government benefit programs listed below that may be near you. The centers that offer free infant formula service may provide a gift card or voucher so the client can buy it themselves. Or the agencies they may have supplies on free infant or baby food available on site, including Similac, Enfamil, Gerber and other brand.

The assistance for obtaining baby formula is provided by non-profits such as a Feeding America, local pantries, Department of Social Service offices, and even churches. The assistance is targeted at low income households or parents that are facing a crisis. Many single moms and even dads are also able to get baby formula at no cost to them. No charity organization, or the countless volunteers and social workers that work at them, want to see a baby or newborn go hungry.

Every effort possible will be made to feed and even clothe the baby or infant. Find how to get free formula near you below. There is support for both a crisis as well as more long term assistance arranged. These programs can help ensure the family has formula to give to their baby and they will also refer the household to extended benefit programs.

Charities that help feed a baby or infant near you

There are several places to turn to for assistance near you. Usually the free formula will be given by some type of food pantry such as those run by the Salvation Army or any of dozens of other charities. Even if this is not an option, then family may be able to get help from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Or they can use coupons or apply for samples. So there are many ways to get help with paying for formula for a newborn baby.

The first place to turn to is a local food pantry near you. There are thousands of these across the nation, and they are located in all local communities. Some of them (not all) will be able to provide free baby formula in an emergency. But it may only be a few cans of Enfamil or another product as a pantry is not intended to be a long term solution.

One of the advantages of using them is the parent can get other assistance too. Not only may formula be provided, but they can also be provided a box of groceries, free infant cereal, fruits, and much more. Millions of struggling parents, including single mothers, are able to get help from these charities. Find a food pantry in your state and county.




Feeding America is the country's largest network of charities that is focused on stopping hunger. Some of what they may offer includes free or low cost baby formula, Enfamil, and other food products. The organization, and the thousands of local food banks as well as charity groups that they work with, are involved in feeding over 40 million people per year.

Based on the state and county, families living in poverty can be given free emergency infant formula such as Gerber, Enfamil, or Similac. Other types may be given too. This too will be often in limited qualities, but the volunteers that work for Feeding America will provide referrals to other assistance programs. This organization works closely with the USDA and other groups to help those in poverty. Read more Feeding America.

Several other national charities may also provide free baby food, formula such as Similac, and other support to parents. Some of these will be regional agencies though, so they focus on certain states. Others provide more wide ranging services. Find a list of national charity organizations.

Free baby formula samples as well as coupons can be used too. Parents will often need to search around more for these deals though. Also, there may be a small cost involved for items such a sample, but the coupons of course are free to use at stores such as Wal-Mart and other retailers. Find a list of free coupon websites and apps, which can make the process easier as there are some occasional deals or ways to get free formula

Coupons are easy to get. Families can print them up online, get them from their local newspaper, or use an app on a phone. Using this method can help a parent save on average 10 to 50% on the baby formula, such as Gerber or Enfamil or Similac they need. Find a list of tips for how to use coupons to save on grocery bills.

Free infant formula from government assistance programs

The federal government also provide vouchers to pay for baby formula. The WIC program, also called the USDA Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, is for very low income parents. There are also hundreds of thousands of single mothers or teenage moms that are enrolled into this benefit program.






States set their own criteria over what WIC may or may not provide. It generally will give a few cans of free iron-fortified adult cereal, milk, cheese, and more. A voucher can also be used to buy any food that is needed to meet a physician's orders. Find more information on how WIC vouchers help low income parents.

Food stamps, also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), can be used to pay for food (including baby formula) for new or pregnant moms. The EBT card can also pay for some, or all, of a newborns nutritional needs, including formula. The assistance is for low income families, mothers living in or near poverty, single moms or dads, and other struggling families. Find more details on assistance from SNAP food stamps.

Any parent, especially when that is unemployed or that has a low income, should never struggle to feed a baby. These baby formula assistance programs near you, as well as agencies that operate them, will do their best to provide free baby formula to anyone that needs it.

By Jon McNamara

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