Use grocery store coupons to help save on your food costs.

Tricks and tips to help save money on bills

Probably the most effective trick to saving money on food costs is to always do your research, both before and while you shop. This will also help a family plan the most effective use of their coupons. Consumers can save a significant amount of money on their grocery bills by doing this.

You need to compare items at multiple stores and websites to find out where you can combine a sales price that the retailer is offering with your coupons for the best deals. So this means that if a store have a certain product marked at say 20% off, you can usually still use a manufacturer couple on that item as well, so the savings will quickly add up.

Also, find one of the many grocery stores that offer to double your coupons and also online sites that allow you to “stack” coupons. For example, many online retailers will often offer deals at say 10% off with Free Shipping. Then to save even more money, combine that by making the purchase using a cash back credit card. Find much more information on free coupons.

Also, try using your smartphone. Hundreds of aps focus on providing households free coupons. The deals are significant, and can help a person save 10 to 50% on their total bill. While there are countless choices in the marketplace, some of the highest rated aps include Shopular, RetailMeNot, SnipSnap,, and Coupons.Com among others.




Are people who use grocery coupons frowned upon?

No. The reason is that their use has now become so common, no person or business thinks any less of that shopper. The follow are just a few examples that show the growth of the use of coupons and the industry at large.

  • Entertainment Publications, which publishes community-based coupon books as well as Web sites, has said that the company's site has seen a 199 percent increase in consumers use of coupons for their day-to-day necessities. This shows that consumers need help with paying all bills. They have also seen a 63 percent increase in the use of coupons for “quick-serve" or casual meals since last year.





  • Coupon redemption at mass merchandising stores such as Target and Wal-Mart are up 11 percent since a few years ago. This is according to the Association for Integrated Marketing's Coupon Council.
  • Other sites such as Groupon and RetailMeNot are growing at double digit rates.

You need to combine coupons with in store-sales and two-for-ones

One consumer recently acquired two boxes of Cheerios cereal with a coupon. They were on sale at the grocery store at a price of for 2 for $3. The person then used two $1 off manufacturer coupons, saving an additional $2. The total cost per box: only 50 cents. This is just one of the many tricks to use to combine coupons with other sale offers.

Many grocery stores also offer "in store" grocery coupons, which can be redeemed right when checking out There are also literally hundreds of applications that people can download on their smart phones to compare prices or print up immediate savings. Most stores also have their own aps which provide savings to users.

Also, try Twitter or Facebook. If you “like” or “follow” a retailer, you may be sent coupons on their feeds that are not available to the general public. Some of the deals provided can help a family save up to 50% on their monthly food costs.

So there are many different options out there. You can use your own coupons in addition to these in store deals to save even more on your bills.




Buy the smallest size

Most consumers are under the impression that you will save more on your monthly food bills by buying in bulk. However, when using a coupon, this often times isn't true. What you need to consider before paying is the price per ounce. Here is an example:

  • Without Coupon:
  • Diapers 28 count package: Price is $7.00 Cost per unit: $0.25
  • Diapers 56 count package: Price is $13.00 Cost per unit: $0.23
  • With Coupon:
  • Diapers 28 count package: Price is $7.00 - $1.50 coupon = $5.50 Cost per unit: $0.20
  • Diapers 56 count package: Price is  $13.00 - $1.50 coupon = $11.50 Cost per unit: $0.21

While the price you pay per ounce of the larger size may be more economical without the coupon, it is better to buy the smaller size with the grocery coupon. You need to keep a small calculator in your purse or just use an application on your smart phone to help you calculate the best deal.

For those that are in a crisis, and maybe either can’t use a coupon or they do not help them save enough money, then try other charity programs for help. There are pantries that provide low cost (or free groceries) and the staff there may also have free coupons they can pass out. Other options include EBT cards for discounts and WIC vouchers, which may help people save over 50 percent. Find a listing of other assistance programs for food for low income families.

Find your grocery coupons online

When many think of coupons, they often think of the kind of coupons that come as inserts in your Sunday paper. However, with the invent of the internet there are now all sorts of other kinds of deals, ways to find help saving money, and coupons or aps are now available that can help you with paying bills. Just going a google search will help you find them or use the website of to locate the best deals.

You can quickly download all coupons, including grocery store one, from your computer and also print them out. There are other options as well. Just a couple examples of the sites include Smartsource, and RetailMeNot.



By Jon McNamara

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