Community Action Agency Pima County assistance programs.

One of the leading human and social service organizations in Pima County is the local not for profit Community Action Agency. They work with partners to administer many programs for low income families and the larger community. While most of the financial aid they offer is in the form of referrals to local Emergency Services Network Providers, they are still one option to call when struggling.

Rent help, including mortgage assistance and eviction prevention is available from Pima County Community Action Agency and its network providers. Financial assistance, or maybe a loan, will be provided to income qualified residents of the county who are in need of short term cash assistance. The funds are used to help pay for rent, mortgage, or security deposits for the homeless. The aid is intended to stop both foreclosures and evictions in Pima County, and rehouse the homeless.

Health care needs can be met, in partnership with other non-profits, community clinics, and medical providers. This can include prescription medications and other supplies. Items may also be available for the uninsured in Pima County Arizona as well. Call one of the following community action agency partner groups.

  • l Rio Health Center only supports patients of that facility. Location is 839 West Congress, Tucson, AZ 85745, 520.792.9890
  • St. Elizabeth Health Center which is located at 140 W. Speedway Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85705, call 520.628.7871.

Financial support may be offered to help people obtain employment. This type of assistance is provided for needs such as car repairs, work clothing, dental needs, physicals, or prescription eye glasses. Related support services may be bus passes, personal hygiene items, gasoline, and free food vouchers.

This is strictly focused on helping people either find or secure employment in Arizona. Sometimes the funds need to be repaid, so the aid is in the form of a loan. Pima County Community Action Agency can provide referrals or suggestions, and dial 520.624.3479.




Community Action Agency food assistance is available in partnership with local and rural nonprofit agencies or pantries. The non-profit, and these groups, work to offer groceries, free food boxes, congregate/home delivered meals, and lists of Tucson and county based food pantries.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program – LIHEAP is one of the primary resources for both cooling and heating bills. Benefits from LIHEAP can be used to pay for the current or a past month’s natural gas or electric bill. There may even be grants to pay for late fees, deposits and reconnect fees. U.S. Department of Health and Human Service as well as the state of Arizona pay for this program across Pima County. Try calling the Tucson Urban League at 520.791.9522 for information on LIHEAP or other utility expense assistance.

In limited cases, water payment assistance is provided. This will be a onetime financial assistance program only and is run in partnership with the City of Tucson Environmental Services. It is only available for those customers of Tucson Water only. 520.243.6770

URRD, or the Utility Repair, Replacement, and Deposit from Community Action Agency provides qualified low income individuals who are in a crisis situation with emergency assistance. The money needs to be used for making repairs, utility deposits and/or replacement of heating and cooling related appliances and systems, such as an air conditioning unit. This may also include utility-related appliances or water and sewer systems. Main phone 520.624-3479.

The primary office is at 2797 E. Ajo Way in the city of Tucson, AZ 85713. Dial (520) 724-2667 for intake and more referrals.




By Jon McNamara

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