South Arizona Jewish Family and Children Services programs.

Assistance is available from the Jewish Family and Children Services of Southern Arizona. Note the non-profit will only provide assistance to individuals of the Jewish Faith. They run programs in Tucson as well as the greater Pima County Arizona region. Most of the resources they offer are available without regard to race, however some of the assistance does have conditions. The non-profit will provide everything from help with medical needs to funds to pay for rent or other bills.

Financial Assistance is no longer available to resolve a crisis situation. JFCS of the Tucson region, using donations from the community, can assist with critical needs. Some of what may be offered includes money to pay rent, utility bills, or provide free food.

There are several other miscellaneous type needs that can be met as well, and that includes transportation, funeral costs, or medical needs. When funding allows, and a family meets qualifications, there may be help for the following.

  • Nutritional needs can be met by food cards or free groceries from pantries.
  • Transportation assistance, including limited funds for a repair (if car needed for work), moving expenses, or free Sun Tran bus passes.
  • Housing needs can be met for rent, mortgage payments, utility bills or to pay a security deposit.
  • Medical bills, including equipment, can be provided by Jewish Family and Children Services of Southern Arizona.
  • Receive referrals and connection to community resources, loan programs and other support when needed.
  • Self-sufficiency to avoid a future hardship is arranged as well. This may include budgeting classes, resume development, and also job interview coaching.

A Cancer support program is available, known as CHAI Circle for Jewish Women. This is for women from the Pima County area that have, or had cancer. They are offered encouragement, support, understanding and referrals to medical bill assistance programs. They will also offer mentoring, education, socialization, spirituality and support to them.





JFCS of Southern Arizona has a program which allows people to purchase durable medical equipment for low income individuals. They do not have a loan or rental program, or an inventory of used medical equipment.

The equipment that can be purchased by JFCS includes items such as: bathroom safety equipment, manual wheelchairs, shower chairs, walkers, raised toilet seats, nebulizers, etc. There is an intake process that needs to be completed. Please contact 520-795-3000, ext. 2213 for further information.

The equipment what may be offered by JFCS include Bathroom safety equipment, Wheelchairs, Electric scooters, Hospital beds, Shower chairs, Walkers, or raised toilet seats and Power chairs. Most of the items go to seniors or the disabled in Tucson Arizona.

Assistance is offered for victims of Domestic Abuse, including both children and women.  Some of the resources include LEAH, also known as Let's End Abusive Households. This is a domestic violence prevention program for Jewish families and individuals that have been affected by domestic abuse.

The program known as LEAH provides counseling and therapy for these families who might otherwise continue to suffer. LEAH will arrange for education, information and referral, free legal aid, and advocacy for those from the community who experience domestic abuse issues.

Staff that are part of Jewish Family and Children Services offer education and information on domestic violence. They offer referrals to assistance that may help victims, including housing, clothing, food, and more. Counseling and legal support is also arranged as needed. They also partner with other non-profit community-based agencies.




Help for seniors is also arranged by Jewish Family and Children Services of Southern Arizona. The agency will connect the elderly that qualify to the services they need. Get help from home repairs, senior housing options, as well as a variety of in-home services, such as personal care, housekeeping and meal preparation.

Other services for seniors in Tucson can include medical appointments, Grocery shopping, legal aid, Care management, and referrals to health services. Financial aid may be arranged too, and this will be for Medical supplies or prescription medications as well as health insurance resources.

For more information, note they only support people of the Jewish faith. The Jewish Family and Children Services of Southern Arizona is located at on E. Fifth Street, Tucson, Arizona 85711. For referrals to social services, dial 877-211-8661, and more information is provided. Or if you are Jewish (either practicing or not) and want to apply for financial aid, dial 520-795-0300, ext. 2204 for information.




By Jon McNamara

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