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Struggling individuals, with a focus on senior citizens in a limited area of Pima County, can receive help from Green Valley Assistance Services. The regional non-profit organization provides coverage in a limited area, and it includes the cities and towns of Green Valley, Amado, Sahuarita, Arivaca, Tumacacori and Tubac. While most of the focus is on offering referrals for the elderly, there are some programs that they provide direct assistance for, such as those noted below.

Regardless of age, there may be some funds to help pay rent. However the priority will always be to senior citizens, as the main goal of VAS is to assist those individuals. A number of income and other conditions are in place for those that are seeking money from the agency, as noted below.

Applicants will need to have proof of hardship, including their income and expenses. Appointments and an intake process is required. Participants may not only receive some type of loan or emergency funds for their rent, but other stabilization services are provided too.

Tenants will receive credit counseling, financial literacy, and enrollment into budgeting classes. There is also advice provided to the client on how to stop an eviction, including what their legal rights may be. All information is provided in the form of one-to-one customer service. Any type of financial aid from Green Valley is very limited.

There are many state of Arizona and federal government benefits available to the elderly in Pima County County. The Benefits Check up services is for seniors with a minimal household income and that also do not have a lot of household assets to their name.

Clients can meet with a case manager from VAS and also use online tools to see if they qualify for benefits, such as disability or Medicare. There is also a focus on the disabled in Pima County Arizona as well. As with any of the assistance offered from the agency, they tend to focus on the elderly in the community. The goal is to refer individuals, seniors and families with appropriate government aid and social services. This is always done in an effort to help reinforce independence and resiliency of the client.

Home care is coordinated by volunteers as well. Many people from VAS visit the homes of senior citizens in towns such as Amado or Tubac in order to assist the less fortunate. They will coordinate transportation and run errands for the person. They can assist with grocery shopping, light yard work, lawn mowing, handyman services, and run to the pharmacy with them.




Many elderly and even children may be lonely during the holidays. To help address this, the Christmas Program from VAS was created in partnership with the Agency on Aging, Catholic Charities, Volunteer Fire Corps, as well as the Green Valley Salvation Army. This is available to people regardless of age.

Hundreds of children, senior citizens, and entire families receive free food, toys, gifts, and games each year. Other key partnerships for the holiday program is Francis-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church. Donations are always welcome for this holiday program too.

Fund raisers are held to keep these Christmas programs running, and they can be held by civic organizations, churches, businesses, and even other charities across the area. The application period is normally in the fall months, so apply at Green Valley Assistance Services early.

Other Community Resources are available for the elderly. They include things such as vouchers and discount prescription medication cards, a Fall Prevention Program, applications for SNAP food stamps, and public health care. The goal is to keep senior citizens in the community especially low income ones, healthy, safe, and secure.




Green Valley Assistance Services coordinates counseling and general financial literacy classes. Most of the sessions are for people that are unemployed, or maybe they are only working part time and need advice on how to spend their limited income. The sessions are help across the region at Pima County One-stops Centers, and over the years hundreds of clients go through the sessions.

As noted, while Green Valley Assistance Services does focus on the older population in Pima County, there may be some resources offered for people of all ages. The main address is 250 E. Continental Rd, Ste. #102 Green Valley, Arizona 85614. Dial (520) 625-5966.


By Jon McNamara

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