Tucson water bill assistance programs.

If you are struggling with paying your water bill, then assistance programs are available in Tucson and Pima County. Financial aid is offered for up to 12 months to low income qualified customers. There are a number of income guidelines and thresholds in place, and they are partly set by the number of family members in the household. Most of the financial assistance programs for paying water bills are run in partnership with local non-profit agencies, such as Pima County Community Action Agency and the City of Tucson Environmental Services Department.

The formal name of the service available is the Tucson Water Low Income Assistance Program. It was created during the middle part of 2012 and has assisted thousands of residents per year. The program will offer monthly low-income assistance to qualifying customers, including senior citizens and the disabled. Support is offered for paying the Tucson Water charge portion on a customer’s monthly statement.

There are several guidelines and conditions in place for applicants and customers. Some of the criteria include, but are not limited to, the following. The water and other utility bills must be in the customer’s name. The applicant also of course needs to be a Tucson Water customer. Identification and proof of address, as well as need, must be provided too.

Applicants need to be referred as well, and applications and qualifications are set by local non-profit organizations and charities. They are the groups that disburse the funds in the region. Applicants will need to provide proof that you spoke to and are qualified through one of these agencies, including City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department, Pima County Community Action Agency, and/or the City of Tucson Environmental Services Department.

Financial guidelines need to be met as well. In order to receive help with paying your water bills, you need to meet the income and household size guidelines. While they can change over the years and can be reset based on funding and demand, the general rules are as follows. If you live by yourself, your income needs to be around $15,000 or less. Households with four members will need to have an income of less than $40,000. The income limit goes up to about 70K for a family of 8.

If you have qualified for the Tucson Water Low Income Assistance Program through one of the three agencies/non-profits listed above, then you have completed the process and there are no additional steps to take. After you have qualified, you will be able to receive help with your water bills for up to 12 months.





After that year has completed you will need to re-qualify, as this is not an ever ending service. There are limits and deadlines to the program. For information, including details on the application process, contact the agency directly at one of the numbers listed below. Customer service representatives, case managers from community action agencies, and local social workers may also be able to answer your questions.

As indicated, the customer service team at Tucson Water can also provide more details on how this program works. You can call them at (520) 791-5443 or stop by the main office at 310 W. Alameda St. The water department will do what it can, by working with its partners, to help as many customers as possible avoid a shut off of their service.

The agencies to call to apply at include Pima County Community Action Agency (PCCAA) (phone (520) 243-6770), City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Low Income Program (dial (520) 791-4877) or dial the   City of Tucson Environmental Services Department at (520) 791-3171.




By Jon McNamara

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