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Assistance programs in city and county of Denver.

Struggling and low income families can get financial help for their bills. Charities, churches as well as government assistance grant programs in Denver County offer free food or money for paying housing costs (rent, mortgages, utility bills, or security deposits). There is also financial assistance for medical needs (bills or prescription drugs), transportation including a free car, job training and more. Find how to apply for financial help with bills near you in Denver CO below..

In addition, there is also free stuff in the county too. Families can be given free school supplies or uniforms for their kids or job seekers can get gasoline vouchers. There are also resources including legal aid in Denver County, debt help, prescription drug medications for free, and even Christmas toys or holiday programs.

Emergency financial assistance in Denver County

Rental and eviction prevention assistance is available across the county. Residents can receive rental help or placement into a low-income apartment with no waiting list Tenants close to losing their leased home or apartment can get eviction assistance and there are other resources from the Denver Department of Human Services as well as volunteer attorneys.

The program is open to residents of Denver County only. Any struggling families (or individuals) that needs help with rent or stopping an eviction can apply. Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis.

There are some requirements for assistance. They include, but are not limited too, applicants need to have a social security card, current lease or rental agreement, verification of why they can’t pay your housing costs, landlord information, and verification of income. And the City and County of Denver may ask for additional information.

Approvals for rental assistance and grants are decided on a case-by-case basis. The data and verification you provide, along with your history such as rental history, income, work history, and so on help determine whether your application is approved or not. Dial 720-944-2498 or 1-888-480-0066  to learn more.

Other non-profits or charities can help tenants that are facing an eviction. Resources range from emergency funds for back rent or paying the security deposit on a new apartment to mediation or referrals. Find a number of other organizations that provide rental assistance in Denver.




If you are struggling with paying the bills to some unforeseen circumstance (such as a job loss, medical bill, or some other crisis) the Catholic Charities and Community Services of the Archdiocese of Denver, Inc. runs several programs. They may be able to provide you with food, household items, free vouchers for gasoline, or even occasionally financial assistance. There may be funds to pay your rent, heating or utility bills, or money for prescription drugs. Call the agency at (303) 742-0828 or 303-597-0464, or get more details on Catholic Charities Denver assistance programs.

  • Pecos Street - Catholic Charities is a church that assists individuals and low income families in Denver County. There are not restrictions on faith, ethnic backgrounds, or age. Resources include self-sufficiency, free clothes, food, shelter, and referrals to utility as well as gas bill programs. The address is 4045 Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211, or dial (303) 742-0828.

The Denver Inner City Parish (phone 303.629.0636) also offers services for low income and the unemployed. Among other services, they offer a food bank, counseling and referrals, and more. When the local Denver shelters are full, DICP may provide free motel vouchers, and a key job training programs available is Project ReNew. More on Denver Inner City Parish programs.

Also receive help from the Denver Salvation Army ((303) 861-4833). They run their own programs, partner with other charities, and can refer people to programs. From time to time they have funds they can provide for heating and utility bills, rent, senior services, and access to a food pantry.

Other aid available includes case management, holiday meals and Christmas gifts, and senior housing. The faith based charity also passes out free school supplies or helps kids find affordable (or free) summer camps in the Denver area.

A major focus is on self-sufficiency. There are giveaway programs, such as free cars for the low-income as well as gas cards. Or low-income parents can explore after school care from the Salvation Army or get work attire for a job or interview. Get more details on Salvation Army Denver Colorado programs.

Union members and their families can turn to Labor's Community Agency. The non-profit agency, which is the Community Services Arm of the Colorado AFL-CIO, provides assistance to union members, their families and the overall local community. Some of the services and resources they provide include an emergency food program, rent and mortgage assistance, household goods, furniture and clothing, and funds to help pay utility and heating bills. Contact the agency at (800-472-2005. Read more on union mortgage assistance programs.





In addition to the rent programs mentioned at the top of this page, Denver Department of Human Services (dial (720) 944-4347 or (720) 944-2031) also provides other social services. There are applications to SNAP food stamps or WIC vouchers for baby formula. Or get medical supplies and prescriptions, personal hygiene items, housing, and food. They also run the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, which can provide rent assistance, money for utilities and security deposits, credit counseling, as well as other housing aid.

  • Cash Assistance and Human Services - The county provides low income families and struggling individuals with financial assistance and social services. Resources range from medical bill assistance, housing, energy bills, food, and much more. The Human Services department is the primary center to call. Locate public and cash aid in Denver County.

Denver Colorado based Saint Vincent de Paul Society provides financial assistance with medical prescriptions, housing expenses such as rent, and utilities and heating bills for low income persons in the community. The charity supports the entire Denver metro area as well as surrounding counties.

SVDP can also provide free or gently used clothing, school supplies, food, and more. St. Paul Local Assistance Ministry, which is part of Saint Vincent, offers qualified individuals and families with modest rental assistance from a limited budget. There are also referrals to emergency shelters and housing. The most cash usually provided is capped at about $75 per application. Dial (303) 935-3900 (303) 960.9163, or find details on Saint Vincent de Paul assistance programs in Denver.

Receive heating and utility assistance from Denver Urban Ministries (DenUM). Phone number (303) 355-4896. The non-profit helps with paying for emergency needs, in particular utility assistance. Client of this particular program must owe only current month on their bills, and there is no aid for past due, late or legal fees.

The non-profit also operates other programs and provides referrals. For example, DenUM offers free medical care from a clinic and case managers can help clients apply for food stamps or receive groceries from a choice pantry. These services can be effective at feeding clients that have an income in or near povery levels. Find more details on financial help from Denver County Urban Ministries.




Association For Senior Citizens is an agency that helps senior citizens in Denver Colorado. Assistance offered can include, but is not limited to, prescription drugs or housing as well as rent assistance. There is also free clothing, food, transportation for doctor appointments or shopping, energy bill help, and housing. That is just a sampling. Another focus is on serving food and meals, both through congregate settings as well as Meals on Wheels. The assistance offered to seniors is extensive.

The Senior Assistance Center also helps the elderly in Denver keep their lights, heat and electricity on. The non-profit can provide for the partial payment of utility bills for low income seniors. 2839 W 44th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80211, (303) 455-9642

Saint Mary Magdalene - Limited emergency heating, utility, and electric bill assistance is offered to persons living in the parish boundaries. Call (303) 477-4533

Good Shepherd – Low income financial assistance, including for housing, rent, utilities, and other needs. Limited funding is available. Dial (303) 322-7706 Ext 1027. There is also a free food pantry and clothing center at 2626 E 7th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80206.

Saint Anthony of Padua – When funds are available offers limited financial assistance for utility bills. They can also help the elderly, single moms and struggling turn their power back on. Dial (303) 935-2431

First Mennonite Church – Only supports the immediate church area, and the focus of assistance offered is on people who lost their jobs but have a family with young children. Funds for heating bills, rent, food, and medications may be available. 430 W 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80204. Call (303) 892-1038 or  (303) 892-1039

Denver transitional housing programs assist a number of residents every year. Families that are behind on their rent and facing eviction, the homeless, or individuals in a crisis are some of the typical clients. Qualified residents can receive low cost housing and other support from the programs, including financial literacy, possible funds for paying deposits, and more. Click Denver low income housing.

Winter heating and natural gas bills - The state and county of Denver administer several emergency assistance programs that can help low income families pay their heating bills. Some of the resources are administered by non-profit organizations and others are offered directly by the state or county. Funding is limited, and the demand for assistance is very high, so apply early. Find how to get help with paying heating bills in Denver.





Car loan payment help is available in Denver. This can help commuters and those who need an auto for work or job training. The assistance is rare, and it often involves getting out of the loan. There are also payment plans and interest rate reductions. Find more details on eliminating upside down car loans.

Families Forward Resource Center is at 12000 E 47th Ave, Denver, CO. Several programs are available for a limited area. Money for paying energy bills, on a case by case basis, may be offered. They also operate a few food banks, or help the low income apply for LIHEAP utility bill grants or SNAP food stamps. Other programs from the center include one time rent help, adult literacy courses, and prescription medications.  Phone (303) 307-0718, or more on Broadway Center programs.

Lowry Family Center (Families Forward) – Another nonprofit organization that supports Hamilton County families who need help. Clothing, food, and money for paying energy bills can all be provided. Also offers referrals as needed. The address is 4800 Telluride St Building 5, Denver, CO 80249. Phone number (303) 307-0718

Short term loans - There are several agencies and lenders in Denver County. They offer a number of cash loan assistance programs, including the following.

  • -No interest loans or grants from charities.
  • -High priced lenders, including pawnshops, title and payday lenders.
  • -Funds from credit counseling agencies.
  • Other resources may be offered too, and find loan programs in Denver.

Senior Support Services has staff and resources that can help with negotiating one-time cash payments to landlord for overdue rent. Assistance can help prevent seniors in Denver from becoming homeless as a result of eviction. There are also resources such as low income senior housing assistance. Address is 846 E 18th Ave, Denver, CO 80218, call (303) 832-1622

Denver Rescue Mission can help currently homeless families and/or senior citizens. Funds can be used to pay security deposits and/or first months rent for those who qualify. Get assistance with moving into permanent housing. Other resources offered to clients can include free food, clothing, furniture and household items. Ongoing case management and guidance may be provided too. Dial (303) 297-1815. Read more Denver Rescue Mission.

Denver Colorado AIDS Project is only for HIV and AIDs clients. They can receive information on, and assistance with finding, permanent affordable housing and/or apartments. Limited financial assistance for paying security deposit, rent, eviction prevention, and maybe even short hotel stays.

Also get information on medical care and prescription drug resources in Colorado. The project can offer details on prescription drugs, medications, and treatments. Call (303) 837-0166, or locate details on prescription drugs for free.

Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation offers solutions such as section 8 housing vouchers. In addition, the center offers an educational seminar to first-time homebuyers. Learn about mortgage offerings and more. 670 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204. Call (303) 572-9445

Free clothing, free furniture and basic needs are available in Denver. A few dozen non-profits, churches, and charities distribute items to the underprivileged for free. For example, if you need a suit or a dress for an interview, then programs such as Dress for Success may help. Children may get free Christmas gifts or school supplies. Several other needs can be met by a center, including free furniture or appliances. Get more information on Denver clothing closets, furniture and school supplies.







Supporting Denver and the entire state, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless provides various housing, referrals, and even medical services. While rental assistance may be provided, this is normally in the form of referrals to loans or government grants. The Coalition may also offer information on public benefits, such as section 8 or housing for the disabled as part of the Benefits Acquisition and Retention Team.

Also, across Denver, the Coalition will coordinate medical care. This ranges from a mobile clinic to prescription medications and even eye glasses. A variety of medical needs can be met for the low income. Read more Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

Housing resources from Denver Continuum of Care can both rehouse the homeless and prevent an eviction from occurring. All across the region are non-profits that offer support using federal government cash grants. There is emergency money for rent, SSVH for veterans, moving cost help, and more. Click Denver eviction and rehousing.

Jewish Services of Denver operates some programs for people of all religions. Food, rent and utility bill help, and more may be provided as part of the Emergency Assistance Program. Another key focus is on job training and employment resources from the SHALOM Center. Seasonal assistance includes free Thanksgiving and Christmas meals or school supplies. They also partner with other non-profits as part of the Family Safety Net Program. Learn more Jewish Family Services in Colorado.

Denver Volunteers of America - The main programs from the agency are as follows. All financial aid paid out and services administered depend on donation levels and funding.

  • Meals and food - This includes senior centers, home deliveries for the disabled, and information on free food pantries on Denver County.
  • Housing - Referrals are available for emergency rental assistance. Other support is for the homeless, and includes shelters or funds for deposits on a new apartment.
  • At risk - VOA will assist single moms and low income seniors. There will also be help for the disabled, and this ranges from applications to government benefits or financial support.
  • Much more is available in Denver. Continue with Colorado Volunteers of America.

ACS Community Lift offers four main programs. They include Workforce Development, food from a pantry, financial aid for utility bills or shelter, and help for employment needs, including free bus tokens and ID. All of these resources assist in other ways as well, such as the pantry may have personal hygiene items too. More on programs from ACS Community Lift.

Denver area non-profit Christmas help - Find where to turn to for free gifts, food, and meals during Christmas or other holidays. Children from low income households as well as the elderly in the county often benefit from these services. Locate Christmas help in Denver.

Legal assistance and resources

Colorado Legal Services will help people who can’t afford an attorney. They provide legal help with civil cases and the types of cases they cover is extensive. They can help with consumer debt problems, including bankruptcy, provide housing assistance, including free legal advice in stopping a foreclosure.

A wide range of domestic issues are also part of their programs, including divorce, child custody, and more. If you need help with accessing an attorney for your legal issues, dial 303.837.1313 or learn more about Colorado legal programs.

Denver area free dental and medical care

Individuals without health insurance, and the low income, may qualify for free medical or dental care. A number of health centers may offer free services, or reduce fees. Read more Denver County free clinics.

If you need help paying for or accessing health care, contact the Inner City Health Center (Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved). They provide information on ways to access health care programs, how to expand health care services, and provide coverage for Denver families. Call (303) 296-1767 or 303-832-7727 to learn more about obtaining low cost or free health and dental care.

For dental care, try contacting Kids in Need of Dentistry. This local, Denver based nonprofit organizations serves low-income children as well as others who are homeless, hungry or in need of medical care or who need help with medical bills. (877) 544-KIND.




In addition to these Denver locations, there are other national and local resources from free community clinics. Find more information on health centers and clinics and how they help deal with health care matters.

Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital - This Denver clinic provides health care from preventive through acute care to medically under served and low income individuals in a physician office setting. No patient is denied service due to an inability to pay for their medical bills. Call (303) 318-2250

Receive dental care from Dawn Clinic. The facility provides free or low cost assistance, cleaning, and general dental care services for low income and/or uninsured persons in the Denver area. Call (303) 296-1767 for intake.

Programs for children

School aged kids can receive help from the Denver Public Schools. The school system runs programs that provide funds for medical and clothing assistance. There will be free personal stuff, hygiene supplies and school items given away. Contact your local school system and ask about the Pupil Assistance Fund (PAF) and how it can help your student.

Free food assistance programs

The Food Bank of the Rockies (303-371-9250) coordinates with local agencies and charities to provide free food to families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. They help tens of thousands of people per year throughout their extensive service area, and have programs for low income, children, and senior citizens.

If the locations listed can’t help, or if they are not near where a family lives, then there are dozens of other food banks and government programs available. There are also free soup kitchens in the city and county. Find information on more Denver food pantries as well as other charities that the Food Bank of the Rockies partners with.

Metro CareRing offers emergency food services, such as groceries and a food pantry, to low to moderate income persons and families that live in the Denver Metro area. Three to four day supply of food, groceries and limited toiletry items as available can also be provided. Dial (303) 860-7200.

Community Ministry ((303) 935-3428) - Provides emergency food and groceries for families and individuals in need of assistance.

Christ's Body Ministries - Distributes food baskets. Phone (303) 860-1272.

In addition, learn how some national non-profit organizations provide reduced priced food to everyone, regardless of income. Learn more low cost groceries.

Employment opportunities

If you need help finding a job, employment assistance, or training, contact Rocky Mountain SER. The organization focuses its resources on low income, unemployed and the disadvantaged population of the Denver area. They strongly believe that a solid, secure job is a key to becoming self-sufficient. Call them at 303-480-9394.

Qualified clients will be assigned to a case manager who will help the access the tools and resources they need to find a job. This can include free transportation including car payment help, free gas vouchers or bus tickets, a car or truck for work. Or get uniforms, laptop computers free job interview clothes and other stuff.





Foreclosure, debt, and financial counseling in Denver

Some of the options and non-profits that provide foreclosure, debt (including credit card) and budgeting assistance and advice include:

Rocky Mountain Mutual Housing Association, Inc. - Individual financial counseling in available and the services offered include credit card help, home buying & foreclosure prevention. Phone (303) 863-8651 or (303) 388-9613.

NEWSED Community Development Corporation - This HUD approved agency provides free foreclosure prevention counseling to households and families in the Denver County area. Dial (303) 534-8342.

Northeast Denver Housing Center, Inc. - Work one on one with a counselor to get foreclosure counseling sessions and access to workshops that educate consumers about foreclosure prevention, mortgage programs and home ownership issues. Dial (303) 377-3334

Southwest Improvement Council - Runs Credit Counseling programs, debt reduction and other programs for low income individuals and families and they also provide Foreclosure Prevention Counseling. Phone (303) 922-2928.

Several other non for profit agencies provide housing counseling to Denver homeowners. Some services are free, and others have a minimal cost. Get details on Denver foreclosure prevention.


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