Assistance from ACS Community Lift.

The assistance arranged by ACS Community Lift is done so in partnership with other groups and close coordination with the client. Case managers advocate on behalf of the working poor and disadvantaged in the community. They offer, or are involved in referring people to a wide range of services such as education, Workforce Development employment, clinics, life skills, and basic needs.

In close collaboration with these various partners, they offer referrals for housing, including emergency shelter as part of Family Care. Or residents can be linked to a local food pantry. Another service available in Denver will be access to low cost/free clinics, and these can normally address basic medical needs. No matter what the client is offered, the goal is to always try to help the client live independently.

Support for housing needs

Referrals may be given by ACS Community Lift. The non-profitt will try to help with housing needs or shelter, among other programs. Most of this aid falls under their Family Care Department. One resource is referrals to eviction prevention, and this is for tenants with a limited income. It can help them maintain their current home or apartment. Or they will also advise homeowners that are behind on their mortgage.

Any financial support is only issued for those that were faced by a short-term financial emergency. This means that applicants who have not taken the proper steps to improve their situation, who spend frivolously, or that caused their own crisis will not get help. In some cases, partners of ACS may be able to offer support for expenses such as back rent may also be issued as a loan. However ACS does not offer housing assistance themselves.

Additional financial aid is provided. ACS Community Lift program coordinator will complete an intake process. As the conclusion of that process, the agency makes an assessment of the household’s specific needs. The family that is applying to ACS will also need to both contribute to any utilities or rent that is due, and agree to take steps such as case management. Some of what may be provided by ACS Community Lift is below.

  • -Information on housing programs, such as mortgage, energy bills, or rent.
  • -If the situation is too dire, then referrals to overnight shelters in Denver.
  • -Advice in entering into payment plans with utility or water companies.
  • -ACS Community Lift will also refer clients to other government aid.
  • -Employment items, such as identification, bust tokens, and hygiene items.




ACS Community Lift partners with other groups as well. Whether it is a volunteer raising money for their programs, or a local social service agency, ACS knows that one of the most effective solutions to ending poverty is to coordinate resources in the community.

The shelter is an option too. This is for newly homeless individuals. Or in some cases people may be referred to it as as very short term option while they seek financial aid from other sources. Not only may there be a bed for the client, but clients of ACS can also use a laundry, receive basic medical check ups, hygiene items, and more.

If the homelessness is caused by issues such as substance abuse, then staff will also refer the person to resources so they can become clean or sober. There are facilities in Denver County Colorado that can help in this capacity.

Basic needs such as food, health care or clothing from ACS Community Lift

There are some community clinic services too. This will depend on the generous time of volunteer nurses and doctors, among others. ACS Community Lift will only help with very minor ailments, such as hypertension, allergies, and more. If the patient has more serious requirements, then clients are evaluated and referred to other hospitals or medical care units for further follow-up care.

Food services from ACS Community Lift range from a breakfast, lunch or dinner daily to boxes of food from a pantry. The goal is to always provide some form of healthy food to the needy and children. Some of what may be provided includes Canned Meats or Fruit, Bread, Dairy, or Pasta items. Much more may be offered too from the pantry, such as soap and hygiene items, but this really depends on donation levels.

Holiday programs can also provide hot meals or small gifts too. This falls under the ACS umbrella of basic needs too. Staff try to help teenagers, youth, and children to ensure they have a present to open on Christmas morning.

ACS Community Lift will also arrange for budgeting and/or one-on-one coaching from Workforce Development. Services will help people track expenses and income as well as learn about everything such as employment to job programs in Denver. Improving financial literacy is critical to addressing the cause of the homelessness or poverty.




The goal is to end the dependency on public aid. Whether a client lacks education or has not kept up with the latest technology, Workforce Development from ACT is used. They have helped dozens of families find a new job.

The programs run by ACS Community Lift are reassessed each year. This is done based on funding levels as well as the needs of the community. If needed, the resources available will be adjusted so that as many people as possible are assisted. For more details, call 303-935-7389 or stop by 5045 West 1st Avenue in Denver Colorado.


By Jon McNamara

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