Broadway Assistance Center programs.

Supporting certain portions of Denver County, the non-profit Broadway Assistance Center provides support and referrals to low income and working poor families. While some short term needs, such as food, can be met, the goal is on helping individuals achieve self-sufficiency and stability. This includes employment and having a safe and affordable home to live in.

As such, the agency operates two weekly food banks in Denver. While more limited, BAC may have financial aid for rent and paying overdue utility bills, and offers training programs to help families break the cycle of poverty. The homeless may also receive information on government grants for paying the security deposit as well, after they have achieved stability.

Broadway Assistance Center maintains information-and-referral files to direct needy individuals and families to community resources or government benefits as quickly as possible. This service is offered to people throughout the region, including senior citizens and their children and caregivers, as well as disabled individuals and low-income families.

This information from BAC will include details on local transportation; how to recognize scams that target elderly persons; housing, centers and clubs for senior citizens; social services; local Denver, state of Colorado and federal assistance programs; and legal aid.

There is also information on medical assistance. This ranges from where to get free prescription medications to details on home healthcare agencies and other medical resources.

The agency provides a number of food services to help clients meet their nutritional needs. The non-profit will offer free groceries and meals to families in crisis. They also manage pantries and soup kitchens that feature dairy products, fresh produce and baked goods, among other items.

In total, BAC administers food banks to provide perishable and non-perishable fruits, vegetables, canned items, pastries and bread, to hundreds of residents each month. This is also run in partnership with Denver County grocery stores, churches and community members.




Income-eligible individuals and families can obtain food stamps through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Case managers help families apply for this government funded program. Clients should call the agency to schedule an appointment if they need assistance in completing their initial SNAP application.

Very limited emergency financial assistance may be offered to qualified clients who are experiencing hardship or a crisis. This money can cover the costs of back rent, transportation, utility service, medical care and other needs.

When applying, Broadway Assistance Center conducts thorough interviews with all applicants for any type of grant or assistance, and applicants must supply all of the documentation requested by the agency. There are no guarantees that anyone will qualify.

If funds are available, the organization’s staff members direct clients to BAC services. On the other hand, if funds are not available or applicants are not eligible for programs, staff members may refer Denver residents to other community resources, such as low interest rate loans. All financial assistance is in the form of gift cards or direct payments to service providers.

Housing assistance is administered too. Individuals and lower income families who are struggling to make rent payments can call on the agency for help or referrals. The organization subsidizes rent expenses in an effort to prevent evictions and homelessness in Denver. Note, only clients residing within the 80120 ZIP code are eligible for this monetary aid. This service is available as homelessness prevention is a particularly effective way to break the cycle of poverty.




Help for utility bills is also available to assist qualified households afford the costs of water bills, heat and/or electricity. The agency has partnered with Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) to assist at-risk households in maintaining their utility service, and this is only for households in Littleton that possess a determination letter from their Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) application.

Broadway Assistance Center offers adult literacy courses. Low-income individuals and those looking for new skills can work toward obtaining their GED by attending free classes, which include training materials. The agency also pays the fees for any GED exams the student signs up for. Free financial literacy training is available as well. BAC collaborates with Bank of America, local credit counseling agencies and community organizations to offer these services.

Medical support can be arranged in Denver. The organization helps clients pay for identification documents, prescription drugs, equipment, and medical appointments and. When necessary, BAC refers people to other agencies or local hospitals to ensure that they access the services they need.

The agency is located at 1449 West Littleton Boulevard, Suite 100, Littleton, Colorado 80120. As noted, all funding is limited, but the center can be reached by phone at (303) 893-4108.




By Jon McNamara

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