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Assistance programs Jefferson County Kentucky and Louisville.

Struggling families, including low income or senior citizens, can get financial help from the charities, churches and government agencies. Organizations in Jefferson County Kentucky will offer free grant money to help with rent or free boxes of food along with medical care, money for utility bills, and even case management. Find how to apply for financial assistance near you in the Louisville KY area below.

There are also charities that give out free prescription drugs or help with medical needs, as listed below. Financial help may also be combined with free school supplies, gasoline vouchers, cars for work, and even give kids free Christmas toys. There are other social services in Jefferson County KY ranging from gasoline vouchers for work or clothes for adults or kids. The financial resources in the Louisville region are extensive.

Jefferson County community action grants to help pay bills

The Louisville Community Action organization provides Louisville and Jefferson County residents with a wide variety of immediate financial assistance. They have several offices around the area, but you can call them at (502) 574-4377 or 502.574.1157. Just a sampling of the programs offered to low and mid income income residents includes:

  • Energy or utility bill assistance: There are applications to federal government funds to help people with paying their utility cools, including summer cooling bills and winter heating bills. They provide fuel for the wintertime, including heating oil, kerosene, propane, and more. Or get light bill payment help in Louisville KY.
  • Weatherization: The federal government free weatherization program is managed by the Jefferson County - Louisville Louisville Community Action group. This program will install energy saving improvements into a families home. Some of the upgrades that could be performed include repairing or replacing inefficient heating systems, installing additional insulation, grants to pay for windows and other updates. Learn more on how to get free windows.
  • Help with debt and counseling: The local Community Action organization will also helps individuals and families with stabilizing their finances through asset building programs such as budgeting, financial counseling, debt relief assistance programs, and more. Read more on help with debts.




  • Job training and employment services: They work closely with families to help them find employment and also to acquire skills needed to be successful at their job. Especially in an evolving economy the latest job skills, such as coding, high tech manufacturing, etc/ are key to long term success.
  • Groceries and food: Some free food can be provided from this office every now and then. However they do have details on dozens of local Jefferson County food banks that operate year round and offer help to anyone who needs it.
  • Homeless prevention services: This ranges from referrals to emergency rental programs, landlord and tenant mediation as well as other eviction prevention resources in Jefferson County. There may also be the availability of regional low interest loan programs. The currently homeless in Louisville can get access to transitional shelters from LMCAP partners or funds for paying security deposits on a new apartment.
  • LIHEAP Crisis and Subsidy program is available at the Louisville Metro Community Action’s Agency. The federal government funded LIHEAP programs provides free grant money as a form of heating and utility assistance to low to middle income residents across the area.
    The benefit amount that a household receives is based on its household income and the type of fuel used for its heating service. This program is in effect beginning in November of each year, but there may be summer AC bills help too. It is mainly targeted at people who have a disconnection notice, or who are behind on their bills. More details on KY LIHEAP for the low-income.
  • Summer Heat Relief Program: This assistance program, which is also offered by the community action agency, will provide free air conditioners and/or fans to low income individuals whose health would deteriorate without air conditioning during the hot summer months. Those people who apply and who do not meet the criteria for provision of an air conditioner may be able to receive a fan in place of the air conditioning unit.
  • Transportation assistance - Community action helps low-income families and people with no or low credit get a car for a job. Or fix an existing vehicle. The goal is to ensure a vehicle is offered to help get self-sufficiency, and repairs or new autos are a focus. More on organizations that give free car repairs.





This is just a sampling of what they offer to people in need. The main office is located at 810 Barret Avenue in Louisville, but there are multiple locations. Click more Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership assistance programs.

Locate financial help with paying bills and expenses in Jefferson County KY

Operation Care, Inc. is a non-profit charity organization that offers women and children emergency assistance for bills, including in Jefferson County. There is help for single mothers in Jefferson County KY as well as pregnant women. Resources include transitional shelter, free food, clothing, diapers or formula. Or get free health and medical attention. Dial 502-633-1965.

Call the Salvation Army Louisville Area Command at 502-671-4900. This agency provides housing assistance include a homeless shelter, rent and electric bill help. There is also free food, clothing, funds for utility bills and other essential services to families in need of help.

  • The charity organization also offers assistance programs to help youth in Louisville, who need the support the most, to realize their potential and long term goals. Another specialty is on offering holiday assistance, including free Christmas meals, toys and gifts. Or find free school supplies for students from K to 12. Continue with Louisville and Jefferson County Salvation Army.

Bethlehem Baptist Special Ministries (Dare to Care) may have medication in a life threatening condition. Other aid includes financial support for paying utilities, rent, or a mortgage payment. There are vouchers for cancer meds, ADHD and depression too. The non-profit is at 5708 Preston Hwy, Louisville, Kentucky 40219. Call (502) 964-4384.Financial help Jefferson County KY

Eastern Area Community Ministries provides coverage to eastern Jefferson County. Emergency financial help includes free clothing, food, rental help, medications, and funds for paying electric or cooling bills. A crisis program may have free motel vouchers or emergency funds to pay a security deposit. Provides individuals with help in obtaining the so called basic necessities of life, such as free food, shelter, rent help, transportation to those in need. There may be bus passes, work attire or supplies for kids.

  • Seasonal support in Louisville can include free school supplies or holiday help from the Dare to Care Distribution pantry. Budget and debt counseling may also be offered, but all services depend on money raised from the community to keep the EACM charity operating. Call (502) 426-2824, or find emergency aid from Eastern Area Community Ministries.

Fern Creek / Highview United Ministries administers emergency assistance programs. This can be for paying utility bills, rent, prescriptions, and maybe a portion of a home loan. Free food, clothing and personal items may be passed out as well in Jefferson County, including feminine products or samples in the mail. The main office is at 9300 Beulah Church Road, Louisville, KY 40291. Call (502) 762-9611, or look here for free samples from a company.




House Of Ruth is for HIV patients and their families. Assistance includes emergency food vouchers, money for paying rent or utilities, public transportation tickets, and more. Telephone number - (502) 587-5080.

Louisville area families that are struggling can learn about government and charitable grants too. there are many out there. Non-profits can go over the application process. Or learn how to find grants.

  • Loans can be used as well, including for borrowers with poor credit  While never the best options, there are car title - auto loans, cash checking stores, and other options. There are some lower rate title loan companies too, and look here for car title loans for bad credit borrowers.

Louisville Water Company provides assistance to customers who are in an emergency. They provide support across Jefferson County Kentucky. The CAP program is a available from the company as well as regional community action agencies.

  • Vouchers as well as direct financial assistance may be available for paying a portion of a water bill. There are also relief programs, payment plans and other help with water or sewer bills. All aid requires participation from the applicant. More on Louisville water bill assistance.

Community Based Services, Family Support Division - Jefferson County partners with community action agencies. Government grants can be used to help paying heating bills. Additional assistance can be used to repair heating and cooling systems, including AC units. While more limited, the government organization also offers assistance with paying for summer cooling and air conditioning bills when funds are available.

  • The Jefferson County offices of Kentucky Department of Community Based Services run the Low-income Heating Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This will help repair heating or cooling systems, provide grants to pay utility bills, and can even help with summer cooling costs. Other government programs include TANF cash assistance, SSDI disability application, food stamps and more. Free government cash is offered too from the TANF program, which helps the very low income. Apply for TANF money from the government.

Free fans or air conditions may be offered for the elderly or sick. Call (800) 456-3452. Free fans or air conditioners may be passed out as well in Jefferson County Kentucky, in particular to the sick and seniors. 908 W Broadway, L & N Building, Louisville, KY 40203. Main phone (800) 456-3452.

Baptist Fellowship Center - May be able to offer limited financial assistance for bills and housing expenses, as well as food, for residents of Parkland Kentucky and zip code 40211. Mortgage help, funds to pay lot rent, and more is offered . Call (502) 774-2734

Help Ministries of Louisville Kentucky - Central Louisville - This charity serves the zip codes of 40202, 40203, and 40208. Among programs offered include free Clothes or Food Vouchers. There is also Utility Assistance, Prescription Expense Assistance, Rent Help, and general counseling. Or get a free gas card, clothes for work, or even furniture vouchers in Jefferson County. Dial (502) 587-1999  The address is 809 S 4th St, Louisville, KY 40203.

Ministries United of South Central Louisville - Helps families and individuals of zip codes in 40213, 40217, 40219 (east of I-65), and 40229. Financial assistance for rent, moving or a deposit and other bills may be offered. Call them for referrals to community clinics as well. Also from time to time may have free food, clothing, diapers, and other non-financial aid. The main number is (502) 363-9087. The center is at 1207 Hart Ave, Louisville, KY 40213.







Mabel Wiggins Center is a member of the Metro Community Services and Revitalization. They offer emergency financial assistance to pay a mortgage, make a rent payment, utility bill, or security deposit. They also work with Neighborhood Places to provide free food, referrals, as well as information on public aid and loan programs. Address is 1411 Algonquin Pkwy, Mabel Wiggins Center, Louisville, Kentucky 40210. Telephone (502) 634-6050

Society of St. Vincent DePaul - Numerous programs are offered, including diapers, funds for utility bills, rent assistance, medical prescription assistance, housing support, free food and groceries, and much more. Services offered include Mortgage Payment Assistance as well as free Food Vouchers. There are applications to Medicaid as well as free dental care.

Local Ministries in Jefferson County KY help residents in those parts of the county or city. They provide everything from free stuff such as clothes, groceries or food to financial help for bills, such as power, light, or electric. There is also general basic medical care, transportation services and rides too for local travel, such as for disabled people. Look here for more details on disability transportation services for free.

  • West Louisville Community Ministries - This charity organization covers the zip codes of 40210, 40211, 40203 and 40208 in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Financial assistance is offered, as well as food from Wheels on Meals. Get emergency and crisis aid. Funding is always limited. Call (502) 409-7371.
  • Southwest Community Ministry, which is based in Louisville, provides assistance, resources, and services for families and individuals who live in zip codes 40258 and 40272 of Louisville in Jefferson Co, KY and they even have some services for parts of 40177 of West Point in Hardin Co, KY. Phone (502) 935-0310
  • Jeffersontown Area Ministries – Can offer limited financial assistance and advice to residents of Fisherville (zip code 40023) and Jeffersontown (zip code 40299) Kentucky. Provides food, clothing, and other forms of support. They also arrange case management for struggling families or single adults too. The address is 10617 Taylorsville Rd, Jeffersontown, Kentucky 40299. Phone (502) 267-1055.
  • South Louisville Community Ministries Inc. - This non-profit provides information and support. When it comes to financial aid for bills, rent, and other expenses they can refer people to state of Kentucky and federal government programs. They also partner with a wide variety of local non-profits and charities in the Jefferson County Kentucky area. They also partner with Section 8 housing programs. Read more on Section 8 housing, or call 502-361-7763
  • Fairdale Area Community Ministries - Provides financial help to people who live in zip codes codes 40118 and 40219. Get help with rent, utility bills, gas or car repairs and medical assistance. The main number is 502-367-9519 or (502) 367-9519
  • Shively Area Ministries – Only residents of Shively (zip code 40216) can apply for help. The main office is at 4415 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40216, phone (502) 447-4330
  • Highlands Community Ministries - Programs help people in 40204 and 40205. Free groceries, baby wipes, money for a gas bills and vouchers are provided. Call (502) 451-3626. The location is 1140 Cherokee Rd, Louisville, KY 40204.





  • Louisville Metro Human Ministries - Provides help for people who have no income or individuals who are in the midst of a financial crisis. Programs include Food Pantries for groceries, personal toiletries and other stuff. Or get free Food Vouchers, and other Emergency Financial Assistance for the unemployed, disabled adults or elderly. Call (502) 574-5050
  • East Louisville Community Ministry – Very low income and people in poverty can apply for Financial Assistance. Or get free Clothing or Food as well as access to free Medical, Dental, Vision and Health Care. There may also be grants for utility bill or Rent Payments. Location is 417 E Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky 40202. Call (502) 426-2824 or (502) 561-0722
  • St. Matthews Area Ministries has a screening an application process. The non-profit offers immediate financial assistance for basic needs. Services provided include a free box of groceries, bill paying programs, and assistance with finding employment or attending training. They help low-income families, the homeless and poor in Jefferson County. The charity is at 319 Browns Ln, Louisville, KY 40207. Call (502) 893-5704 for intake.

Volunteers of America, Louisville. Call (502) 568-1437. They offer housing assistance, with a focus on eviction prevention. Get help with rent, first months rent, and other housing counseling and support. More details on Kentucky Volunteers of America.

Jefferson County and Louisville Non-Profits and Charities: Some of the other churches, ministries, community centers, and non-profit agencies that operate in the area, as well as the zip codes they cover, include the following. Most offer some or all of the following services, including free food, help with rent, energy and utility bill assistance, mortgage payment aid, referrals to community clinics, and more.

  • Neighborhood Place, South Central - Focuses on the southern part of Louisville and Jefferson County Kentucky, including zip codes of 40208, 40209, 40213, 40214, 40215, 40258, and 40272. Call (502) 485-7130
  • Neighborhood Place, Ujima - Zip code 40211. Phone number (502) 485-6710
  • Fern Creek, Highview United. Phone (502) 762-9608. Zip codes of 40228 and 40291.
  • Neighborhood Place South Jefferson - Call (502) 485-7310. Serves zip codes of 40228, 40272 and the portions of 40177 and 40229
  • Fairdale Neighborhood Place, South Jefferson - Services are available for people in zip codes of 40118, 40228, 40272 and the portions of 40177 and 40229. Get temporary financial assistance, food, access to Medicaid, and other aid. Dial 502-363-1424. The location is at 1000 Neighborhood Pl, Fairdale, KY 40118
  • Southeast Associated Ministries - Assistance Programs and resources are for residents of the following areas, including Hikes Point, Buechel, and Newburg (zip codes 40218 and 40220). Call (502) 499-2059
  • Neighborhood Place, First - Zip codes of 40213, 40218 and 40219. Phone (502) 962-3160

Jefferson County Volunteers of America of Kentucky - Offers either loans or one-time rental assistance to families facing eviction, with a focus on veterans and military members. This aid is for those that reside in low income apartments, including units managed by the Housing Authority of Louisville. Other resources include Housing Opportunities for Persons with Aids, or HOPWA. Address is 410 W Chestnut Street in Louisville, KY 40202. Dial (502) 568-1438 for intake or (502) 634-0656 or (502) 636-0771




Rehousing and eviction prevention services help families living in poverty that are facing homelessness. Money from the government and non-profits provides housing solutions. Qualified applicants may receive funds for utility bills (including water), rent, a security deposit on a new low cost apartment and more.

  • The assistance is combined with intensive case management. A low income family from Jefferson County will be given access to tools they need to get back on track, such as educational support, the use of a computer for searching employment, and budgeting classes. All of this can stop an episode of homelessness. More information on homeless prevention in Jefferson county Kentucky.

Ministries of Christians has a free pantry and soup kitchen. The charity also operates as a Dare-to-Care emergency food and USDA commodities distribution site, including with free bread, government cheese, dairy and more.

  • Financial help may be available for paying rent, obtaining prescription drugs, mortgages, or a deposit for the currently homeless. Other programs include referrals and personal hygiene items. They are located at 1111 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40203 and can be reached at (502) 589-3454.

LMHA Housing Authority - Services are mostly for very low income families in Louisville and the county. They operate public housing, administer section 8 housing (when the waiting list has been fulfilled), and oversee other housing programs. There is also FREE, home buying loans, and no-wait list apartments in Lousville. Continue with Louisville Metro Housing Authority.

Neighborhood Place - Louisville Metro Human Services, Extended Care Services – Programs for the disabled include Case/Care Management, immediate Financial help for low-income households, or Utility Bill Help. There is also assistance for medical needs, whether home care or medications that may be needed. Locate other programs for free prescription drugs.

  • Human Services also coordinate housing resources including Rent and Mortgage payment help, including in a crisis.
  • Or get applications to government benefits in Jefferson County KY, such as Medicaid, LIHEAP or SNAP Food, and more. There are also free food, formula, and groceries and they include USDA benefits and WIC. Or even find information on what you can buy with EBT.
  • Assistance programs also include free Health Screening/Diagnostic Services as well as general Family Support Center/Outreach
  • They also help with employment needs, including for getting a GED or other certification needed for a job.

Other resources including utility and cooling bill help, affordable child care, rent, medications, and more. There are multiple sites. Address is 1411 Algonquin Pkwy, Louisville, Kentucky 40210. Call (502) 634-6050. Continue with public assistance Jefferson County..

Urban League supports Jefferson County and Louisville. Resources include utility bill help from Winterhelp, Inc.. There are also referrals to rental assistance and eviction prevention, and free mortgage counseling. Employment programs are offered from the Louisville Center for Workforce Development and they also offer credit counseling, information on loans and banking products. Click Louisville Kentucky Urban League programs.







Catholic Charities has locations across Jefferson County. Programs include emergency financial assistance for basic needs including medications, clothes, food, rent, and utility bills. Several resources can help senior citizens, including transportation, hot meals, and the Driver Export program. Other services in the Louisville region include legal aid, referrals, and information on state and government programs. They also help immigrants in Louisville KY and women facing DV. Read more on Jefferson County Kentucky Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Financial assistance in a crisis - A number of social services and government funded programs can help Jefferson County Kentucky families deal with an emergency situation. The best place to get information or to apply for help may be your local Neighborhood Place. Find cash assistance and grants for paying rent, electric bills, vouchers for food and medications, and more. Locate additional Jefferson County Kentucky emergency programs.

Funds for paying rent are available from many non-profits. The agencies help address housing needs. Grants or funds raised from the county can be used for security deposits or to pay back rent for stopping evictions, or transitional housing is available in Jefferson County. Get a listing of Jefferson County and Louisville rent assistance.

  • Louisville area shelters and short term housing is for very low income residents and people facing poverty. Clients who use the centers will be able to receive guidance from staff on overcoming any challenges that lead to their hardship. The transitional housing may lead to placement into a new, affordable home or low income apartment as well in the region. More details on Jefferson County transitional housing.

Assistance from churches and/or community centers - The following may have limited financial assistance for bills and/or rent. Food, clothing, and other support can be arranged as well. Referrals for government programs and charities can be provided too. They do serve a limited area.

  • Sister Visitor Center –2235 W Market St, Louisville, KY 40212. Dial (502) 776-0155.
  • South East Associated Ministries, 6500 Six Mile Ln Ste A, Louisville, (502) 499-2059.
  • Walnut Street Church Christian Social Ministries, 1111 S 3rd St Ste A, Louisville, Kentucky (502) 589-3454.
  • United Crescent Hill Ministries, 150 S State St, Louisville, (502) 893-0346

Senior assistance and elderly programs are offered in Louisville. Contact Agency on Aging and Disabled (phone (502) 574-5092 or 502-585-9949), which provides seniors with financial management. There is home care, support for the elderly, and help for bills. Or learn about guardianship, information on government programs, and adult day health services to seniors and others at risk.

Get help from lawyers, pro-bono attorneys and free legal advice. Legal Aid Society, Inc. (phone 502-584-1254) is a free, non-profit in Louisville. The organization offers consults and representation to low income and elderly clients who meet poverty guidelines.

  • Struggling families can meet with an attorney for free, in person or over the phone, though there is often a waiting list. Jefferson County residents can get help with rent evictions, foreclosures, domestic violence, and other civil cases. There is also attorneys that help with domestic disputes, will creation and more. The location is 416 W Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, KY 40202

Free items and vouchers for the low-income

Free food - A number of pantries provide groceries, canned items, baby formula, and more to the low income and anyone that needs help in Jefferson County. There are also some local charities that will offer free Christmas meals and even home delivery of items for seniors too. Read more Jefferson County food banks.

  • Free hot meals are offered from soup kitchens, charities and churches. There is hot food for the homeless or anyone who is facing hunger. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is offered, and look here breakfast meal for free.

Free household goods, clothes, furniture and other items are provided by free furniture banks, thrift stores, clothing banks and other non-profits. These centers in Jefferson County Kentucky rely on donations from the community. When possible vouchers for free items may be passed out. Or clients may receive clothing, school supplies, or Christmas gifts and toys. Click more information on free clothes, furniture and clothing closets in Louisville area.

Free help for holidays from charities - Families looking for a free meal or a gift for a child at Christmas have agencies they can contact. There may also be Thanksgiving food baskets and meals served in Jefferson County as well as Easter baskets. Find assistance at holidays in Jefferson County.

Free help for holidays from charities - Families looking for a free meal or a gift for a child at Christmas have agencies they can contact. There may also be Thanksgiving food baskets and meals served in Jefferson County as well as Easter baskets. Find assistance at holidays in Jefferson County.

Free community health clinics in Jefferson County KY

Family Health Centers - Many locations are located around Louisville as well as the greater Jefferson County Kentucky area. Various medical and health care services are offered, and the clinics accept insurance including Medicaid/Medicare, Passport, and Private Commercial Insurance.

  • In addition, families, individuals and patients without health insurance will be charged for their medical bills based on a sliding fee scale based on their household income and family size. Or learn about sources of free government health insurance policies. Call (502) 772-8860. The center is at 4805 Southside Dr, Louisville, KY 40214.





Park Duvalle Community Health Center - Phone (502) 774-4401. Offers eye care, health care, check ups, blood work, medications, nutrition, and other medical care.  Get vaccinations, STD checks, meds and more. Address is 3015 Wilson Ave, Louisville, KY 40211.

Presbyterian Community Center -Offers medical care on a sliding fee scale, and also accepts passport, Medicare, Medicaid as government insurance. Call (502) 584-0201

UL Health Care is another local community medical clinic. Dial (502) 561-8850. Physicals, free medications to the low income, and other health services are available. Also, get information on health care centers and clinics. There are more national and local options. Find details on all free clinics.

Find information on additional clinics and free health centers to call for help in the greater Louisville Kentucky area. The centers can provide medications, check ups, referrals, and a wide variety of other free health care to qualified individuals and families. Call a clinic near you. Locate more Jefferson Kentucky free community health clinics.

Credit counseling or repair, debt relief and foreclosure assistance

The following agencies provide some or all of the following services. Call the agency to learn more, and to learn about how the free or low cost counseling may be able to assist you. There is Free Foreclosure Prevention Services or help with credit cards or car loans. Counselors offer general Debt Reduction programs as well as Referral to Government Grants. Or access Mortgage Delinquency and Default Counseling, Medical Bill Assistance, or title loan payment help.

  • Louisville Urban League - (502) 566-3362 or (502) 585-4622
  • Consumer Credit Counseling / Apprisen - (502) 458-8840
  • Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership - Dial (502) 574-1157 or (502) 574-4377
  • Louisville, as well as Jefferson County, has created a foreclosure prevention program that ensure that lenders and homeowners meet before the foreclosure process can be finalized. Mediation also needs to occur so that the parties can try to work out a deal. Find details on foreclosure prevention program.

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