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Jefferson County Kentucky emergency assistance.

Louisville and Jefferson County Kentucky families can get emergency financial assistance and referrals to government programs and resources. Your local Neighborhood Place center as well as the government funded Temporary and Extended Emergency Financial Assistance program are the two primary options for receiving help with rent, housing, utility bills, and other aid.

Jefferson County Kentucky Emergency Financial Assistance

This Metro Government funded program can offer qualified low income people help with rent, utility bills or even mortgage assistance. The Temporary and Extended Emergency Financial Assistance program was created to help low income people who are faced with an emergency or crisis situation. Grants and funds can provide shelter, pay for housing, and give money for paying energy bills. Aid is usually prioritized for the lowest income Jefferson County Kentucky individuals.

Some examples of a crisis which may qualify for emergency financial assistance includes the following. If someone losses a job unexpectedly or has a loss of income and financial support due separation, death, desertion, or domestic violence by the primary wage earner then they may qualify. A medical emergency or illness that may be pending SSI also qualifies.

To apply for the program, you need to apply at your local Neighborhood Place. The locations are closely linked with non-profit agencies, local schools, and government organizations. The centers provide community residents a single access point to a wide array of services and resources where they live, and offices are located across Louisville and Jefferson County Kentucky.

However, if for some reason you can’t make it to a center or are faced with an emergency that prevents you from going to a center, then you can apply over the phone. Dial 574-8035 to apply for financial assistance.

The Neighborhood Places in Jefferson County Kentucky serve as the community’s primary source for providing low income families and individuals with the federal, state, and local public and government benefits that they need to promote family safety and stability. Case managers will help people learn about and apply for emergency financial assistance for paying bills, such as utility and water. Also learn about housing programs for your rent and mortgage payments. Other social services like LIHEAP and food stamps can be administered too. The centers have specialists that are focused on moving families beyond basic support, providing self-sufficiency, and moving people up the economic ladder to long term success.





Metro Human Services of Jefferson County is also committed to helping families become self-sufficient. They want to build a foundation for low income people to grow upon, and county social workers will partner with staff from each of the Neighborhood Place sites.

Case workers will participate actively in the process to ensure that information around resources and government assistance is disseminated effectively. Staff will work directly with families and individuals to assess the needs of low income families, and individuals will help move them toward the development of a better bottom line and improved financial condition. They will do this by helping to refer people to assets and provide them incentives, and they will bundle them to provide support for the needy.

In order to get financial assistance, and to get on the path to self-sufficiency, several program requirements need to be met. They include the entire family will need to participate in the service planning process and case management. Families will be able to guide their pace of case management needs based upon their financial needs, identified barriers to economic stability, and access to financial services and public assistance.

After the case management is complete, clients of the Neighborhood Places in Kentucky will be referred to community based organizations and government assistance programs that build financial assets as well as address any immediate familial needs. Immediate family needs that can be addressed include help for rent, utilities, medical services, and more. Resources are offered in both Jefferson County and the city of Louisville.




Assistance is offered in a collaborative way. Social workers utilize Family Team Meetings that include a network of non-profit partner agencies, government resources and community based organizations. They will partner together to provide emergency help for bills and basic needs. They will also promote family self-sufficiency using a strength based/solution focused model. Low income qualified families will be assessed by a case manager for their eligibility for a number of services which can be offered through the Neighborhood Place centers. If you are fond to be qualified, families and low income individuals will be linked to a myriad of temporary financial assistance resources and emergency programs that operate in Jefferson County.

To find a Neighborhood Place near you, dial 502-363-1424 or 502-485-6810.


By Jon McNamara

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