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Jefferson County Kentucky eviction prevention assistance.

Eviction assistance in Jefferson County Kentucky offers low income tenants a variety of services. There is support for people of all backgrounds, races, and ages. Help is available for single mothers, veterans, minorities, senior citizens, and the disabled among others.

Anyone with a pay or quit, or eviction notice, from their landlord needs to immediately seek help. Of course in an ideal world they would have requested support before they missed any rent payments as that will offer them the most time, and therefore chance for success. However the point being is to never wait to ask for help.

Programs to stop evictions in Louisville and the county

The process involved will vary from agency to agency. It also depends on the applicant's exact financial condition as well as how early they asked for help. As noted, the earlier that the homeless prevention services are requested, the greater the tenants chance to receiving some sort of support.

When a family falls into arrears on either their rent or energy bills (including electric, water, deposits, or heating) this will allow a agency in Jefferson County time to help them apply for both a grant as well as explore other options. If their home is no longer affordable (either due to a change in their financial situation or increase in their monthly rent) then rehousing may also be explored.

The process will also involve case management. The client will go over topics ranging from budgeting to increasing their income. One of the non-profits that offers these eviction prevention programs may help the tenant find a part time job to supplement their income, or a single parent can receive help in applying for a child care voucher so they can offset their expenses. Other public aid can also be applied to as well, which will free up the family's income for paying their rent.

Not that income conditions are in place for federal government grant programs. There must also be proof of disability (if relevant), and proof of homelessness is applying for a security deposit or emergency housing. Other documentation may also be needed in Jefferson County, depending on the exact situation.




Once an eviction letter has been given to the Jefferson County tenant, a non-profit can review this. In this case, free legal aid and/or representation may be used. There are many instances in which a landlord is either trying to force out a renter illegally, or even if it is a legal eviction, a possible solution may be mediation or the individual entering into a payment plan.

Pro-bono law firms in Jefferson County focus on solving the housing crisis. They provide information on state of Kentucky laws and also help those families facing eviction. If the applicant is a senior, they can get get help regardless of their income levels. Other individuals, such as single parents, will need to meet the income limits that are in place. If qualified, an attorney or paralegal will review the case and provide assistance.

Rapid rehousing is also part of the homeless prevention programs in Jefferson County Kentucky. There are a few different type of potential applicants for this, as follows.

  • Families that were just evicted can benefit.
  • The chronically homeless may enroll as the start of the path to long term housing stability.
  • Anyone that needs financial help for paying security deposits.
  • Louisville individuals under specific situations, such as victims of domestic violence, veterans, runaway teenagers, or immigrants may also apply.

In Jefferson County, rapid rehousing will normally involve the individual being placed into a shelter/transitional housing unit in the area. In the small number of cases in which there is no capacity, or if there are other criteria met, a motel voucher may be given.

During the stay in this temporary housing unit, the individual will be enrolled into intensive case management. The long term goal is to prevent a pattern of homelessness. The client will learn about budgeting, gain work and IT skills, legal rights when it comes to an eviction, and improve their credit. If (and when) these goals are met, rehousing will continue to the final stages.

The last part involves both seeking a new low income apartment in Louisville or Jefferson County. Staff will help them find a home, or even apply for section 8 waiting lists. When a property has been located, applications can be submitted to various HUD programs to help pay for security deposits or first month's rent as well.

For more information on these or other programs, the main Louisville intake number is (502) 574-4377. Callers may be referred to another agency, but tenants threatened with an eviction or that are currently homeless can start there.



By Jon McNamara

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