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Rent assistance Jefferson County Kentucky and Louisville.

If you need rent assistance in Louisville and Jefferson County Kentucky, find programs that can help low income families. The government offers emergency financial help to stop evictions and to rehouse the homeless that are stable. There are also churches and charities in Louisville KY near you, listed below, to call for rent or security deposit help or also free legal aid for representation in housing court.

Agencies that help with paying rent in Jefferson County KY

The city of Louisville has several grant based rental assistance programs. Low-income tenants can get help with paying back rent, deposits, storage expenses and more. They also administer the ESG Rapid-rehousing program, partner with Continuum of Care housing agencies and offer other support services. Some of the resources (primarily the emergency rental and utility assistance programs) are operated in partnership with Neighborhood Places across the city. Others are offered through the Homeless Single Point of Entry case management process.

  • Rent assistance, energy payment assistance, and/or shelter is provided to those Jefferson County Kentucky families and individuals that meet the program eligibility guidelines as determined by an initial screening. While there are income criteria that need to be met by an applicant, the Emergency Grant Assistance program was created to assist those tenants facing eviction and the homeless. Government grants can help pay rent and other housing expenses such as security deposits, moving costs, and energy bills. Rehousing, such as funds to pay first month’s rent, may also be available in Louisville Kentucky.
  • Financial assistance as well as case management is provided to the clients in to stabilize their housing situation. While the criteria can vary, in general emergency rent grants or rehousing can help those households with low income or assets. The total amount of assistance offered will vary.

To apply for rent help from the Louisville resources, contact your local Neighborhood Place in order to apply for assistance. Or you can call 574-5000 if unable to make it to a local center. Or try the Homeless Single Point of Entry phone number at (502) 637-2337 for other low income housing resources, emergency rent help, free motel vouchers, or other support.




Central Louisville Community Ministries offers programs for people in the zip codes of 40202, 40203, and 40208 from their office at 809 South 4th Street, Louisville, KY 40203. Various homeless services, low income housing, rent programs, and other financial aid is offered. Call (502) 587-1999.

Neighborhood Places are located across Louisville and Jefferson County. They offer emergency rent assistance, food, furniture vouchers, and many other social services for the region where they are based. They try to process immediate rent and/or utility bill assistance (or other aid) to stop homelessness and hunger. The working poor, elderly, disabled, single moms and others often use the locations for support.  Each office has has information on government rental subsidies, shelter section 8 vouchers, and other government grant programs.

  • South Jefferson Neighborhood Place is at 10200 Dixie Highway, Valley Traditional High School, Louisville, KY 40272. Call (502) 485-7310.
  • Another center in the southern part of the county is at 1000 Neighborhood Pl, Fairdale, Kentucky 40118. Dial (502) 363-1424 for case management, information on subsidized housing, rent grants and more.
  • South Central Neighborhood Place is at 4255 Hazelwood Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40215. To speak to a case worker on rent, utility bill help, free motel vouchers or other support, dial (502) 485-7130
  • UJIMA Neighborhood Place is at 3610 Bohne Avenue, Louisville, KY 40211 .Dial (502) 485-6710 if you live in zip code of 40211. There may be financial help including for rent or shelter type costs.
  • Another office is at 1503 Range Land Road, Louisville, KY 40219. Phone - (502) 313-4700

Louisville Metro Resilience and Community Services focuses on adults (and/or a household) with a disabled person. Get rent help, information on applying for SSI or medical, supportive housing for mobility, and even learn about priority section 8 vouchers for the disabled. The office is at 701 West Ormsby Avenue, Louisville, KY 40203. Call (502) 574-5050, or find other housing for people with a disability.

New Directions Housing Corporation, phone 502-589-2272, is a non-profit is that can offer lower income housing assistance and support services in the Louisville Metro area.





Society Of St Vincent De Paul has referrals to low income apartments, emergency rental assistance, and other support. Volunteers provide referrals to loan or grant programs to pay a security deposit fee or rent. Dial (502) 584-2480 for information. There is also a low cost thrift store that tenants can use to get affordable furniture for their home or apartment, and the address is 1015-C South Preston Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203.

United Crescent Hills Ministries covers the areas of Crescent Hill, Clifton and Clifton Heights. Rent assistance, food, loans for bills, moving assistance and more is from 150 South State Street, Louisville, KY 40206. They only cover that zip codes. Call (502) 893-0346

The zip codes of 40222, 40223, 40241, 40242, 40243, 40245, 40027, 40018, and 40059 in Jefferson County Kentucky can get rent and other help from Easter Area Community Ministries. Dial (502) 426-2824

West Louisville Community Ministries - Dial this non-profit at (502) 778-2815. Small dollar amounts may be offered for bills, including housing, internet access or gasoline (for work), back rent, and more. Case workers and volunteers also try to rehouse the homeless, the poor, and unemployed, and help children and single moms access food, rent programs and affordable housing. Location is  3146 W Broadway, Louisville Kentucky 40211.

Volunteers of America of Louisville focuses on veterans and the elderly as well as the currently homeless. Whether rent help, placement into permanent/affordable housing, job programs, financial planning or more, VOA of Jefferson County tries to assist. The address is 1321 South Preston Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40208. They are part of the Coalition for the homeless. Dial (502) 637-2337 for the entry system - information on financial assistance, including for rent payments to stop homelessness, SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) for grants and other aid.

Southwest Community Ministries, dial (502) 935-0310, can provide help with rent for residents of zip codes 40258, 40177 and 40272 of Louisville in Jefferson County. the office is at 8504 Terry Road, Louisville, KY 40258.

Walnut Street Church Christian Social Ministries, dial (502) 589-3454. Rental, utility, and food assistance is administered for residents of Old Louisville.




Salvation Army Louisville Area Command of Jefferson County provides rent assistance, shelter, free motel or hotel vouchers, free food, clothing and other resources. The non-profit charity may coordinate housing critical and essential services to families in need. A major focus on any rental assistance (which is partial payments) will be to sop the eviction. Call 502-671-4900

Presbyterian Community Center offers housing assistance, funds for rent, and energy bill help, among other programs. (502) 584-0201.

Catholic Charities of Louisville supports the poor, immigrants, non-English speakers and others with basic needs, including funds for a portion of rental arrears, mortgage payment assistance, electric help and more. There is also the Sister Visitor Center, of which Many single mothers, teenage moms, and women receive temporary housing and/or emergency rent grants from the charity. The main church is at 2235 West Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40212. For information, dial (502) 776-0155.

St Matthews Area Ministries and the EA program assist the less fortunate. It is to solve an immediate crisis, and thus emergency rental assistance, deposit help, eviction prevention and more is offered. Location is 201 Biltmore Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40207. Phone (502) 893-5704

Shively Area Ministries (address 4415 Dixie Highway, Louisville, KY 40216) is for people in the zip code of 40216. Financial assistance form this charity can address housing basic needs (utilities, rent, mortgages, water, etc.). Call (502) 447-4330. It is one time crisis help, such as someone struggling to pay rent due to medical issues or violence.

Coalition for the Homeless is a great place to call for information and referrals to emergency funds for rent. Dial 502 589-0190. This non-profit serves as an umbrella organization for the Louisville Kentucky area region. They have information on emergency rent assistance programs, shelters and agencies that serve low income people and those who may be experiencing homelessness. Learn bout ESG grants, HUD VASH or Supportive Services for Veteran Families for service members, and more.

MUSCL Ministries of South central Louisville helps families living near poverty from this area. Housing programs (including grants for rent or deposits) is combined with furniture, energy bill help, and more. Call (502) 363-9087 for information on rental needs or low income housing. They are based at 1207 Hart Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213, and support families and residents of 40213, 40217, 40219, and 40229 zip codes.

Fairdale Area Community Ministries - For those that qualify, there may be one time per year rental assistance, funds for paying a mortgage, and other housing support. (502) 367-9519

Highlands Community Ministries  provides basic needs, loans, grants, and applications to free government money, all of which can pay moving expenses, first months or back rent, utility connection fees and more. The charity only support the zip codes of 40205 and 40204, and relies on donations and volunteers. Address is 1228 East Breckinridge Street, Louisville, KY 40204. Call (502) 451-3695. Or donate money, furniture, or time to help the poor, destitute, and homeless.







Jeffersontown Area Ministries - May have limited grants to pay for a portion of rent or a security deposit. At most $100 is offered to low income families or seniors. In some cases, a loan may be issued for rental expenses. The office is at 10617 Taylorsville Road. Call (502) 267-1055.

Baptist Fellowship Center - The church can help working poor and qualified low income residents in Jefferson County. Funds for rent and eviction prevention may be offered. Telephone - (502) 774-2734.

United Crescent Hill Ministries of Louisville is another charity that may have emergency financial aid. Mortgages, medications, rent, and other expenses may be addressed. Phone - (502) 893-0346.

Operation Care, Inc. Focuses on women and children, including single parents. The charity offers women and children emergency financial assistance, including shelter, food, and other support such as short term housing. Call the charity at 502-633-1965.

Louisville Metro Housing Authority operates the federal government section 8 housing choice voucher program, the priority review, as well as public housing. The low income, elderly, disabled, and veterans often benefit from the rent/income subsidized homes and apartments. There is also FSS (Family Self-Sufficiency), home buying advice, counseling and more.

  • Apply for section 8, or get details on waiting list or vouchers when open at 600 South Seventh Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203. Call (502) 569-6060.
  • Public Housing details, including supportive units, that information is at 420 South Eighth Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203. Call (502) 569-3400.Rent assistance Louisville KY region

Shivley Area Ministries only helps people from that part of Jefferson County. There may be one time rent or mortgage help from the church based group or free vouchers for motel rooms. A focus is on women and the vulnerable, or find additional programs that provide help with rent for single mothers. The office is at 4415 Dixie Highway, Louisville, Kentucky 40216. Call (502) 447-4330

House of Ruth provides assistance to HIV or AIDs impacted families only. They can provide rent help for children and single-parent homeless families and those on the verge of eviction, as long as they are impacted by this. The address is 607 East St Catherine Street in Louisville, or call (502) 587-5080.

Jefferson County community services housing assistance division coordinates many programs to stop evictions. ESG (Emergency Solution Grants) can assist with rental expenses, the non-profit Continuum of Care coordinates motel vouchers and emergency housings, and low income families can also get security deposit help. Clients of all backgrounds, the disabled, and senior citizens among others can get help with their rent. Find eviction help in Jefferson County Kentucky.

South Louisville Community Ministries has everything from a homeless shelter to programs that help with rent for tenants with an eviction or pay or quit notice. The location at 415 West Ashland Avenue, Louisville, KY 40214 is a faith based, non-judgmental charity. They try to meet immediate needs around housing, rent or utility disconnection prevention, food, meals, and more. Call (502) 361-7763

East Louisville Community Ministry – Get access to emergency financial assistance, including help paying rent. Dial (502) 561-0722. Other programs offered include utility payment assistance, food, and other forms of financial aid.

Legal Aid Society, Inc. – This pro-bono law firm offers free legal advice, including support for landlord tenant issues and potential evictions. Or learn about housing regulations and get help with landlord repair issues or regulations around rental units. Lawyers can offer free advice and support to tenants facing homelessness or an eviction. There may also be other representation to clients who meet poverty guidelines. Call 502-584-1254.





The American Legion Department of Kentucky and the Temporary Financial Assistance is a crisis program, with applications locally from 970 South 4th Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203. All funds need multiple approvals before they are paid out, and any rent money is given to landlord and not the application. Dial (502) 587-1414

Metro United Way gives referrals only. Whether to a transitional housing unit, motel or hotel voucher program, federal grants or charities that assist with rent, housing discrimination regulations, cash welfare programs or something else, the service is free to use. Dial (502) 583-2821.


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