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Water and sewer bill help Louisville Kentucky.

Non-profit community action agencies partner with Louisville Water to provide financial help to struggling customers. Residents who are behind on their water, sewer or drainage bills, who are facing a shut off, or who need help can get assistance with paying any arrears on their account. The CAP - Customer Assistance Program is the main tool available to customers. There are also charitable resources, payment plans, and other forms of assistance.

CAP provides a few different options. Note that even if the program can’t help, or if the customer is not qualified, then they may be able to get additional financial assistance for water or sewer bills from other local churches, charities, or non-profits organizations. More details are below.

Financial resources for Louisville Water customers

The first thing to do is to call the company to ask for help. The main phone number is 502-583-6610. At this point the customer service team will offer an application to the Customer Assistance Program, or CAP. It is available across the service territory, including in Bullitt, Jefferson, and Oldham County.

Local non-profits administer it. All of the funds for paying sewer or water bills come from organizations including Home Serve USA, the Louisville Water Company as well as Foundation, MSD, Association of Community Ministries, Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency, and the United Way among others. They raise money from the local community and those funds go to help the less fortunate, seniors, and working poor keep their utilities as well as water service on.

CAP requires participation from the customer, and if they make efforts to successfully pay down the balance on their water or sewer bills, they will qualify for financial aid from one of the non-profits, Generally up to $100 will be made available to people that qualify. There will not be cash given to the family but rather CAP gives the Louisville Water customer a voucher and/or credit on their account.

Anyone in need can call the company itself. Or they can call one of the non-profits listed above. Each focuses on a different part of the companies service territory.





Louisville Water may also offer payment plans. The goal is to give the family or individual more time to pay any overage on their sewer or water bills to put off the disconnection. This will ultimately be a positive as it not only keeps the customer’s service on, but it also eliminates any future reconnection fees that would need to be paid. As it can be expensive to pay a deposit. It is a very similar to an extension in that any disconnection of water will be postponed, provided payments are made on time.

There are other local charities in Jefferson County Kentucky as well as nearby area. Any water bill assistance is generally combined with other support, such as case management, job training, budgeting, and other resources.

The Louisville Salvation Army is a multi-use church/charity. One of the Family Service they administer will be for financial needs. But funding is limited. Using donations as well as grants from the United Way and other organizations, there may be some financial help available to pay water bills, help keep utilities on, and more. Any water or sewer bill assistance is usually last resort. Other emergency needs are generally met first, such as food or housing. Water as well as sewer tends to be a lower priority.

For more information on resources in the region, call 888.535.6262. Applications can be made to the Louisville Water Customer Assistance Program (CAP) or there may be referrals given to other local charities.




By Jon McNamara

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