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Louisville and Jefferson County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Louisville residents can turn to Catholic Charities for help. The organization supports Jefferson County Kentucky, can provide assistance in a crisis, case management for immigrants, food, rental support, and help to seniors. More details on these services are below as well as information on who to contact.

Assistance from Jefferson County KY Catholic Charities

Assistance is offered for seniors in the greater Louisville Kentucky region. The object is to promote and enhance the quality of life for older persons as well as their families. Resources are also offered for their caregivers.

  • Transportation is offered as part of the Driver-Escort Program. Volunteers can bring a frail senior to a medical appointment or maybe to a local store for needed shopping.
  • Referrals and information is available for many needs including homecare, affordable housing, advice on obtaining low cost prescriptions, transportation programs and more. This is offered for both seniors and their families.
  • Senior Network is a gathering of people from the community at local churches and Catholic Charity centers. The workshops and classes provide information and guidance to the elderly.
  • Programs and workshops are coordinated including Grief and Bereavement and financial support around fraud and scams. Get Advanced Directives, Medicare, Avoiding Scams, Caring for Aging Parents, and other topics. Or learn how to protect seniors from financial scams.
  • Advocacy on behalf of seniors. This includes updates on the Senior Network. A big focus is on health care issues such as Medicaid and prescription drug coverage.

Emergency financial assistance is offered in Louisville from the Catholic Charity Sister Visitor Center. It can help people with their most basic human needs including clothing, food, assistance with paying rent, utilities, furniture, and medicines. The program will try to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and shelter the homeless in Jefferson County. Hundreds of families are assisted every month with these basic needs, based on funding levels. Specific assistance is for the following.




  • Volunteers can provide transportation to town, city and state agencies, shopping trips and medical appointments.
  • The charity can provide emergency assistance with utility bills, rent, prescription medications, medical supplies and other needed items.
  • The sick, elderly, and handicapped persons can receive visitation.
  • Case managers assist people in applying for and obtaining help from government and public agencies.
  • Catholic Charities distributes food, personal hygiene supplies, clothing, furniture and more to Louisville people in crisis or emergency situations. They also work with other organizations such as Winterhelp and FEMA.

A big focus of Catholic Charities workers is on helping the less fortunate gain stability. Employment, learning the basics of financial literacy, budgeting and similar workshops is a key. Louisville Catholic Charities helps everyone from the poor to immigrants and the unemployed.

Living a healthy lifestyle, within means/budget is an important anti-poverty skill. Clients can learn how to shop using coupons, save money, pay down debts and more. As there are many free resources, including technology tools out there. Even read about smartphone apps for saving money on groceries on other shopping done at physical or online stores.







Additional Social Services

Disaster Response will help the organization manage, collect, and distribute money that is collected for the situation. All funds are used to support the victims of disasters such as a fire or tornado. Many churches and groups contribute. For example Catholic Charities of Louisville Kentucky works in collaboration with churches in Covington and also Catholic Charities of Lexington to coordinate resources and programs.

Legal assistance is is available in Louisville and Jefferson County. The non-profit Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services is BIA recognized and it offers free legal assistance as well as counseling to low-and moderate-income refugees and immigrants. They also help minorities in Jefferson County deal with discrimination. They can help immigrants get license or identification as well for employment needs in Jefferson County Kentucky.

The agency provides services and assistance in resettling refugees as well as immigrants, including Hispanics and non-English speakers. Case managers will work to assess the clients’ needs, offer job placement, housing, as well as provides on-going social services. There is also case management, offer English as a Second Language classes, provide employment opportunities and also coordinate community resources in Jefferson County Kentucky.

Jefferson County Kentucky Catholic Charity locations

The main centers are located at the following addresses. Several Churches are part of the Catholic Charity services as well as assistance programs in Jefferson County. The poor, minorities, low income and others can get financial help for their bills or other support.

  • 2220 W Market St., Louisville, phone (502) 636-9263
  • 222 W Market St, Louisville, Kentucky, telephone (502) 636-9263
  • 2911 S 4th St, Louisville, KY, call (502) 637-9786 for intake

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