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Get free legal advice and consultations  in Kentucky.

There are several places that low-income residents of Kentucky can go for free legal aid. Several pro-bono, non-profit firms are funded by the federal government as well as private donations. Find where and how to get free legal advice in Kentucky, including representation in court. Attorneys, paralegals and lawyers provide free consultations to the elderly, single moms or dads, low income and others in need.

Legal help to prevent evictions

Many people are struggling with their rent and housing payments. Law firms in Kentucky are offering programs that can help keep families from being evicted from their homes and apartments when they are facing a hardship.

Attorneys can provide assistance and free representation at eviction hearings and through the appeals process They will also try to coordinate other solutions between the landlord and the tenant that can help keep the tenant housed. The goal is to help keep people in need from being evicted from their homes.

Landlord disputes in Kentucky

In addition to stopping evictions, landlord and tenant disagreements can be a problem. Get access to legal aid, services and resources that can help tenants whose landlords are making the living situation very challenging. There is support for cases in which the landlord is charging unreasonable rent, or who may be not be providing them safe or clean living conditions, or an adequate living space. They can also get help for when tenants are faced with unlawful evictions.

Illegal or unfair mortgages and loans

During the housing boom, many banks and lenders issued questionable home loans to lower income families and others. These predatory mortgage loans were often unfair, misleading, or flat out deceptive. Now many homeowners are faced with losing their homes, and lawyers can help deal with these mortgages. Receive free legal and foreclosure assistance to help ensure that you can keep your home, and stop a foreclosure from happening.




Legal foreclosure assistance

Many of the law firms in Kentucky are HUD approved. Therefore the lawyers can provide free foreclosure counseling, assistance and other legal services. All of these resources are available for people and they can use them to stop a foreclosure of their home. Learn more on Kentucky foreclosure programs.

Legal advice for consumer debt and income programs in Kentucky

While it may not be well known, the non-profit law firms in Kentucky can even help people that have financial and consumer debt problems. The fact is that individuals and families need to be economically viable and self-sufficient in order to survive, especially during the current state of the economy. The loss of a family members job may lead to a loss of housing, an eviction, foreclosure filing, loss of insurance and access to health care and, in worst case, even the breakup of the family.

A lawyer can be there during these times to advise and counsel an individual on their options. They can direct them to resources in Kentucky that may be available to them. They not only coordinate the debt reduction programs, but can help residents apply for federal or state benefits too.

In some cases for those workers who have lost their jobs or are faced with a hardship, or if they have become disabled or who otherwise are unable to obtain employment compensation, learning about and establishing eligibility for federal and state of Kentucky assistance programs may be the only way to preserve a source on income for the family. A non-profit attorney can provide free guidance on this process and advise them on the rights that a consumer has.

In other situations, often following illness and loss of employment, insurmountable medical and consumer debt may threaten basic economic security, and once again you can get free legal advice to deal with this. Attorneys can even help negotiate forms of debt. Click here to read more for attorneys that settle debts.


Receive free legal aid that can be used by clients to help them both find and keep a job. Lawyers can also help resolve legal problems that may interfere with accessing this employment or job training. They can ensure you were no illegally terminated or denied unemployment benefits from the government. Last, but not least, attorneys can expand employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.





Domestic issues

If you are faced with such domestic or family issues as divorce, domestic violence, child custody, protection orders, or other family issues, you should be able to qualify for programs. These pro-bono law firms that operate in Kentucky can provide advice and legal representation during the civic county process.

Free non-profit law firms in Kentucky

Contact any of the following agencies or Kentucky firms for more information or to speak to an attorney. Consultations and advice is free for low income households.

Appalachian Research and Defense Fund of Kentucky, Inc. - This non-profit law firm provides free civil legal advice and representation in a 37 county region the Appalachian mountains of Eastern and South Central Kentucky. The firm’s service area covers over 225,000 eligible individuals. (800) 556-3876

Kentucky Legal Aid - This firm covers the western part of the state. Some of the areas they cover include Bowling Green, Madisonville, Paducah, Hopkinsville, Owensboro, and Glasgow. Contact this non-profit law firm at 1 (866) 452-9243.

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass - Lawyers and legal professionals cover 33 northern and central Kentucky counties. They provide free civil legal assistance and consultations designed to low income and other qualified individuals. 859-431-8200.

Legal Aid Society - This firm is based in Louisville. Call them at (800) 292-1862 for free legal aid.


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