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Section 8 housing choice vouchers in Kentucky

Low income families or single people in Kentucky can get help Section 8. The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) is a government run program that helps families find a home, apartment, or affordable, income based house to live in. Housing Authorities in KY process applications, including online, to section 8. There are also emergency vouchers and apartments to lease with no wait list. Find how to get section 8 near you in KY.

The state partners with the federal HUD agency to operate this program. Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) provide a place to live as well as income based, ongoing rental assistance to people who need help. The support goes to single moms, disabled people, seniors, veterans and others. Various community action and public housing agencies administer Section 8 in Kentucky, both in person and online, and they also keep details on the wait lists.

Tenants will still need to pay some of their income towards their housing costs, and that is why it is just a subsidy. In many cases the individual will also need to participate in case management or Family-Self-Sufficiency programs. As section 8 requires the tenant work towards long term, financial independence. Families can also look for free place to live ASAP.

In Kentucky, the Housing Choice Voucher Program will often have a waiting list and it can take years to work through that open list. However there can sometimes be applicants that are bumped up that list if they meet certain conditions, and this is called the expedited or emergency section 8 voucher. The public housing authority (PHA) can provide more details on this as well as privately owned luxury section 8 properties to lease, including those with no credit check needed.

For those that are able to enroll into section 8 and get a private owned home to rent, the family should plan on paying about thirty percent of their income for their housing costs. The balance of the rent will be paid directly to the landlord, local housing authority or apartment manager as part of section 8. To apply or learn more, call one of the non-profits listed below.

Housing authorities in KY to apply at for section 8 near you

Local housing authorities (HA), by county and town/city, in Kentucky are below. Each office has staff on site that will help low-income families and struggling people apply for Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. There are also details on emergency vouchers and timing of the local wait lists for an apartment.




Note each HA works with property owners, including private landlords with no credit-check houses and luxury apartments to rent. They will all work to take section 8 vouchers from qualified low-income households in Kentucky.

Name, Phone, Fax, Email

Physical Address

Housing Authority of Albany

Phone:   (606)387-7708

Fax:       (606)387-6647

Email:    [email protected]

200 Harvest Street


KY  42602

Housing Authority of Ashland

Phone:   (606)325-7112

Fax:       (606)324-1714

Email:    [email protected]

3131 Winchester Avenue


KY  41101

Ashland Planning and CDA

Phone:   (606)385-3317

Fax:       (606)385-3326

Email:    [email protected]

1700 Greenup Avenue


KY  41101

Housing Authority of Barbourville

Phone:   (606)546-3567

Fax:       (606)546-3685

Email:    [email protected]

105 Lake Avenue


KY  40906

Cumberland Valley Regional Housing Authority

338 Court Square

Phone:   (606)546-9324

Fax:       (606)546-3740

Email:    [email protected]


KY  40906

Housing Authority of Bardstown

Phone:   (502)348-3525

Fax:       (502)348-4165

Email:    [email protected]

513 W Broadway Street


KY  40004

Housing Authority of Beattyville

Phone:   (606)464-8471

Fax:       (606)464-0754

Email:    [email protected]

227 Boone Avenue


KY  41311

Housing Authority of Beaver Dam

Phone:   (270)274-7504 x1001

Fax:       (270)274-7504

Email:    [email protected]

3030 James Court

Beaver Dam

KY  42320

Housing Authority of Benton

Phone:   (270)527-3626

Fax:       (270)527-2413

101 Walnut Court


KY  42025

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Berea

Phone:   (859)986-4436

Fax:       (859)986-4436

Email:    [email protected]

110 Orchard Street


KY  40403

Housing Authority of Bowling Green

Phone:   (270)843-6071

Fax:       (270)781-7091

Email:    [email protected]

247 Double Springs Road

Bowling Green

KY  42102

City of Bowling Green Housing Division

Phone:   (270)393-3715

Fax:       (270)393-3168

Email:    [email protected]

707 East Main Street

Bowling Green

KY  42102

Housing Authority of Burkesville

Phone:   (270)864-5111

Fax:       (270)864-3372

Email:    [email protected]

401 Sunset Drive


KY  42717

Boone County Fiscal Court

Phone:   (859)334-2105

Fax:       (859)334-3127

Email:    [email protected]

2950 Washington Street, Room 300


KY  41005

Housing Authority of Cadiz

Phone:   (270)522-3916

Fax:       (270)522-6399

Email:    [email protected]

117 Lincoln Avenue


KY  42211

Campbellsville Housing and Redevelopment Authority

Phone:   (270)465-3576

Fax:       (270)465-2444

Email:    [email protected]

400 Ingram Avenue


KY  42718

Housing Authority of Carrollton

Phone:   (502)732-4330

Fax:       (502)878-7606

Email:    [email protected]

1201 9th Street


KY  41008

Housing Authority of Catlettsburg

210 24th Street

Phone:   (606)739-6851

Fax:       (606)739-8599

Email:    [email protected]


KY  41129

Housing Authority of Central City

Phone:   (270)754-2521

Fax:       (270)754-2238

Email:    [email protected]

509 S 9th Street Central City KY  42330

Housing Authority of Columbia

Phone:   (270)384-2271

Fax:       (270)384-9330

Email:    [email protected]

922 Carrie Bolin


KY  42728

Housing Authority of Corbin

Phone:   (606)528-5104

Fax:       (606)528-6662

Email:    [email protected]

1336 Madison Street


KY  40702

Housing Authority of Covington

Phone:   (859)292-2145

Fax:       (859)292-3240

2300 Madison Avenue


KY  41014

Email:    [email protected]


Covington CDA

Phone:   (859)292-2188

Fax:       (859)292-2139

Email:    [email protected]

2300 Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor


KY  41014

Housing Authority of Cumberland

Phone:   (606)589-4600

Fax:       (606)589-5205

Email:    [email protected]

178 Russell Drive


KY  40823

Housing Authority of Cynthiana

Phone:   (859)234-5388

Fax:       (859)234-4967

Email:    [email protected]

148 Federal Street


KY  41031

Housing Authority of Danville

Phone:   (859)236-6116

Fax:       (859)236-7548

Email:    [email protected]

1014 Rosemont Avenue


KY  40422

Danville Community Development Agency

Phone:   (859)236-0039

Fax:       (859)236-0039

Email:    [email protected]

116 East Main Street, Suite B


KY  40422

Housing Authority of Dawson Springs

Phone:   (270)797-2512

Fax:       (270)797-5581

Email:    [email protected]

100 Clarkdale Court Dawson Springs KY  42408

Housing Authority of Dayton

Phone:   (859)491-7749

Fax:       (859)491-1080

Email:    [email protected]

201 Clay Street


KY  41074

Housing Authority of Dry Ridge

Phone:   (859)824-4432

Fax:       (859)824-5733

Email:    [email protected]

300 Meadowview Circle

Dry Ridge

KY  41035

Housing Authority of Lyon County

425 Linden Avenue

Phone:   (270)388-7108

Fax:       (270)388-4355

Email:    [email protected]


KY  42038

Housing Authority of Elizabethtown

Phone:   (270)765-2092

Fax:       (270)765-4590

Email:    [email protected]

63 Public Square Elizabethtown KY  42701

Housing Authority of Eminence

Phone:   (502)845-4769

Fax:       (502)845-1330

Email:    [email protected]

791 Cannon Court


KY  40019

Housing Authority of Falmouth

Phone:   (859)654-8492

Fax:       (859)654-8550

Email:    [email protected]

412 Beech Street


KY  41040

Housing Authority of Flemingsburg

Phone:   (606)845-1651

Fax:       (606)845-1651

142 Circle Dr.


KY  41041

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Frankfort

Phone:   (502)223-2148

Fax:       (502)875-1882

Email:    [email protected]

590  Walter Todd Drive


KY  40601

Kentucky Housing Corporation-State Agency

Phone:   (502)564-7630 x774

Fax:       (502)564-7630

Email:    [email protected]

1050 US 127 South


KY  40601

Housing Authority of Franklin

Phone:   (270)586-8500

Fax:       (270)586-1953

Email:    [email protected]

1301 Crestmore Drive


KY  42134

Housing Authority of Fulton

Phone:   (270)472-1115

Fax:       (270)472-9519

Email:    [email protected]

201 N Highland Drive


KY  42041

Housing Authority of Georgetown

Phone:   (502)863-3773 x102

Fax:       (502)863-3771

Email:    [email protected]

139 Scroggins Park


KY  40324

Housing Authority of Glasgow

Phone:   (270)651-3859

Fax:       (270)651-9883

Email:    [email protected]

111 Bunche Avenue


KY  42141

Housing Authority of Greensburg

Phone:   (270)932-4296

Fax:       (270)932-3566

Email:    [email protected]

105 W. Hodgenville Ave.


KY  42743

Housing Authority of Greenville

Phone:   (270)338-5900

Fax:       (270)338-5900

Email:    [email protected]

613 Reynolds Drive


KY  42345

Housing Authority of Todd County

151 Pennyrile Court

Phone:   (270)483-9750

Fax:       (270)483-2610

Email:    [email protected]


KY  42234

Housing Authority of Harlan

Phone:   (606)573-5800

Fax:       (606)573-9214

Email:    [email protected]

509 Poplar Street


KY  40831

Housing Authority of Harrodsburg

Phone:   (859)734-4447

Fax:       (859)734-9180

Email:    [email protected]

502 W Office Street


KY  40330

Housing Authority of Hazard

Phone:   (606)436-5741

Fax:       (606)436-2617

Email:    [email protected]

100 Campbell Street


KY  41701

Housing Authority of Henderson

Phone:   (270)827-1294

Fax:       (270)827-1482

111 S Adams Street


KY  42420

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Hickman

Phone:   (270)236-2888

Fax:       (270)236-2204

Email:    [email protected]

1209 Holly Street, Suite 50


KY  42050

Housing Authority of Knott County

Phone:   (606)785-3451

Fax:       (606)785-0994

Email:    [email protected]

997 Highway 160 S


KY  41822

Housing Authority of Hodgenville

Phone:   (270)358-4705

Fax:       (270)358-4706

Email:    [email protected]

501 Miami Court Hodgenville KY  42748

Housing Authority of Hopkinsville

Phone:   (270)887-4275

Fax:       (270)887-4080

Email:    [email protected]

400 N Elm Street Hopkinsville KY  42240

Housing Authority of Horse Cave

Phone:   (270)786-2481

Fax:       (270)786-2481

Email:    [email protected]

990 N Dixie Street

Horse Cave

KY  42749

Housing Authority of Irvine

Phone:   (606)723-3116

Fax:       (606)723-3198

Email:    [email protected]

285 Mountain Crest


KY  40336

Housing Authority of Irvington

Phone:   (270)547-7648

Fax:       (270)547-4606

Email:    [email protected]

Hillview Homes


KY  40146

Housing Authority of Jackson

Phone:   (606)666-2859

Fax:       (606)666-8639

Email:    [email protected]

400 Railroad Street


KY  41339

Lake Cumberland Housing Agency Inc

69 Herriford Curve Road

Phone:   (270)343-4740

Fax:       (270)343-4730

Email:    [email protected]


KY  42629

Housing Authority of Lancaster

Phone:   (859)792-3813

Fax:       (859)792-6264

Email:    [email protected]

109 Kinnaird Avenue


KY  40444

Housing Authority of Floyd County

Phone:   (606)285-3833 x308

Fax:       (606)285-3835

Email:    [email protected]

402 John M. Stumbo Drive


KY  41645

Housing Authority of Lebanon

Phone:   (270)692-3481

Fax:       (270)692-1825

Email:    [email protected]

101 Hamilton Heights


KY  40033

Housing Authority of Lexington

Phone:   (859)281-5060

Fax:       (859)281-5055

300 West New Circle Road


KY  40505

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Liberty

Phone:   (606)787-7821

Fax:       (606)787-7827

Email:    [email protected]

75 Riverdale Drive


KY  42539

Housing Authority of London

Phone:   (606)864-5474

Fax:       (606)864-5429

Email:    [email protected]

100 Scott Street    Suite 100


KY  40741

Laurel County Section 8 Housing

Phone:   (606)878-0512 x22

Fax:       (606)878-8526

Email:    [email protected]

194 County Extension Road


KY  40741

HA of Lawrence County

Phone:   (606)638-9414 x1

Fax:       (606)638-4699

Email:    [email protected]

200 Gene Wilson Boulevard


KY  41230

Louisville Metro Housing Authority

Phone:   (502)569-3400

Fax:       (502)569-3459

Email:    [email protected]

420 S 8th Street


KY  40203

Housing Authority of Madisonville

Phone:   (270)821-5517 x6

Fax:       (270)825-4517

Email:    [email protected]

211 Pride Avenue


KY  42431

Housing Authority of Manchester

Phone:   (606)598-3884

Fax:       (606)598-5560

Email:    [email protected]

306 Town Branch Road


KY  40962

Housing Authority of Martin

Phone:   (606)285-3681

Fax:       (606)285-0502

Email:    [email protected]

109 Raymond Griffith Drive #1101


KY  41649

Housing Authority of Mayfield

312 Brookside Drive

Phone:   (270)247-6391 x228

Fax:       (270)247-8978

Email:    [email protected]


KY  42066

Housing Authority of Maysville

Phone:   (606)564-4409

Fax:       (606)564-3826

Email:    [email protected]

600  Clark Street


KY  41056

Housing Authority of McKee

Phone:   (606)287-8777

Fax:       (606)287-4329

Email:    [email protected]

1405 Roberts Court, OFFICE


KY  40447

Housing Authority of Middlesborough

Phone:   (606)248-1940

Fax:       (606)242-2309

Email:    [email protected]

South 38th Street


KY  40965

Housing Authority of Monticello

Phone:   (606)348-6286

Fax:       (606)348-6437

210 Homestead Heights


KY  42633

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Morehead

Phone:   (606)784-4314

Fax:       (606)784-7032

Email:    [email protected]

200 Heritage Place


KY  40351

Housing Authority of Morganfield

Phone:   (270)631-0733

Fax:       (270)389-3470

Email:    [email protected]

703 Culver Drive Morganfield KY  42437

Housing Authority of Morgantown

Phone:   (270)526-3873

Fax:       (270)526-2774

Email:    [email protected]

300 Kent Manor Drive


KY  42261

Housing Authority of Mount Sterling

Phone:   (859)498-5592

Fax:       (859)498-8906

Email:    [email protected]

335 Barnard Avenue

Mount Sterling

KY  40353

Housing Authority of Mount Vernon

Phone:   (606)256-4185

Fax:       (606)256-0184

Email:    [email protected]

50 Lovell Lane Mount Vernon KY  40456

Housing Authority of Murray

Phone:   (270)753-5000 x301

Fax:       (270)753-2073

Email:    [email protected]

716 Nash Drive


KY  42071

Housing Authority of Newport

Phone:   (859)581-2533

Fax:       (859)581-9009

Email:    [email protected]

30 E 8th Street


KY  41072

Campbell County Department of Housing

Phone:   (859)261-5200

Fax:       (859)261-0577

Email:    [email protected]

1098 Monmouth Street, Room 235


KY  41071

Housing Authority of Nicholasville

601 Broadway

Phone:   (859)885-4324

Fax:       (859)885-4324

Email:    [email protected]


KY  40356

Housing Authority of Olive Hill

Phone:   (606)286-4721

Fax:       (606)286-8177

Email:    [email protected]

501 Tygart Street

Olive Hill

KY  41164

Housing Authority of Owensboro

Phone:   (270)683-5365

Fax:       (270)685-3170

Email:    [email protected]

2161 E 19th Street


KY  42303

Housing Authority of Owingsville

Phone:   (606)784-4314 x3

Fax:       (606)784-7032

Email:    [email protected]

180 Kendall Springs Avenue


KY  40360

Housing Authority of Paducah

Phone:   (270)450-4222

Fax:       (270)443-5558

2330  Ohio Street


KY  42003

Email:    [email protected]


City of Paducah Section 8 Housing Program

Phone:   (270)450-4238

Fax:       (270)408-2131

Email:    [email protected]

2330 Ohio St.


KY  42003

Housing Authority of Paintsville

Phone:   (606)789-1782

Fax:       (606)789-7271

Email:    [email protected]

700 Sixth Street


KY  41240

Housing Authority of Paris

Phone:   (859)987-2575

Fax:       (859)987-2462

Email:    [email protected]

1006 Cypress Street


KY  40361

Paris-Bourbon County Community Dev. Agency

Phone:   (859)987-1970

Fax:       (859)987-1969

Email:    [email protected]

509 High Street


KY  40361

Housing Authority of Pikeville

Phone:   (606)432-8124 x203

Fax:       (606)432-8938

Email:    [email protected]

748 Hambley Boulevard


KY  41501

Pike County Housing Authority

Phone:   (606)432-4178 x307

Fax:       (606)437-9155

Email:    [email protected]

142 Trivette Drive


KY  41501

Housing Authority of McCreary County

Phone:   (606)354-2200

Fax:       (606)354-2200

Email:    [email protected]

488 E. Hwy 92

Pine Knott

KY  42635

Housing Authority of Pineville

Phone:   (606)337-2900 x13

Fax:       (606)337-1491

Email:    [email protected]

911 Alabama Avenue


KY  40977

Pineville/Bell County Community Dev Agency

114 West Kentucky Avenue

Phone:   (606)337-7074

Fax:       (606)337-7515

Email:    [email protected]


KY  40977

Housing Authority of Prestonsburg

Phone:   (606)886-2717

Fax:       (606)886-3839

Email:    [email protected]

12 Blaine Hall Street


KY  41653

Housing Authority of Princeton

Phone:   (270)365-5769

Fax:       (270)365-3678

Email:    [email protected]

100 Hillview Court


KY  42445

Housing Authority of Providence

Phone:   (270)667-5786

Fax:       (270)667-5786

Email:    [email protected]

101 Center Ridge Drive


KY  42450

Housing Authority of Radcliff

Phone:   (270)351-6772

Fax:       (270)351-6782

480 Robbie Valentine Drive


KY  40160

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Richmond

Phone:   (859)623-1321

Fax:       (859)623-9452

Email:    [email protected]

502 Ellis Court Richmond KY  40476

City of Richmond Section 8 Housing Program

Phone:   (859)353-5501

Fax:       (859)623-2279

Email:    [email protected]

118 North 2nd Street


KY  40475

Housing Authority of Russellville

Phone:   (270)726-7579

Fax:       (270)726-7194

Email:    [email protected]

940 Hicks Street


KY  42276

Housing Authority of Salyersville/Magoffin Co.

Phone:   (606)349-6554

Fax:       (606)349-6585

Email:    [email protected]



KY  41465

Housing Authority of Scottsville

Phone:   (270)237-4062

Fax:       (270)237-4173

Email:    [email protected]

110 South Court


KY  42164

Housing Authority of Shelbyville

Phone:   (502)633-4531

Fax:       (502)633-9735

Email:    [email protected]

41 Cardinal Drive


KY  40065

Housing Authority of Somerset

Phone:   (606)679-1332 x109

Fax:       (606)679-0141

Email:    [email protected]

400 Hail Knob Road


KY  42503

Housing Authority of Springfield

Phone:   (859)336-7645

Fax:       (859)336-7644

Email:    [email protected]

1057 Melavin Circle


KY  40069

Stanford Housing Authority

100 Lacy Street

Phone:   (606)365-7874

Fax:       (606)365-1712

Email:    [email protected]


KY  40484

Housing Authority of Stanton

Phone:   (606)663-2625

Fax:       (606)663-2625

Email:    [email protected]

O A Street Stanton KY  40380

Housing Authority of Sturgis

Phone:   (270)333-4231

Fax:       (270)333-3106

Email:    [email protected]

116 E Old Providence Road


KY  42459

Housing Authority Vanceburg

Phone:   (606)796-2241

Fax:       (606)796-6933

Email:    [email protected]

104 White Street


KY  41179

Housing Authority of Versailles

Phone:   (859)873-5351

Fax:       (859)873-1607

P. O. Box 1389


KY  40383

Email:    [email protected]


Housing Authority of Martin County

Phone:   (606)395-5575

Fax:       (606)395-7276

Email:    [email protected]

2600 Hode Road


KY  41267

Housing Authority of Whitesburg

Phone:   (606)633-7144

Fax:       (606)633-4433

Email:    [email protected]

4 Banks Street Whitesburg KY  41858

Housing Authority of Williamsburg

Phone:   (606)549-0282

Fax:       (606)549-4824

Email:    [email protected]

600 Brush Arbor Apartments


KY  40769

Housing Authority of Williamstown

Phone:   (859)823-1511

Fax:       (859)823-1512

Email:    [email protected]

514 Helton Heights


KY  41097

Housing Authority of Winchester

Phone:   (859)744-2960

Fax:       (859)744-2544

Email:    [email protected]

200 Canewood Drive


KY  40391

Appalachian Foothills Housing Agency Inc

Phone:   (606)836-0911 x12

Fax:       (606)836-0913

Email:    [email protected]

1214 Riverside Boulevard


KY  41144


Elizabethtown Housing Authority
63 Public Square
Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701
Phone: (270) 765-2092
There are applications to section 8 homes and apartments. The HA also has information on other Hardin County assistance programs, including community action agencies. As there are grants, money for storage cots, income based housing for senior citizens and more. Learn more on Hardin County rental assistance programs.

Lexington Housing Authority
300 West New Circle Road
Lexington, KY 40505
Phone: (859) 281-5060
In addition to Section 8, there are other organizations and agencies that provide help in Fayette County Kentucky. Low-income families and the formerly homeless can get help for bills, emergency no-wait list housing assistance programs, and more. Also, apply for Section 8 Housing Voucher Program online in Lexington. Learn more on how to get help with rent in Lexington - Fayette County.





Louisville Metro Section 8
420 S 8th Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone: (502) 569-3400
The agency also accepts applications and provides information on Section 8 Vouchers. Some luxury homes in the community also take section 8 for payment, as landlords will do that vs. have the apartment vacant. Locate additional rental assistance programs in Louisville and Jefferson County Kentucky.

Madison County Housing Authority
Office Address: 402 Smith Village, Richmond, KY 40475. Call (859) 623-1321
The Housing Authority processes applications to section 8 apartments, no wait list homes, and they also offer family self-sufficiency. The goal is to help people find an income based home to live, in partnership with local charities and other groups. More on rental assistance programs in Madison County KY.

Campbell County Housing Department
1098 Monmouth Street
Newport, KY 41071
Phone: (859) 261-5200
Get help paying rent, information on no wait list Section 8 homes and other government financial assistance. They also offer Section 8 Housing Vouchers, and call to apply for aid. Find additional rental and housing assistance programs in Campbell County Kentucky.

Landlords in Kentucky that operate luxury section 8 apartments to rent

Aspenwood Apartments LLC
Primary Address: 3300 Aspen Valley Cir, Louisville, KY 40241. Call (502) 369-0551
This section 8 eligible apartment community offers upscale living in Louisville and Jefferson County. Aspenwood comes with a clubhouse, studio up to 4 bedroom homes, fitness center, and a pet-friendly policy. There are homes for low-income families, or single people, that have section 8 vouchers too.

Blue Grass Manor Apartments
Main address is 3904 Lori Dr, Erlanger, KY 41018. Call (859) 727-1045
The affordable apartments, some with no waiting list, offer convenience and low-cost, income based housing units to live in. The privately owned section 8 apartments come with modern amenities, a fitness center, pool and a community-focused environment.

Highland Ridge Apartments
Main leasing office is at 1400 Highland Ridge Blvd, Highland Heights, KY 41076. Telephone: (859) 781-2900
The houses have scenic views and contemporary units with units for single people as well as parents with kids. Section 8 eligible Highland Ridge features a swimming pool and landscaped grounds.




The Overlook Apartments
3000 Stoneybrook Ln, Elsmere, KY 41018. Call (859) 475-1430

Paddock Apartments
Apartment location is 416 Hollow Creek Rd, Lexington, KY 40511. Call (859) 299-7515
Located in the heart of Lexington Ky, Paddock section 8 housing qualified Apartments offer spacious units, a fitness center, and easy access to local transit, shopping as well as other attractions.


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