Lexington and Fayette County rental assistance.

Agencies across Fayette County may have funds for paying rent that is focused on preventing evictions in the region as well as the rehousing of residents. Qualified low income families may be able to receive support in the form of a grant or other types of financial aid for back rent.

People that need to relocate to a more affordable home, or that are homeless, are also a priority of the organizations. To this end there may be assistance for a security deposit. Or staff from the Lexington organizations can direct a very low income family to resources such as a section 8 voucher. Some of the rent assistance will also target those people who are most at risk if they were to be homeless, and that group can include the disabled or senior citizens among others.

With any rent programs available in Fayette County, funding is limited. A strict application process is in place, and many tenants will need to be turned away. However there may be referrals given to other charities in the region.

Christians In Community Service
Lexington, KY 40502
They only support those with no other options. Applicants need to have been denied rent or utility bill help from other agencies first. Only then may the ministry assist, if at all possible. All requests for rental or security deposit assistance need to go through either a local church or a social worker.




Catholic Charities - Emergency Assistance
1310 W Main St
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
Dial (859) 253-3339
Various social services are administered.

Community Action Council – There are several offices around Fayette County. The non-profit will refer low income families to government grants or any number of rental or financial aid programs. Some may help with housing needs, such as rent, or other expenses. Each office of the agency is focused on people from the immediate area.





Fayette West Neighborhood Center - 1902 Cambridge Drive in Lexington. Dial (859) 246-1192.
-Russel School area has a center at 520 Toner Street. The main number is (859) 554-4350.
-The southern part of the city of Lexington is supported by an office on Centre Parkway. Phone - (859) 273-6395.
-West End location - (859) 244-2215
-Winburn Center – Dial (859) 294-5249.

Adult and Tenant Services
Lexington, Kentucky
Phone - (859) 258-3810
A homeless prevention service is available.

Cross Ministries
Lexington, KY 40507
Rent and other financial help is only available if the person has a referral from a social worker.

Lexington, Kentucky 40588
(859) 699-9859
The You can Make a Difference program will offer support, including a grant for housing needs, at most once every 5 years to a select few people from Fayette County. Speak to a social worker to apply for rent help from this service.

Legal Aid of Blue-Grass
Main office - 498 Georgetown St
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
Telephone: (859) 233-4556
Lawyers help with civil legal matters, including on evictions. Also, they will address unsafe housing in the region.




ROSM - Resource Office Of Social Ministries
Main address - 3100 Tates Creek Road
Lexington, KY 40502
(859) 685-3245
Another faith based charity that requires a referral from a social worker or church. Loans may be issued as well as other forms of rent or emergency mortgage help. The goal is to prevent homelessness in the area.

Lexington Rescue Mission
444 Glen Arvin Ave
Lexington, Kentucky 40508
Phone - (859) 381-9600
Transitional housing is on site.

Lexington Housing Authority
Address: 635 E 6th St.
Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 281-5065
When the waiting list is open, very low income families can apply for subsidies from section 8. This is a federally service that charges rent based on income. Or learn about public housing or low income apartments from the agency.

Eviction programs and rehousing services are used to prevent homelessness. When a tenant has a pay or quit notice from their landlord, then they can apply for government grants for housing costs. There may be money for rent, assistance for veterans, deposit help and even programs such as motel vouchers. Find more eviction help in Fayette County.





Referrals to Fayette County non-profits
Dial 859-313-5465. One program, known as Emergency Solution Grants, may offer money for back rent or a deposit. Federal government grants are available, and once they have been used up no other assistance is available.


By Jon McNamara

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