Louisville and Jefferson County Urban League programs.

Foreclosure prevention, rental counseling, and self-sufficiency are all offered by the Urban League in Louisville Kentucky. The non-profit provides support to the low income and disadvantaged in Jefferson County. While they will arrange some short term support as needed, the organization really will focus on long term self-sufficiency, employment, and educational needs.

Foreclosure and mortgage counseling from the Urban League

For homeowners that are delinquent with their mortgage payments or home loans, they can get help now. The Louisville Urban League's free Foreclosure Counseling Services offer support and guidance to homeowners who are struggling. In addition to receiving assistance from HUD certified counselors in preventing foreclosure, the program provides the following and more.

Clients can receive a review of the borrower’s current financial status. There is also help in the creation of a repayment plan that is agreeable to both client and lender. The goal of this activity is to prevent default and/or foreclosure; and also debt reduction and budget counseling to reduce the risk of future mortgage payment problems.

Families from the Jefferson County region that are looking to buy a home can receive assistance from the Home Ownership Training Program. The free service offers counseling and also comprehensive preparatory education. Available courses from the Urban League focus on household insurance, signing real estate contracts, home inspections, home maintenance, and completing residential home loan applications. The program also provides help to potential buyers in preparing and then pre-qualifying for a mortgage.

In addition to individualized budget and credit counseling sessions, participants have the opportunity to participate group sessions covering such topics as:





  • Completing Residential Loan Applications
  • Reading and Understanding the Real Estate Contract
  • Home Inspection and Maintenance activities
  • Home Owner's Insurance
  • Closing the Mortgage with the Lender
  • Fair Housing Laws

Utility assistance and tenant counseling in Louisville

In partnership with 18 Jefferson County ministries and three Community Action Agencies in outlying counties, the non-profit Community Winterhelp, Inc. assists working poor and low-income families. Families can get assistance with paying utility bills during the winter months. Funding for Community Winterhelp comes from the donations of LG&E customers, including both businesses and private individuals. There are also matching grants from LG&E. The Louisville Urban League acts as the fiscal manager for the program.





Similarly, participants in the Rental Readiness Program receive instruction on how to be responsible tenants. Services include assistance with budgeting and counseling in regard to effective credit management, and education about appropriate ways to cope with the difficulties that renters may encounter.

While direct aid is not offered, case managers from the Urban League may have referrals to emergency rental assistance programs in an effort to stop homelessness in Louisville. Individual counseling sessions are also available, focusing on topics such as the following:

  • Tenants can attend session on the Rights and Responsibilities of Landlord and Tenant. This also covers Understanding the Lease and Security Deposit obligation.
  • What Happens During an Apartment Inspection.
  • Good Housekeeping Tips and also the benefits of Purchasing Renter's Insurance.

The Urban League will have information on various charities as well as non-profits in Jefferson County that can help with rent or deposits. Funds are limited and application process is strict. Find a list of emergency rental assistance in Louisville.

Urban League employment and credit counseling

Budget Sessions and Credit Counseling classes educate families about financial planning and budgeting techniques. They can get help with reducing existing debt, recognizing and avoiding predatory lending, examining spending habits, and developing effective strategies for saving money.

Urban League credit counselors also provide help with understanding and improving scores or reducing debts. The goal is on eliminating a major barrier to obtaining suitable housing and getting better mortgage rates. To participate, all credit counseling and budget clients must provide their most recent credit reports.

Bank on Louisville is a service for Louisville residents who are either unbanked or under-banked. There may also be support, including prepaid cards, for those who have limited or no access to mainstream financial institutions. These residents, who tend to be living paycheck to paycheck, are often forced them to rely on expensive check-cashing services or even payday loans. This can cost the individual thousands of dollars over a working lifetime in transaction fees for cashing checks, obtaining money orders, and other financial services. Those funds would otherwise be available for other purposes and for building long-term financial stability.




The Louisville Urban League partnered with local community organizations, non-profit credit unions, banks, government agencies, and the National League of Cities in developing Bank on Louisville. The goal is on helping individuals and families from Jefferson County to begin to save money for the future. Establishing savings leads to fresh economic opportunities for individuals, the advantages of which will spread to benefit local neighborhoods and the city itself.

The underbanked in Jefferson County include many different types of individuals. It can be someone in poverty with no money or an immigrant (legal or undocumented). Other Louisville residents also do not have a savings or checking account for whatever reason. The Urban League can assistance, including showing how prepaid cards can be used as bank accounts.

The federal government funded Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program is also operated by the Louisville Urban League. This is done in partnership with the Louisville Asset Building Coalition and the Louisville Urban League Guild. The program’s aim is to provide help at no charge to low-to-moderate income and elderly residents who are unable to prepare their own federal and state of Kentucky tax returns.

Employment and career development is part of the Louisville Urban League’s Center for Workforce Development. The League offers help to families who are working to improve their economic stability and employment prospects. The Center provides assistance to those looking for work or trying to improve their career opportunities, as well as highly-specialized workshops to help individuals seeking employment. Clients of the center can take advantage of services like the following:

  • Intake, which includes Career Counseling
  • Employment Search Assistance and Job Placement Referrals
  • Job Readiness Skills Training is combined with Post-Placement Support

In addition to the services listed, the staff at the Center for Workforce Development coordinate free annual Career Expos to help residents looking for jobs. It also offers people from the community information on vocational development, and advanced education opportunities.

The job fair type events provide a one-stop opportunity for individuals seeking to connect with training programs, potential hiring employers, educational institutions, and other informational resources.





Many studies, both private and government funded, indicate that increased parental involvement leads to success in life. So to that end, the Urban League encourages parents to take a more active role in the education of their children by participating in the Parent Leadership Academy.

The main address is 1535 W Broadway, Louisville, Kentucky 40203, phone (502) 561-6830.


By Jon McNamara

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