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Utility and energy bill assistance programs in Kentucky.

Charities, government programs, and utility companies in Kentucky provide financial assistance for paying utility and energy bills or a deposit. The aid is targeted at the low income, working poor, elderly, and unemployed in the state. In addition to emergency utility or electric bill help, many free energy conservation and weatherization programs are also offered to families who need help saving money on their energy bills.

Get information on the various resources and financial services that are offered to customers of Kentucky utility programs. Find who to call to apply for grants, low-income energy assistance and financial help. Call early and often as funding is usually limited.

Programs offered in most areas of Kentucky

Project WARM – This program is also offered across certain regions of Kentucky. It may be able to provide free energy conservation and weatherization services to residents and families of Louisville Kentucky and Jefferson County. Weatherization measures that can help people save money include adding attic insulation, sealing air leaks, and offering energy education. In addition classes and advice are also offered. Call 502-636-9276

Statewide assistance program - The Department of Social Services Preventive Assistance Program initiative may be able to assist families with providing them with an energy bill payment of up to $300 per family. In order to receive this financial assistance it is required that the payment would need to prevent the removal of a child from the family or the payment would need to assist in reuniting the child with the family.

Summer Cooling Assistance – Every summer in Kentucky, air conditioners can be loaned to people and or sick patients whose health is threatened by the high heat and humidity in the area as verified by their doctors or medical professionals. The summer cooling program was established and operates through local donations. Contact the Community Action Council, 1-800-244-2275 to learn more, and currently the program is available in Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison, and Nicholas Counties Kentucky.

Atmos Energy administers Sharing the Warmth energy bill assistance. The program is funded by donations, and it can help people pay their monthly gas or utility bills. All the funding from the program will go to local people in need that meet criteria established by the guidelines of the program.




Duke Energy - A weatherization / energy saving program is offered for low income and other eligible households. The program can provide them with a heat pump and/or furnace, energy efficient light bulbs, a heat pump clean and tune up, hot water heater wrap, as well as energy saving tips and, if needed, weather-stripping, insulation and w water pipe wrap. But that is not all that is offered.

Depending on the condition of the home or apartments, and its total energy usage, other services offered from the program may include wall and attic insulation, duct sealing and other air leakage sealing measures. Call People Working Cooperatively (PWC) at 859-331-1991 to learn more or to apply.

Duke Energy – Low income and other eligible customers will receive a one-time cash payment or grant from the WinterCare Fund. Aid is available November through March of each year or until funds are depleted. For additional information on the WinterCare program, or to apply for financial assistance from it, please contact the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission at 1-800-372-2973 or please dial 1-800-456-3452. Get more information on Duke Energy low income assistance.

Kentucky Power - This company is owned by American Electric Power. They are willing to work with struggling customers on payment extensions and other tactics. This can also include budget billing programs that will level set your amount each and every month. In addition, Kentucky Power can direct customers to low income government programs such as LIHEAP or weatherization. Continue with assistance programs from Kentucky Power.

Kentucky Utilities – Another option is called WeCare. Participants of this program will receive a walk-through inspection and energy education advice and information for their home. Many of the individuals and families who enter the program will receive HVAC and water heater system inspection, air sealing and attic insulation. Income individuals may qualify for help. Dial 1-800-356-5467 for information.





Kentucky Utilities – They also participate in the WinterCare Fund assistance fund. Call your local community action agency in Kentucky.

Kentucky Utilities offers customers the Home Energy Assistance Program. Help is made available to eligible customers, and they can receive up to a credit of $294 per year in seven monthly installments of $42 that are applied to their current monthly utility bill. The monthly credit will be applied to their heating and utility bills during the peak cooling and heating months and the amount of the credit cannot be used to reduce arrearages on past unpaid bills. The customer must be low income and also use electric heat in order to qualify as well. 1-800-981-0600

Find information on several other financial assistance programs and grants that are offered by Kentucky Utilities. Thousands of local families receive help or savings every year. Learn more on Kentucky Utility company assistance programs.

Low income assistance programs - The number of resources in Kentucky are extensive. They range from federal government LIHEAP to free fans, air conditions, and energy conservation services. Tens of thousands of families receive emergency financial assistance with paying their utility, light, or electric bill every year. Read more on assistance with utilities from these programs.

Louisville air conditioners and fans – Free or low cost fans and air conditioners may be available in Louisville Kentucky for those households that meet low income guidelines. There are a couple different types of aid provided. Those people that have a member with a life-threatening medical condition will be provided with both an air conditioner and a volunteer technician to install it.

However those applicants that just meet the poverty guidelines, but not the medical emergency criteria, will be provided with just a fan. Contact the Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership at the following numbers. West District, 502-574-1274, East District, 502-574-1270, South District, 502-574-1272, or please call the Central District, 502-574-1157.

Louisville Gas & Electric – An assistance program known as the Home Energy Assistance may be able to provide a year-round fixed credit to help people pay their bills. The amount of the credit will vary by month and the exact amount will be based on the household’s total income, size and the amount of their utility bills for the previous 12 months, it will factor in any significant changes in utility pricing, or provide them with an adjustment for monthly normal heating degree days. The exact amount of the credit can also be applied to arrearages. There are income criteria that need to be met, as well as an amount due on an energy bill. Call 1-800-331-7370 or 502-589-1444.

Louisville Gas & Electric - Another program is WinterCare Fund. Call your local community action agency. This program can also provide limited financial assistance for paying energy bills.

Louisville Gas & Electric – Like almost all utility companies in Kentucky, they offer the Winterhelp program. Assistance is available for low-income customers and funds can help them pay their heating bills. Applications for the program will be accepted in early February of each year at the Community Ministry location in the town they live that is located nearest the applicant’s home. Or you can dial 502-561-6830 ext. 150. Another program.







Louisville Gas & Electric – The WeCare assistance program may be able to provide applicants of the program with a walk-through inspection of their home as well as energy education classes and advice. Many of the participants of the program will receive HVAC as well as a water heater system inspection, attic insulation, as well as air sealing. Priority for this assistance program is provided to the disabled and elderly in the service territory. 1-800-356-5467

LG&E customers have other resources and low income programs available to them. Click here for more details. Find how to get financial help from Louisville Gas and Electric.

Louisville Metro Housing (Weatherization) – This program may be able to installs weatherization and energy conserving materials for low income Louisville Metro residents. Call 502-574-3249

WinterCare is a crisis program that may be able to assist with paying heating bills. Most utility companies in Kentucky offer it to their customers. Community action agencies and other social service agencies can help low income families apply. The program is limited in scope, mostly because it depends on donations from the community in order to keep it funded. Continue with Kentucky Wintercare fund program.

By Jon McNamara

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