Energy bill assistance from Kentucky Utilities.

For those customers who need help with paying their utility, heating and energy bills, Kentucky Utilities wants to assist. Whether it is making your home more energy efficient or offering financial assistance for paying bills, low income customers have several services available to them. They can direct families to government assistance such as LIHEAP, or refer individuals to local non-profit community agencies and charities. These various resources and partnerships of Kentucky Utilities are often referred to as their Helping Hands service.

Free energy efficiency services and weatherization is offered by a resource known as WeCare. When you are found to be qualified to enrolling into this program, a contractor will walk through your home for an inspection. After results of this inspection, Kentucky Utilities customers may be able to receive improvements such as heater system inspection, HVAC repairs and tune ups, insulation, and air sealing.

WeCare can include Conservation Advice, Weatherization, and also Recycling Energy resources. All of these services were primarily designed to help clients with saving money on their utility bills through energy education and weatherization. This is effective in helping low income customers in need. Households can sometimes save 5-15% on their monthly bills, and the resource is free to income qualified individuals.

Kentucky Utilities works closely with Community Action Agencies to help identify customers and they will also administrate the program. A focus is on those who are heavy users of energy and spend a lot of their money on paying for their heating bills and energy costs. They want to help people find ways to reduce their energy consumption.

Some of the guidelines are set by the state and/or federal government, but in general the two main eligibility requirements are a customer must have lived in their home or apartment for a minimum of one year. In addition to that, their income level needs to meet guidelines of the federal government's Low Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The program is limited in scope and resources, and priority is usually given to the elderly and disabled in the service territory. Call 1-800-356-5467 to learn about WeCare or other conservation programs.





The WinterCare Fund is fully supported by Kentucky Utilities. It is also mandated by the state government to be offered by all companies in the state. Applications and funding is administered by your local community action agency, so you will need to call them to apply or get information. The financial assistance program operates in the winter, with most of the money spent then. It will help with paying winter heating and fuel oil bills. Funds can also be provided in a crisis situation which may be able to help someone keep their house warm, or obtain additional heating oil if they are about to run out of it.

Disconnection prevention and payment plans are offered for customers whose power has been turned off or those customers who have received a shut off notice. Or even if you are struggling to keep up with paying your monthly energy bill and think you may fall behind in the future, then please call Kentucky Utilities as soon as possible. The company will try to help the person find a solution to their hardship.

They have on staff a number of Customer Care representatives who can work with you to try to help you keep your power on or reconnect it if it has been turned off. Or read more on laws that are in place to prevent a customer from a disconnection.

Some of the services offered include Budget Payment, Auto Pay, as well as partial payment plans. Or they can refer Kentucky Utilities customers to additional options. The company will do what it can to explore different solutions with customers.




Other federal government and non-profit programs are available as well. They can direct individuals to resource such as Low Income Energy Assistance programs (LIHEAP), community action agencies and weatherization. All funding offered by Kentucky Utilities and also the state or federal government programs is limited. Dial 800-981-0600 to speak to a customer service representative.

By Jon McNamara

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