Kentucky Power assistance programs.

Customers of Kentucky Power have access to several different assistance programs. The energy company is committed to working with low income families, seniors, and others who need help. Call the company in order to explore all of your options, including payment plans, free energy conservation updates that can be made to home, and federal government programs such as LIHEAP.

Payment extensions may be offered to qualified customers who are faced with a disconnection. Or if you are starting to fall behind and are unable to pay your energy bill on time then they may offer you other forms of financial assistance. However you need to call to explore your options.

Kentucky Power fully understands that an individual can sometimes face a short term hardship. When this occurs they will do their best to provide people a little extra time to pay their electric bill. If you are facing disconnection of your service, or are struggling, then call 1-800-572-1113 in order to request a payment extension.

Another very similar offering is a payment arrangement. This may include both more time to catch up and maybe a credit on an account. Both of these services can offer qualified lower income customers with more time to get caught up on their account. Call the company in order to speak to a customer service representative.

The state of Kentucky works with the federal government to offer working poor customers help from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP. This is offered for ongoing energy bills and a crisis component can assist those who are faced with a shut off.

Kentucky Power partners with a number of private and non-profit community-based organizations to administer LIHEAP. Some organizations are local and others are federal. These different agencies provide financial assistance to low-income residents and qualified senior citizens. LIHEAP is one of the main programs offered to provide energy assistance to the very low income and poor. The weatherization program is another one of the primary resources, but this one is for energy conservation. There are a number of qualifications that need to be met and the exact amount of aid depends heavily on federal government allotments.




The Third-Party Notification program can help people with preventing the disconnection of a friend or relative's power. It is a free service offered by the energy provider and is often used on utility accounts of those who are ill or elderly. However it is not limited to that and it can really be used for any customer, regardless of their income and financial condition.

How it works is as follows. As an authorized third party individual (you need to be designated this by the account holder), you will be notified of an upcoming disconnection of the person’s account. The third party will even be provided copies of the monthly bills and customers statement if needed.

This notification will occur if utilities are at risk of being disconnected due to nonpayment. Or the notice can be sent due to another reason, such as construction in the area. Note that the third party individuals does not take on responsibility for paying the Kentucky Power bill, they are just notified and can do what they wish with the information.

One of the main financial assistance programs offered is Help a Neighbor/Light A Life program. Kentucky Power customers of any income level can pay a little extra money each month to support the program. All donated money goes toward helping lower income families that my be facing financial emergencies. It will emphasize assisting senior citizens in the community.

The money will go to people in your community so that they can afford to continue to heat and cool their homes during the winter and/or summer months. The Light A Life program is available year round and is offered by the Salvation Army in partnership with Kentucky Power. It is also available across the state in all of their service territories.




Average Monthly Payment plan (AMP), or budget billing, will help customers plan their expenses over the course of a year and budget their money accordingly. It is available for customers of all income levels as well. When someone enrolls in AMP they will be able to pay a monthly amount on their bills each and every month. This will allow them to spread their monthly bills from Kentucky Power over the course of an entire year. It makes budgeting your expenses (in particular winter heating and summer cooling bills) a whole lot easier. There is also no cost to enroll.

Dial 1-800-572-1113 to learn more on these or other assistance programs in Kentucky. Or customers can learn about a payment plan for their account.

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