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Find how to save money on cell phone bills.

In modern society, cell phones are no longer a luxury commodity, but a basic need. They help to maintain smooth communication and allow people to stay connected with each other as well as get important information off the internet. Unfortunately, a cellular phone plan can be a bit pricey with services like unlimited data, text, and call.

Americans can expect to pay between $25- $100 per month for their cellular phone plans. This is a lot of money for a family that is living paycheck to paycheck or that is struggling to pay other bills. Below you will find a number of options for how you can lower the cost of your monthly cellular phone bill and save money.

Use an inexpensive mobile or internet applications

You can not only access the internet from Wi-Fi, but you can also make phone calls on it as well using an application. If you are looking to save money on your cell phone bill or even make free calls, you can disconnect your phone plan and use public WiFi whenever needed. Places like Starbucks, public libraries, or fast food establishments offer free WiFi.

For unlimited calls and texts, the following mobile apps will provide you with a personalized number for free or as little as $5 monthly for unlimited texting and calling. Doing this will prevent the need for an expensive plan from one of the major telephone providers.

TextFree: This app is available on any devices, and it provides you with a US number. Textfree offers unlimited text and calls for 30 days. After that, your phone number will expire and can be renewed for $4.99 per month, and you can permanently keep your phone number. Voicemail transcriptions are available and can be used for an additional $4.99 per month.

Burner: Burner App is mainly used to create a secondary number but can also be used as a primary phone to cut cost on your cell phone bill. This app has a free seven-day trial. After that, you can purchase a burner package for $4.99 monthly or up to three lines for other users, which can work for other family members for just $14.99 per month. This means that 3 people in your household can be making calls for less than $15 pre month, which is a fraction of the cost of services from a major provider.




Hushed: If you are unable to pay your cell phone bill or just looking to save money, Hushed App has a reasonable 7-day plan for $1.99 or a monthly unlimited plan for $4.99. This app offers free calls and messages to other Hushed users. So, you can also encourage your contacts, friends, and family to download Hushed to communicate for free without paying for phone services.

In addition to those apps for saving money, there are other options out there for general telephone and/or cell phone saving options. Almost all of these programs run on desktops as well as mobile devices. They include the following programs, apps, and websites.

  • Skype allows free calls to other Skype users.
  • Facebook messenger and/or WhatsApp.
  • Google voice if you have a gmail account, and there is also a free voicemail service.
  • Snapchat can be installed on your mobile device and it allows free cell phone calls to other account holders.

The technology is always changing, with new apps coming and going. Many can even be installed on tablets. Some may be free to install others may have a low cost involved. Regardless. It is possible to save money on cell phone calls as well as data plans. Always read the fine print before installing any application and go with an established company…not a fly by non phone application.





Wireless plans for veterans and military members: Every cell phone company offers discounts to veterans, National Guard Members, Army Reserve, as well as Active Duty service members. In general, the savings are also for their immediate family members. AT&T, Verizon, T Mobile, and pre-paid phone carriers among others also offer military discount plans. In general the savings can be 20 to 50% per plan. More on cell phone and wireless plan discounts for veterans and military.

Another way to save money on your monthly cell phone bill is to cut out the insurance. Do not pay for it. Companies offer it as it is a profit center for them - meaning corporations make money and consumers lose money. Studies show over 50% of people never file a claim or have issues with their phone. A better idea would be to in effect create your own insurance plan (self-fund) for a new cell phone. Read more about saving money on smartphone insurance.

Save on cell phone bills using government assistance

Very low income families, senior citizens, the disabled, and others may be able to get additional mobile phone bill assistance from public assistance programs. Or maybe even get a free phone! Note this form of financial assistance will often reduce the cost of phone service, but the family will still need to pay a portion of the cell phone bill, so it is another way to save money.

There are a couple different government programs out there that can help you save on the cost of a new phone or existing bill. They include Lifeline and Link-up. As noted, mostly lower income families or the elderly are qualified. The federal government runs this service in partnership with the major phone companies, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile among others. Find more details on government telephone assistance programs.

By Jon McNamara

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