Free money to help pay bills.

While free money to help pay bills sounds like a nice concept, the reality is that nothing in life is free. It just doesn’t exist, or at the very least it is very hard to get. That being said, there are countless ways to easily make some extra money, receive financial support, apply for government assistance, and find some type of financial help. While conditions will need to be met for all of these options, if you are successful they can in effect be considered free money.

Another tactic to take is that individuals, regardless of their age, background, or income, need to think about that any money you can save. Consider any help you receive from financial aid programs or funds from other sources as really a form of free money. This is a very effective approach for households that have a more limited income.

For example, if you save $20/month from an energy bill assistance plan that is offered by your local utility company or a government agency, that $20/month is in effect "free money". Using coupons on a monthly basis will help a family free up their income for paying other bills. If you save $50 per / month on your heating bill by using your heat more efficiently and conserving energy, that is also free money as $50 per month is more than you would have had otherwise.

Free money from government grants

Receiving free money to help pay for bills from government, public or private grants is possible but is more challenging. While they do exist, they are harder to find, and there are typically strict criteria for applicants. Most of the grants are not available for everyone. So while they are not common and will have conditions and a formal application process in place, you should take the time to review grants that are available. More.

The truth is that the government doesn’t technically just hand out grants or free cash, but there are programs and resources to explore. Some of these can provide some short term financial assistance and maybe even free money. Any assistance is very targeted to solving a certain issue. This can then be used for paying bills. For example, explore the resources below. Staff associated with these programs can show struggling families how to get free money to help with their bills.





Non-profits can receive funds from the federal government as part of CSBG block grants. Your local community action agency may offer funds from such government assistance programs as LIHEAP, weatherization, and the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP).

Government agencies or a department of social social services can distribute free money as part of welfare or other cash assistance programs. Much of this is focused on the vulnerable, including the disabled, homeless, or elderly. They may be able to provide grants that can be used for free prescription drugs, security deposits, and money for making monthly rent payments. More on public aid and assistance.

People with a medical crisis may be able to get help from one of these resources. As one example, there are free sources of money including grants and financial help for cancer bills.

There are a number of charities as well as some churches that offer free items to low income families or people in a crisis. Some may offer money to those that meet a wide range of eligibility criteria, but this is not common. Much more likely is for an applicant to get free stuff for their family to help them make it through a short term crisis. Programs may run seasonally and often rely on donations. Find a listing of agencies as wel las programs that offer free stuff.

A national charity, the Jewish Association, provides money as an interest free loan as well in a limited number of cases. In some cases the funds are issued to people of any religion, but some of the affiliates due have more restrictions. The savings accrued from borrowing money that does not charge the person any monthly interest can be significant, and the money saved can also be thought of as a form of free financial help. More on interest free loans from Jewish Association.

Many charities, churches and agencies offer additional support around the holidays. A focus is on supporting children from low income families and they may receive free toys, money in the form of gift certificates, vouchers, clothing, and more. Receive assistance and free Christmas money and gifts.




Additional ways to make free money

Other ways to make money from home include you can write articles from home to make some cash, do mystery shopping, and more. But once again, nothing in life is free. You do need to put in some effort, including time to research the best opportunities and to of course time to do the work itself. Find several work from home opportunities, including survey and market research. We firmly believe that market research and survey may be the closest thing to free money (from a source of income) that exist. The process is so simple to start up and continue with.

As noted above, the best way to make free money is to get short term assistance, budget properly and save. Say you save 10%, or $20 / month on your energy bill. That $20 per month you will have month in and month out. Or if you consolidate your credit card debt and lower your monthly payments by say 15%, that as well is a form of free money from savings on your monthly interest costs. So save money, and take advantage of assistance programs. That is the best advice for free money to help pay bills that we can give you. Many of the ways to save are simple and won't cost you a thing.

In addition to saving money or making some extra cash, there are also some other work from home opportunities that can be in effect free money. But you still need to put in some time and effort. For example, online market research and surveys are a very easy way to starting making money. There are no sign up costs or applications to complete. While of course there are no guarantees, many people can make $100 per month with a very limited amount of effort.

For those individuals who put in a little more time and effort, many individuals who use these services can make up to a few hundred dollars per month. Online market research and surveys can also be turned into a home business by referring your friends, family, neighbors, and others. You will get a referral fee and ongoing commission for every action they take. ABC News wrote a positive article about survey and market research as well.

Those are just a few of the options available. Families can explore many other resources that may offer financial help. All throughout this site is information on grants, free money from government programs, charities, non-profits, public resources and more. This can be used to show you how to apply for free cash aid programs or to locate sources of money as well as other support for your family. A search box is at the top for your convenience.





If you do qualify for any public assistance from the government, or any other agency for that matter, use the funds and money provided to you wisely. Take advantage of those grants to get yourself back on the path to self-sufficiency. As once you apply for help just once, most programs will not continue to freely support families or individuals over the long term.

Your best approach is to fully explore this site for government programs, charities, and information and resources on other programs that may provide a limited amount of money. While free financial help is difficult to find, and all funds will always be limited and come with restrictions, there are resources available.


By Jon McNamara

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