Maryland aid and assistance programs.

You can get help and assistance in all cities and counties in Maryland listed below, including Baltimore and Columbia. Low income or working poor residents can find financial assistance for paying expenses including heating bills or rent. There are also social services that provide free medical or dental care, medications, food, low income housing, and other benefits for struggling families.

Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program
This program will help qualified Maryland residents, regardless of age, who are not eligible for the state’s Medical Assistance Program or Medicaid. Eligibility to this prescription drug program is not limited to the elderly and disabled and people of all ages and backgrounds can apply. Call 1-800-226-2142. OR fina additional ways to receive free prescription drugs. More.

Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP)
Provides healthcare benefits using a managed care organization and the Maryland HealthChoice Program to pregnant women and children up to the age of 19. (800) 456-8900

Primary Adult Care Program (PAC)
This resource is a form of insurance. The Primary Adult Care Program will provide help with medical expenses to lower income adults through a managed health care organization. 1-800-226-2142

Maryland Health Insurance Plan (MHIP)
The MHIP program is a state-administered health insurance program for Maryland residents who do not qualify for other health insurance programs or other financial aid. This program will help those in need with paying their medical bills. 1-888-444-9016

Medical Debt Assistance and Help From Collectors
Laws and regulations are in place that prevent illegal collection efforts and that will ensure patients are treated fairly. Find out more information on medical debt collection laws.





Child Care Subsidy or Purchase of Child Care (POC)
This program will help eligible families pay for needed child care bills. Vouchers and grants, which are issued to eligible families by local departments of social services, can be used to purchase services from any regulated child care center or home. Participants of this program can even use the services of an informal child care provider that is approved by the local department. Read child care programs in Maryland.

Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)
This federal government funded program distributes federal surplus foods to needy households and emergency food pantries. 877.634.6361

Food Stamp Program
Helps low income, and families that are struggling, buy the food they need for good health. Vouchers and other aid is distributed.

Debt Consolidation and Credit Services
Individuals who need help paying debts, improving credit, or who need free advice on paying bills can contact a credit counselor. Non-profit organizations offer various financial solutions to residents. More on Maryland credit counseling.

Cash Assistance and Social Services
Maryland can provide struggling and low income families with a number of government assistance programs. Qualified individuals can get help for paying energy bills, medical expenses, prescriptions, and more. Some agencies can also help people find a job. More public assistance in Maryland.

Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Assistance in Maryland
The state of Maryland has some programs that will help families with paying their mortgage. They also try to stop foreclosures. Learn more.

Also find a listing of non-profit organizations in Maryland that are HUD approved. Many offer free aid and support to borrowers. Continue.

Government Grants and Employment Services
If you need a new job, career counseling, or information on how to apply for emergency grants for paying bills, then look into resources offered by non-profits. Read more Maryland community action agencies.





Maryland Job and Employment Programs
Government sponsored centers help the underemployed, disadvantaged, and unemployed find a job or gain new skills. Counselors can coordinate training and offer job search assistance. Learn more.

Free Legal Advice
Maryland Legal Aid has helped over 50,000 individuals across the state last year. The attorneys provide free legal assistance and pro-bono services to low income families and individuals. Continue.

Maryland Senior Assistance
Older adults and the elderly are supported by Agencies on Aging offices. The centers focus on people over 55. The centers can help them obtain medications, health insurance/medicare, food, and home care programs. Senior citizens and others can benefit from these Maryland centers. Click here.

Heating Bills and Energy Costs
Many utility companies in Maryland offer help for paying energy bills. They administer their own grant and weatherization programs. Find a listing of Maryland utility assistance programs. These are in addition to resources available at the county level below.

Disabled Assistance
The state of Maryland offers support and benefits to individuals with a disability as well as their caretakers and family members. Medical care, prescriptions, financial aid, housing, and home delivered meals are just some of the services offered. More on disability benefits in Maryland.

Financial Assistance in a Crisis
The Salvation Army has a center in every county across Maryland. The non-profit provides case management, referrals, and as funding allows, may be able to offer financial assistance for rent, utilities, medications, and other bills. More Salvation Army financial assistance.

Maryland Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program
Both moderate and low income residents can receive financial assistance from this program. It will help people were are eligible for Medicare and who are also enrolled in a prescription drug plan. Continue.

Free Food from Food Banks and Pantries
The low income, working poor, unemployed, and people facing a hardship can get free food from a pantry, charity, or regional food distribution center. Read more on Maryland food banks.

Eviction Assistance and Rehousing
Low income families facing homelessness, whether a pay or quit notice or foreclosure, can receive emergency grants for paying back rent or counseling. Other aid from Maryland may be help with paying a utility or security deposit, low income housing, and referrals to shelters. More on Maryland eviction and deposit help.

Vouchers for Housing Expenses
Very low income and evicted Maryland residents can turn to the section 8 HUD program. A subsidy from the federal government can be used to pay a portion of rent, including for seniors and families with a disabled member. Read more Maryland section 8.

Maryland Health Care Centers and Community Clinics
Find locations of centers that may be able to offer qualified individuals with free or low cost, and high quality, medical and/or dental care. The clinics help tens of thousands of people every year. Click here.





Dental care is also offered by various non-profits and government supported clinics. Numerous dentists and medical professionals participate in providing coverage. Read more on Maryland dental clinics.

Maryland families that are uninsured or have limited insurance policies have several assistance programs available for them and their medical needs. They range from prescription medications to cancer screenings and general check ups. Get more information.

Low Income and Emergency Housing Assistance
Several government funded programs can help Maryland families pay their rent in an emergency. Counselors can also help them find and pay for low-income housing. Some resources are offered by non-profits, and others by government agencies. Read more.

Assistance From Maryland Cities and Counties

Allegany County (Cumberland)

Anne Arundel County (Annapolis)

Baltimore County (Towson)

Calvert County (Prince Frederick)

Carroll County (Westminster)

Cecil County (Elkton)

Charles County (La Plata)

Dorchester County (Cambridge)

Frederick County

Hartford County (Bel Air)

Howard County (Ellicot City)

Kent County (Chestertown)


Montgomery County (Rockville)

Prince George’s County (Upper Marlboro)

  • Food pantries and banks in Prince George. Click here.
  • Community clinics and free medical care. Read more.

Queen Anne's County (Centreville)

Somerset County (Princess Anne)

St. Mary’s (Leonardtown)

Talbot County (Easton)

Washington County (Hagerstown)

Wicomico County (Salisbury)

Worcester County (Snow Hill)

  • Agencies that focus on Berlin

Maryland Assistance With Paying Utility and Heating Bills

Project Energy Assistance
This is a comprehensive state plan that helps Maryland's families with their energy costs and electric bills. Project Energy Assistance extends those eligible for aid to have income requirements of up to 200% of the poverty level.

Maryland Dollar Energy Fund
Customers who have received a disconnect notice for their heating or utility service can receive a one time cash grant from this program. It is not a charity program, and applicants need to have shown that they were timely with their payments in the past. Learn more.

Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP)
The EUSP includes current electric bill assistance, weatherization services, and retirement of certain old heating and utility bills.

Universal Service Protection Program (USPP)
Available to LIHEAP program members, the USPP plan reduces and evens out monthly utility payments by subtracting the amount of the federal governments LIHEAP payments from a customer’s yearly bill and dividing the remainder by twelve months. Those who stay on bill payment plans are eligible for credits from some utilities.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
Provides home weatherization services such as caulking, weather stripping, plastic window covering, etc. to help make your apartment or house more fuel efficient and comfortable at no cost to eligible families. The goal is to reduce energy bills.

Transitional Emergency, Medical, and Housing Assistance (TEMHA) 11
Lower income households that have adult disabled persons are paid monthly with TEMHA 11 funds, of which $40 is designated to energy assistance and energy bills.

Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP)
Provides assistance to Maryland residents with paying home heating bills. Payments are made to your utility or gas  company on your behalf. Under this aid program there is also limited assistance available to replace inefficient or broken refrigerators and furnaces.





Free and Discounted Heating Oil
Citizens Energy Oil Heat program offers free and/or discounted heating oil. Citizens works closely with fuel assistance and heating agencies across Maryland. They work with heating oil dealers to provide free or discounted home heating oil to those who need assistance with heating bills.

By Jon McNamara

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