Prince George’s County assistance programs.

Get help with bills, employment opportunities, and job training

United Communities Against Poverty (UCAP) is the Community Action Agency (CAA) for Prince George’s County, Maryland. United Communities Against Poverty, Inc., offers various services and they have created numerous programs to assist low and moderate income families with their bills. Some of what they offer includes : Emergency food and shelter, Mortgage/rental/utility assistance, Food pantry, Job training, Computer classes, and more. They have several locations and offices around the county. Their main office is located at 1400 Doewood Lane, Capitol Heights, MD 20731, and the phone number is 301.322.5700.

Rent Assistance and Homeless Prevention Program - Aid is provided through UCAP’s administration of the Service-Linked Housing Program (SLHP). This program will assist low and moderate income families and individuals. There are resources that will stop an eviction, and also help homeless people find housing. People who apply and are qualified may be able to receive financial support for rent, funds to prevent eviction, grants for utility bills, and also help for paying a security deposit and first months rent. Find additional rent assistance programs.

Employment Services - Clients of the community action agency can receive access to services and resources that will help them enter the job market following a layoff, periods of unemployment, part time jobs, or sporadic work periods. This program will help Maryland residents and it will provide them with support service to increase employment opportunities or job training. The goal is to help a client increase their income as well as skills.

Employment services provide support groups, references, workshops, life skills management counseling, training, discussion groups, and referrals to encourage the acquisition of job seeking and job securing skills, leadership qualities, and decision-making skills. Almost 150 people from Baltimore and the surrounding area are provided access to these services each and every month.

Job Training and Educational Services - Job and computer training is offered by UCAP to anyone who is seeking to advance computer training and knowledge, and people can get help with upgrading their software skills so that they can compete in a tight job market. The computer training program will help residents improve their computer knowledge, skills, and access, advance literacy, and the bottom line is that it will prepare them to take advantage of future employment opportunities.





In addition to computer training, Adult Basic Education offers preparation classes that are designed for Maryland residents striving to achieve their High School Diploma. Clients to this program will participate in a 15-week program that provides instruction in Science, Reading, Math, Social Studies and Writing – which are the 5 areas covered on the Maryland GED examination and will help when searching for a job.

Energy Bill Assistance From Prince George’s County - Tens of thousands of people need help paying their heating and utility bills each and every year. The federal government funded Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a grant program which will assist low to moderate income households, whether you own your home or rent, with paying their energy bills. The application period runs from November to March of each year.

Many other services are available from the UCAP community action agency. Since funding is limited, some applicants will be issued a loan for addressing their financial needs that will have to be repaid over time. Find more details on United Communities Against Poverty financial assistance.

Residents that need help with utility bills have options too. If you are interested in more information or applying to LIHEAP, contact the Department of Social Services to apply for LIHEAP. They are located at 425 Brightseat Road , Landover, Maryland, and the phone number is 301-909-6300.

Food assistance

The SHARE Food Network offers thousands of local families discounted food and groceries. Participants of the SHARE program may purchase $50 worth of groceries or nutritious food for only $18. They also need to commit to giving two hours of volunteer service. Packages and food aid are distributed monthly to people in need through a network of 350 community organizations and churches. Anyone may participate in this food assistance program including low income families, elderly, the unemployed, and others. Dial (301) 864-3115.

In addition to the above Network, there are several free food banks and pantries in the county that can help people facing a hardship or assist the low income. The amount of assistance they can provide is extensive. Find Prince George food bank locations.

Mortgage, rent, heating and and utility bill assistance

FISH of Laurel runs numerous programs. Financial assistance may be available to provide direct financial assistance and cash grants to Prince George County residents for utility bill assistance (will pay the last $200) and eviction prevention, once a year only. They are located in Laurel Maryland. A food pantry and other programs are also available. (301) 262-7106




Laurel Advocacy and Referral Services also is one of the primary non-profit agencies to contact for financial help and information on social services. The agency only covers the following zip codes. In addition, clients need to have a residence or be homeless in the Laurel MD area. The zip codes (which are all in Laurel MD) include 20707 as well as 20708 in Prince George’s County, 20723 in Howard County and also 20724 in Anne Arundel County.

They offers funds for paying rent, and can help people apply for heating and utility help. They also run crisis intervention programs, a holiday assistance program, and run a food pantry. Dial (301) 776-0442 if you live in the town of Laurel and the zip codes indicated above.

Hyattsville Maryland based Community Crisis Services Inc. runs a run assistance program for county residents. They offer money to pay for rent, offer eviction prevention, rental assistance and security deposit help. Dial (301) 864-7161.

Community Ministry of Prince George’s County (phone (301) 499-2319) offers financial assistance for utility bills, free food, information and education programs to resident of Prince George's County. For example, they can refer people to Maryland pro bono mortgage programs.

Assistance from attorneys - Low income residents and seniors in Prince George’s can get free advice. Law firms provide assistance in dealing with eviction letters as well as help on consumer debts. Or receive support in applying for benefits such as section 8 or disability, among others. More on legal aid in Price George’s.

RAP homeless prevention helps low income tenants. Non-profits and the Department of Social Services provide emergency funds for everything from back rent to water or heating bills. The program also combines self-sufficiency services, ranging from free legal aid to job placement. Click here.

Bethel House, Inc. runs an emergency food pantry, provides financial assistance for paying utility bills (water, gas, heating, and electric), provide thanksgiving and Christmas assistance as well as other forms of aid and information. Phone (301) 372-1700.

Saint Vincent de Paul has a crisis assistance fund. For residents of Prince Georges that are qualified for MEAP, there may be additional assistance for utility bills. Other services include free holiday meals, shelter, a thrift store, and possible one time help for back rent or housing costs. Telephone - 410-727-3523, or find more information on St. Vincent services in Prince George’s County.

Bowie Interfaith Pantry and Emergency Aid Fund - While they offer free food or groceries to people across the county, financial aid is only administered to people from the city itself. One time grants may be issued for heating or water bills, rent, or medications. A focus is on seniors, the disabled, and single moms that meet income requirements. Address is 2614 Kenhill Drive, Bowie MD, 20715, dial 301-262-6765.

Salvation Army, Prince George’s County (phone (301) 277-6103 and based in Hyattsville) offers numerous assistance programs. They include those listed below.

  • Fuel fund - Help for heating bills, and provide fuel.
  • Emergency food - Groceries, food, and other household products
  • Utility bills - Assistance for water bills, electric, and other energy expenses. Read more.
  • School aid - Clothes, shoes, and other supplies for children.
  • Christmas assistance - Includes free gifts for children and meals for families.
  • Several other emergency assistance programs and services are offered. Click here.





A local non-profit agency that goes by the name of Social Services helps Baltimore and Prince George’s families. They offer extensive resources, including information and referral to government programs, emergency assistance with paying rent, mortgage, or utilities, case management, holiday baskets, foreclosure prevention, supportive counseling, weekly food distribution, emergency food and clothing distribution. But the aid doesn’t stop there. They offer enrollment of non-citizen children in public schools serving as liaison/translation between parents and school administrators. The agency will help families in need. One service they can refer people to is the Maryland foreclosure mediation program.

Credits for water and sewer bills can be provided. This is a form of indirect financial help. The credits can help anyone living up to 200% of poverty levels. There are two different programs to try, and find additional details on Prince George’s County water bill assistance programs.

Non-profit and government rent help - Several agencies provide tenants with emergency assistance for housing expenses ranging from security deposits to past due rent. While most of the funding for these programs does come from the state, there are other grants and eviction prevention services available as well. More Prince Georges rental assistance.

Samaritan Community Inc. - While they primarily provide food, they can from time to time provide emergency assistance to thousands of families and individuals. So while cash assistance is very limited, they can always offer advice to those who need help. (410) 225-9500, or click here.

Prince George's County Social Services - The county offers emergency assistance, public aid, or other help for paying for bills. Other resources can provide case management and social services, such as help finding a job and employment training, to the low income. Learn more.

Clothes, household goods and Christmas assistance is provided by thrift stores and clothing closets. Several centers around the greater Prince George County area will provide free items to the less fortunate and low income families in Maryland. Some non-profits may distribute vouchers or gift certificates so that clients can shop on their own and purchase exactly what they need. Click details.

Aging Services Division supports senior citizens and the disabled in Prince George’s. An information line is available which serves as an intake service. Some of the resources that may be offered are as follows.

  • Ombudsman is for those in home or nursing care.
  • Medical needs are addressed by Prince George's County Aging Services Division. Learn about Medicare, SSI cash payments, and more.
  • Money Follows the Person will provide seniors tips on paying the bills and how to find representative payee services.
  • Meals on Wheels service can deliver lunch, and there are other food programs.
  • For additional details, read Prince George's County Aging Services.





Prince George County programs that help all Maryland residents

Various resources and financial assistance programs are available for all Maryland families and individuals, including Prince George residents. They include the following resources.

Legal aid

Baltimore families can receive free legal aid from Maryland Legal Services Corporation. This non-profit law firm has attorneys that can help with a variety of legal issues, including foreclosures, eviction, illegal debt collectors, family disputes, and more. Click here to learn more on the legal programs, or dial 1.800.492.1340.

Get access to debt, foreclosure, and credit help

Call Money Management International, Consumer Credit Counseling at (800) 747-4222. They provide numerous services to consumers, including bankruptcy advice and ways to go through the process. Counselors also provide information on debt reduction and management plans and programs. Budgeting and financial counseling is also offered. Another option available for homeowners is free foreclosure counseling from HUD approved counselors. They can direct you to both federal government and Maryland mortgage programs. Learn more on mortgage programs.

Health care for low income and uninsured

Prince George’s County Health Department can direct you to places to go for free health care, and they themselves may offer some limited programs. For example, they offer dental programs for children and pregnant moms. Phone (301) 583-5900.

Laurel Health Center offers health care and medical services on a sliding fee scale. 301-604-5254





Another community clinic in Prince George’s County is Walker Mill Health Center. Phone (301) 324-1500. The facility offers general health care and screening on a sliding fee/medical bill scale. They offer screening, immunizations, case management, and other forms of aid.

If the 3 centers above can’t help you, find more Prince George clinics and learn about the medical services they administer.


By Jon McNamara

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