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Utility and electric bill assistance programs Maryland

Find how gas, electric, and utility companies across Maryland offer low income, the elderly, and struggling customers with a wide variety of assistance programs. There are also free grants from the government to help pay energy bills as well as free conservation measures. Some of the programs focus on preventing disconnections or offer emergency or long term payment plans. Some utility companies or the government will provide emergency funding, free grant money, and other services. Find details below on applying to utility bill help in Maryland.

Utility companies in Maryland may also have partnerships between local charities, non-profits, and social service agencies. The goal is to help low income families, seniors, and the disabled (among others) keep their lights and power on. Get information below on where to go for utility help in Maryland.

Maryland state government low income programs

Another program at the state level is Universal Service Protection Program (USPP). This particular program is available to LIHEAP recipients. The USPP program will reduce and also even out monthly utility and energy bill payments by subtracting the amount of the LIHEAP benefit from a customer’s yearly bill and dividing the remainder of the outstanding bill by twelve months. Those Maryland customers who keep on established payment plans may also be eligible for additional credits on their bills from some utilities. To apply call your utility company and refer to this program.

Low-Income Rate Assistance in Maryland. The state’s largest utility company, Baltimore Gas and Electric, as well as many smaller utility companies throughout the state offer application fee waivers, deposit, reconnect fee assistance and more to qualifying customers. Some examples of the services are below. But you should always call your power company and speak to them directly - refer to this rate.

Another Maryland state program is the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP). The EUSP program currently includes current utility and electric bill assistance, retirement of certain old bills, and energy saving weatherization services. There is limited funding. Eligible customers may receive both EUSP and federal government LIHEAP aid. Call 1-800-352-1446.




The listing below should include most, if not all electric, utility, and gas companies across Maryland. However, if your utility company is not listed below then you still have options and resources at your disposal. They include government programs, non-profits, and more. Find more utility programs by calling a non-profit.

Gas and heating costs - When winter comes around, many Maryland families struggle to keep up with their heating bills. Several non-profit agencies and organizations are available to provide financial help to low income, elderly, and struggling families. Find a listing of Maryland heating bill assistance programs.

LIHEAP and weatherization measures - State as well as federal government cash grants can be used to pay heating bills as part of MEAP. In addition, the free weatherization services can help Maryland residents save energy and money. Both are paid for by the government and assistance is available for low income families. Learn more on MEAP grants and weatherization in MD.

Transitional Emergency, Medical, and Housing Assistance (TEMHA) – This is a service that is for qualified low-income households of adult disabled persons are currently being paid monthly with TEMHA 11 funds, of which $40 is designated to provide for energy bill assistance. Contact the nearest local Department of Social Services, or call 1-800-332-6347.

Or community action agency in your county to learn more.  In addition to financial aid provided from TEMHA, additional local energy tax dollars are given in a rebate to low-income households in two counties. In St. Mary's County Maryland a payment of $55 is sent to qualified MEAP households. In Prince George's County, the MEAP grant is $72 per household. So these additional funds can further help qualified individuals.

Maryland Dollar Energy Fund - Customers who have received a disconnect notice for their heating or utility service can receive a one time cash grant from this program. It is not a charity program, and applicants need to have shown that they were timely with their payments in the past. Learn more about Dollar Energy Fund.

Unfortunately thousands of people across Maryland are faced with disconnection of their energy and heating services every year. Luckily you do have rights. Get information on utility service disconnection laws.





Get assistance for energy, electric, and heat bills from utility companies in Maryland

Allegheny Power (also known as Potomac Edison) – They do offer conservation and weatherization plans. Call 1-800-686-0011 for information on energy assistance plans.

Allegheny Power (also known as Potomac Edison) – Various services and resources are offered. You will need to call 1-800-686-0011 for information on energy and heating bill assistance plans.

Allegheny Power (also known as  (Potomac Edison) offers customers the Community Energy Fund. The program is funded by private donations in partnership with Allegheny Power. The energy bill assistance program provides emergency assistance for energy and utility needs such as gas, electricity, wood, heating bills, kerosene, and fuel oil. However, grants only will be provided for the primary heating sources and in an emergency situation. Garrett County, 301-334-9431. Washington County, 301-797-4161. Frederick County, 301-694-2410. St. Mary's County, 301-274-4474

Baltimore Gas and Electric - Customer Assistance Maintenance Program (CAMP) can help customers who are now also part of the Universal Service Protection Program. These individuals may be able to qualify to earn monthly utility bill credits ranging from $7 to $12. The amount of credit is based upon the household’s total income. Call 1-800-685-0123 to learn more or apply for help.

Baltimore Gas and Electric – If you are a customer who is currently receiving energy bill assistance from either the Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP) or the Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP) then you can call to schedule an appointment for your comprehensive home energy audit by calling 877.685.7377 or 1-800-685-0123. You can also call your local community action agency.

Baltimore Gas and Electric – The Income Limited Energy Efficiency Program is an option for qualifying low income households, and these individuals may become eligible for the installation of energy-saving and conservation measures following a comprehensive home energy audit performed by a certified energy advisor who is a certified building science professional. If you qualify for this energy bill saving program, this audit and any follow-up improvements are included in your current BGE service at no additional cost to the applicant.

Customers can benefit from improvements. The updates made to a clients residence may include Air sealing (e.g., caulking, weather stripping), Insulation, Heat pump tune-up, repair, or replacement, Windows and exterior door repairs. There may also be duct sealing and insulation, Major appliances (refrigerators, clothes washers, room air conditioners, Gas furnace and boiler repairs or replacements for natural gas customers, High-efficiency lighting, Faucet aerators, Water heater tank wraps and pipe insulation and much more.

A number of other payment plans and resources are provided by BGE. Locate more Baltimore Gas and Electric assistance programs.

Berlin Electric - A charity program just known as Energy Assistance Program is offered and it provides energy bill assistance for those customers who were not able to get help through the Maryland Energy Assistance Program and are facing an imminent disconnection or termination of service if they are not able to pay their utility bill. Shore UP! Will administer the program for Berlin. Electric. Call them at 410-749-1142





Chesapeake Utilities - Sharing Program may be able to assist elderly, disabled or low income and fixed income households with winter heating costs and bills. Applications for the grants are available through Shore-Up, and people should call 410-749-1142 to learn more or to apply for help.

Chesapeake Utilities also fully supports state, federal, and regional government assistance programs. For example, low income customers in Maryland can apply for resources such as the Energy Assistance Program and the Universal Service Protection Program. Customer service representatives can advice families on their options. More on Chesapeake Utilities Maryland programs.

Columbia Gas – Administers the HeatShare program. This may be able to provide energy grants to customers for use in offsetting arrears on their bills or provide funds for restoring service to terminated utility accounts. The assistance fund is designed for customers with low incomes and who are struggling and who have exhausted all other available energy and heating bill assistance programs. Call 1-800-537-7431

Columbia Gas – The utility company administers the federal government funded Low Income Weatherization Program. This is designated as a free program, and it is tailored for customers with low incomes and who have higher gas usage. The goal of the program is to identify an energy picture of a home and takes action to seal up areas of heat loss.  If you are interested in learning more, or to apply for the LIW Program or start the application process, call the Allegany County's Energy Assistance Program at 1-800-537-7431.

Columbia Gas runs the Dollar Energy Fund Hardship Program. This may be able to help eligible customers, whose income is currently at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. They may be able to receive a one-time grant that is applied directly to their utility or heating bill. Potential applicants to the program need to contact their local community action agency. Read more on Maryland Columbia Gas assistance programs.

Delmarva Power (Conectiv) – This power company administers the Good Neighbor Fuel Fund. Delmarva Power will match customer contributions with a donation from shareholders. A household who is interested in the program must first apply for LIHEAP government assistance first. Funds are administered by the Salvation Army. Call the following numbers to apply. Elkton 410-996-0241. Bel Air 410-939-3535 x 22. Salisbury 410-749-3077

Delmarva Power can also provide other aid. The energy company works closely with non-profits agencies across Delaware and they will refer customers to those local programs. Low income customers are also encourage to apply for federal government funded low income energy and heating bill assistance programs. Learn more on assistance from Delmarva Power.

Fuel Fund of Maryland, Inc. may be able to helps customers of the energy company that use heating oil or other fuel sources. FFCM is an umbrella organization comprised of local fuel funds and charities in Baltimore City and Harford, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard and Carroll counties. Continue with Maryland fuel fund.

Potomac Edison - Financial assistance programs offered for low income customers include Electric Universal Service Program, individual payment plans, and Maryland Energy Assistance Program. Customer service representatives are willing to explore all available options. Click here for more information on Potomac Edison assistance programs.

Southern Maryland Electric Coop – Customers of this company can apply for the Tri-County Fuel Fund. The assistance program is funded by private donations, the Southern Maryland Electric Company's Project Match, charities and fund-raisers. The Fuel Fund provides assistance with paying for electric, wood, oil and fuel oil and serves 3 counties across Maryland. Grants from this fund are given to an applicant who has received a disconnection and/or utility termination notice and has applied for MEAP.  Call 301-274-4474 if you live in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's Counties Maryland.







The Victorine Q. Adams Fuel Fund - This assistance program was formerly the Baltimore City Fuel Fund. It currently up to $125 to clients facing shut-offs, the fund can provide utility credits toward arrearages and operates an emergency heating oil and assistance program, which provides 100 gallons of heating oil to eligible low to moderate families at nominal cost. Applications for assistance are taken through the two Mayor’s Crisis Resource Centers. Call Mayor’s Crisis Center West 410-396-4777 or dial Mayor’s Crisis Center East 410-396-4433.

Washington Gas - Call them to learn about the Washington Area Fuel Fund. Te program is operated by the Salvation Army, and it may be able to aid customers who need assistance paying their home heating bills. Contact the Salvation Army in the following counties to apply or get help. Montgomery, 301-515-5354; Calvert and Charles, 301-645-1561; Prince George's, 301-277-6103 and St. Mary's, 301-769-2788. Read more on payment plans as well as Washington Gas financial assistance programs.

Washington Gas Light Company – They offer the Residential Essential Service (RES). This service is for MEAP-eligible residents who currently use natural gas for their home heating energy source and in which the customer is current on their heating and utility. The customers who meet these criteria may be eligible to receive additional discounts on a portion of their Washington Gas energy bills during the cold Maryland winter heating season. The discount provided to qualified customers could be worth up to $135. For more information, contact the Maryland Department of Human Resources Energy Hotline at 1-800-352-1446. Or call the company at (703) 750-1000.

By Jon McNamara

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