Maryland Fuel Fund assistance program.

One of the primary programs available in Maryland for paying heating and energy bills is the Fuel Fund. It relies on donations and contributions from people and businesses across the state. BGE as well as several non-profit and charity organizations are key partners for the program. The Fuel Fund is run as an independent 501-c3 non-profit organization and it provides energy bill assistance to residents in order to help them pay heating and utility bills. It is offered for thousands of people in need.

While funding is limited, thousands of families and seniors will tend to receive help every year. Residents may qualify for this or other Office of Home Energy Programs. Aid is usually for those that have not received help from the Fuel Fund in the past year, the applicant has a turn off or disconnect notice, or if they are out of heating oil or bulk fuel.

Applicants need to first look into other resources. They need to have received a certification from the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs. So individuals need to first apply for the MEAP/EUSP Program at the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs (OHEP). For more information on this process or the MEAP and EUSP programs, call the Office of Home Energy Programs at 800.352-1446. At this point they can make an appointment with a non-profit Fuel Fund in your community, as indicated below.

At the time of your appointment, be sure to bring proof of hardship and other documents for the staff to see. Some of what may be required includes certification from OHEP, a picture I.D., your last utility or BGE bill, and any money you have to contribute to the bill. Other documentation will be proof of mortgage, your lease or rent payment if applicable, tax bill or Section 8 certificate. Applicants will need to make a partial payment as the Fuel Fund will not pay your entire cost.

Working with the individual, the Fuel Fund helps to pay a portion of the bill. Even after the utility bill has been paid, the household may receive an additional turn-off notice. The reason is that it may take 60 days for the Fuel Fund payment to clear. So continue to pay toward your bill. If they continue to make payments toward their current bill this will prevent a future turn-off. Also, ask BGE for a payment plan or extension. This is also key.




The assistance from the Fuel Fund can go a long way towards preventing homelessness. The number two reason for evictions in Maryland is from not paying utility or heating bills. The program can help keep people secure in their homes with their families.

The program relies on donation. You can help families who can't afford to cool their homes during the winter or heat their homes this winter. If you can afford to, please give to the Maryland Fuel Fund. Your contributions, no matter how much, go directly to those who need assistance with their bills and no money is used to pay for administrative costs.

Many of the key beneficiaries are also income qualified families with young children, the disabled, or elderly. The Fuel Fund of Maryland can help people from having to decide between buying food or maybe acquiring medications. With the ever increasing costs or health care and groceries it can be hard for the elderly to keep up with all these energy bills.

Agencies to contact for fuel assistance

Calvert County, Charles County, St. Mary's County - The Southern Maryland Tri County Community Action Committee Inc.
Main address is 8371 Old Leonardtown Rd.
Hughesville, Maryland 20637

In Calvert County, dial 410.535.1010
Residents of Charles County call 301.274.4474
Or in St. Mary's County call 301.475.5574

Carroll County - Human Services Programs of Carroll County
Address is 10 Distillery Drive
Westminster, MD 21157
Main phone number is 410.876.5407

Montgomery County - Salvation Army Center
20021 Aircraft Dr.
Germantown, MD 20874
Main phone - 301.515.5354





Prince Georges County - Salvation Army
4825 Edmonston Rd.
Hyattsville, Maryland 20781
Phone - 301.277.6103

Howard County families call Community Action Council, Inc. of Howard County
Location is 6751 Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
Telephone - 410.313.6440

Harford County - Community Action Agency, Inc. of Harford County
Location is 1321 B Woodbridge Station Way
Edgewood, Maryland 21040
Main phone – 410.612.9909

Anne Arundel County is supported by the community action agency of Anne Arundel Economic Opportunity Committee, Inc.
251 West Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
Main phone - 410.626.1900

Baltimore County has several non-profits and organizations that process applications for the Fuel Fund. They are noted below.
Baltimore County Community Assistance Network, Inc.
Main address is 7900 Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone - 410.285.4674

CEFM Network, Inc.
25 Bloomsbury Avenue
Catonsville, MD 21228

United Church Assistance Network (UCAN)
P.O. Box 1103
40 Church Lane
Cockeysville, Maryland 21030
Phone 410.628.2102




Residents of the city of Baltimore should call the following.
5513 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212
Dial 410.433.2442 or 410.532.2273

Paul's Place, Inc.
Location is 1118 Ward Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
Main phone number is 410.625.0775

Salvation Army
Location is 814 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
Main phone number is 410.783.2920

Samaritan Center, St Vincent DePaul of Baltimore
Address is 17 W. Franklin St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
Telephone - 410.659.4020

St. Mary's Outreach Center
3900 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
Call 410.366.3106

By Jon McNamara

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