Utility assistance from Baltimore Gas and Electric.

Customers who need help with paying their bills can contact Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) to learn about resources that are available. The company runs several of its own financial assistance programs and payment plans, and they also work closely with a number of government and non-profit agencies. So representatives from BGE can explore all of the various services and low income programs that are available to families.

Some of the federal and state of Maryland funded assistance programs include Maryland Energy Assistance Program (MEAP), Electric Universal Service Program (EUSP), and weatherization. MEAP is the states version of the low income energy assistance program (LIHEAP). All of these are either paid for by the state of Maryland or federal government sources.

The two direct cash grant programs are the Maryland Energy Assistance Program as well as the Electric Universal Service Program. Cash grants are provided from the Maryland Energy Assistance Program. It can help low income and struggling Baltimore Gas and Electric customers pay their heating bills, regardless of their heating source or fuel type. The other resource, Electric Universal Service Program, will assist customers with the electric portion of their bill.

Both of those services run throughout the year, and Baltimore Gas and Electric customers can apply at anytime. The financial assistance programs can also address resolution of past utility debts, offer bill payment assistance, and even energy weatherization, conservation, and saving programs.

The other federal government program is the Weatherization Assistance Program. Dial 800.638.7781. This is a free energy conservation program for qualified low income customers, with a focus on people who spend a large sum of their income on their heating and utility bills. It is usually offered for MEAP customers.

Other programs that are offered directly by Baltimore Gas and Electric include the Fuel Fund of Maryland, payment plans, Utility Service Protection Program, and the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program, among others.





The Fuel Fund of Maryland is run in partnership with BGE. The energy provider can give customer-funded matching credits to be used to pay utility and energy bills. Assistance is offered for customers who apply for and receive help from the Fuel Fund.  Dial 410.821.3022. The fund works from donations from business, charities, and families, so always feel free to make a tax deductible donation which will be used to help the less fortunate pay their utility bills.

The Utility Service Protection Program, as well as another resource known as Customer Assistance Maintenance Program, provides credits and other saving/assistance to low income customers. For example, the USPP helps low income customers protect their utility service. A credit may be offered for their monthly utility bill, ranging from $5 to $12 a month, from the Customer Assistance Maintenance Program. Both of these are run in cooperation with the state of Maryland.

Save money on your utility and heating bills from resources such as BGE Smart Energy Savers Program as well as the Limited Income Energy Efficiency Program. Energy Savers is a savings and efficiency program. Free resources can help people save money on their monthly utility and energy bills. The Limited Income Energy Efficiency Program helps low to moderate income households receive energy bill assistance for home improvements and updates. Improvements to homes can include extra insulation, major appliance replacement, gas furnace and boiler repairs or replacements for natural gas customers, exterior door or window repair or replacement, or new high-efficiency lighting. Sometimes even a new central air conditioning unit or heat pump can receive a tune-up, repair, or replacement.

At the end of the day, Baltimore Gas and Electric is committed to offering programs that provide customers with a wide range of ways to help reduce their electricity usage, make a customer's home more energy efficient, and reduce natural gas use.





Baltimore Gas and Electric Personal Payment Plans – Will help customers with an outstanding or older, unpaid utility bill. Families with a past-due balance on their BGE bill may qualify for help. A payment plan can assist those with a temporary financial difficulty. The program will help customers make installment plans on their utility bills.

There are some versions to this service. For example, one component is a Personal Payment Plan for qualified customers. This requires one third of the bill to be paid off, then installments can be made on the balance. You do need to keep up with paying your new and ongoing energy bills too.

To get more information on these government assistance programs, or resources offered directly by BGE, please call 800.685.0123 to speak to a Baltimore Gas and Electric representative.


By Jon McNamara

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