Samaritan Community Inc. emergency assistance programs.

The main objective of Samaritan Community Inc. is to assist local families who are struggling in their lives. While a number of programs are run, one key service is to help people find a long-term, stable and safe place to call home. Other resources from the faith based charity group are focused on employment goals. The non-profit strives to empower its clients, helping them create the kind of life they want for themselves and their family members.

A referral and intake service allows a client access to several resources available to them throughout the community as well as within the county of Prince Georges. By making an appointment with a Samaritan Community staff member, applicants can work on their individual concerns and goals. There is support available for people that need help in paying overdue bills, submitting applications for public aid and finding the resources that best meet their needs.

In addition, Samaritan Community serves as a conduit or “navigation site” for the state of Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS). This is often beneficial to households from the community that are struggling to make ends meet. Paperwork and updated applications for any type of financial aid program may be resubmitted onsite with the guidance of a staff member. So learn about benefits such as food stamps or many others.

Families can get referrals to day care services in Prince George's County. Preschool is available in the form of a full-day program for eligible clients. The focus is to prepare their children for kindergarten readiness. The volunteers at Samaritan Community, and many studies show, that education is critical to breaking a cycle of poverty. Support is available for the entire family unit through various activities, interactions and year-round events. There are also local Head Start services that can fill this need.

The Tenants’ Rights Project is offered to clients who have legal questions regarding their housing. Staff from Samaritan Community or local, pro-bono law firms answer questions on rent, security deposits, eviction notices, landlord issues, and similar issues. This project is a collaboration and partnership between many agencies. Some of them include Samaritan Community, free legal aid in Maryland, Urban League, and local attorneys. This free legal advice is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, just like many of the other programs.




GED Preparation and Tutoring Courses are available. These will be for students who want to earn their GED for employment reasons. The program is focused on the population ranging from ages of 16 years to 24 years with morning and afternoon classes available. Or immigrants in the county can use this service too.

Students of this class are assessed to determine their level of academia and then the course work is adjusted to their learning needs. Once a student tests at a passing level, they are able to take the final exam with the cost paid for by Samaritan Community Inc.

WIA (Workforce Investment Act) is for the under employed or those looking for new skills. There is also job services for youth aged 16 years to 21 years to help develop their work skills necessary to find employment in their chosen career field. In addition to the WIA Program, there is an internship type service in Prince George's County called the Summer Work Experience Program which provides youth a hands-on experience working in specific fields. It also affords them the opportunity to receive recognized certifications.

WIA addresses education too. There are literacy programs for ESL/Spanish speaking adults in the community who have a desire to increase their literacy skills or earn their high school diploma. Some students that sop in at Samaritan Community can even learn about scholarship or grants programs that are available in Maryland.

Samaritan Community VITA Tax Preparation Assistance is a program available free of charge to eligible clients who need help preparing their taxes. It is offered for both the state of Maryland as well as federal government taxes, and VITA is even approved by the IRS. This program is available by appointment only from January through April of each year.

Other social services are available as well. If someone needs a referral to a food pantry or just volunteer to help counseling them, then dial (410) 225-9500.



By Jon McNamara

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