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Mortgage help in Maryland and also foreclosure assistance.

Get mortgage help and assistance with stopping a foreclosure in all areas and cities including Baltimore and Columbia. There are a number of different programs available to struggling homeowners. Some are run by non-profits and others are supported by the government. There are separate mortgage assistance programs available, and they are referenced immediately below.

Refinance mortgages

It is always recommended to seek help before you fall behind on payments for your current home loan. One possible, pro-active step to take is to refinance a home loan. It can, among other things, reduce the monthly payment due to the lender, lower an interest rate, or even reduce some of the principal balance (though that is rare).

This form of modifying the mortgage can serve as an assistance program if the terms are more favorable. It provides a refinancing option to Marylanders who are experiencing difficulties with paying an adjustable rate or other unfavorable mortgages. There is help for people that have borrowed from national banks or small, community based lenders. It will also help those homeowners that have mortgages that no longer fit their financial situation or that they can no longer afford.

Every modification program will be different. In some cases, the minimum credit score needed is 600 (but exceptions can be made) and the mortgage being refinanced must not be delinquent. This assistance program also allows many low to moderate income borrowers the ability to refinance some subprime or high interest rate mortgage loans.

There are criteria to be eligible, by this will vary by lender. Some banks, whether they are based in Maryland or elsewhere, are more strict than others. In general, at least one of the following conditions must exist for mortgage refinancing eligibility.

  • The ratio of a borrower’s housing expense to income ratio based on the current mortgage payment or next anticipated rate adjustment will be less than 31% of the borrowers current income; or





  • The borrower’s housing expense to income ratio based on the so called lifetime capped interest rate (fully indexed) needs to be less than 35% of current income; or
  • The lifetime capped interest rate needs to exceed the new rate offered by the lender by more that 2%; or
  • The property being refinanced must be the borrower’s primary residence.

Maryland Mediation Program

Maryland has implemented a new program that requires that homeowners need to be offered a mandatory foreclosure mediation session if they so choose. The homeowner will be able to meet with their lender and a professional mediator, and the foreclosure process will be stopped while these sessions occur. Learn more on the Maryland mediation program.

This is an assistance program that provides Maryland families and homeowners with free counseling, which can sometimes lead to short-term mortgage relief. It was created by the state, lenders, and non-profit agencies in an effort to help maintain homeownership by stopping foreclosures that could result from borrowers that may be experiencing a financial difficulty or crisis. Other beneficiaries are those homeowners that are faced with a hardship caused by either an exotic or sub-prime mortgages such as a negative amortization loan or an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loan that has, or will soon, reset.

To be eligible for this product, you can contact one of the legal aid groups that coordinate this free service. Or the homeowner can be referred to the State of Maryland by a HUD agency or a mortgage counselor.

Maryland HOPE Hotline

This is the option to use if you are already delinquent or are about to fall behind on a future mortgage payment. Borrowers can dial 877-462-7555 in order to get free advice on all of the assistance that is available in the state, including legal aid, information on fraud prevention and/or help with refinancing their mortgage. A number of other services are offered by this program as well.




Anyone can call the toll free number. There are no requirements that need to be met in order to be eligible for the HOPE Hotline. In some cases, the mortgage being refinanced can be delinquent or it can be a future challenge the caller things they may be faced with. The family can be working or not, or they may be a low income or a high wage earner. There are no conditions in place. In addition, the homeowner does not need to have minimum credit score to get help.

Receive free legal advice to prevent a foreclosure

Hundreds of lawyers across the state of have joined together as part of the Maryland Foreclosure Prevention Pro Bono Project. The attorneys are ready to assist homeowners for free and provide them with legal advice as well as general counseling. There is help for borrowers with a foreclosure notice as well as Maryland families that expect to soon have a notice from their bank. Click here to read more on the legal aid program and how it may be able to assist you.

Zero percent loans to pay your mortgage

Homeowners throughout Maryland may be able to receive loans or cash to pay their mortgage. There are local organizations, ranging from community action agencies that Crisis Intervention Funds to many charities that offer support. Each agency has their own terms and conditions in place.

In some cases, mortgage help is only available if the person works. In other instances, some Maryland homeowners may get assistance even if they have lost their job or had a reduction in their income. In general, the money will need to be repaid, but the terms and conditions will be vary on this particular program, depending on the agency that runs it. Find more details on emergency mortgage help in Maryland as well as the federal government funded loan program as well as other resources.

Non-profit counseling agencies

People facing foreclosure or who need help to pay their mortgage can contact a Maryland HUD counseling agency. There are dozens of offices in the state that provide low cost (or even free) advice to homeowners. These are non-profits that direct homeowners to all available government and lender assistance programs.



By Jon McNamara














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