Military Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP).

This foreclosure assistance program that is offered by the federal government was created to help surviving military members, veterans, their families, and other personnel. There may be a combination of financial aid and counseling to help clients with their mortgage, rent, and general housing needs. The program has been expanded to include the following participants:

  • Surviving spouses of fallen service members-DOD, including civilians and Coast Guard who need to or are forced to move within two years of the death of the service member.
  • Wounded soldiers who need to relocate for medical reasons. This also is includes military members with a disability.
  • Active duty service members and military personnel who are facing foreclosure or who may be unable to sell their homes.

The federal government Military Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) provides a variety of options to help. The several resources available to assist eligible homeowners including foreclosure assistance, private sale, and a federal government initiated purchase of their home. Some states, such as Pennsylvania, offer additional grants for military families.

Details of the Military Homeowners Assistance Program include :

  • There is financial help and other forms of assistance if you default on your mortgage.
  • The government may reimburse the client for part of their loss from selling their home.
  • Government aid is provided to assist the person if you don't have funds from the sale of their home to payoff your mortgage.
  • The applicant may also be able to have your home purchased by paying off the mortgage.

Foreclosure Assistance: If court or lender initiated foreclosure proceedings have begun against the borrower, an applicant to this program can elect to either receive foreclosure benefits or support in the private sale of their property from the federal government.





Foreclosure benefits provided by Military Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) may be paid directly to the homeowner to reimburse them for costs and expenses that need to be paid by the applicant. Whether it is court or legal fees, the grants may be able to help them with those costs. Additional aid may be provided for any bills that may need to be paid to third parties on the applicant's behalf.

The HAP program is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers for the Department of Defense. This agency supports military families, surviving spouses, or service members who believe that they meet the assistance program criteria and wish to learn more about eligibility. Any applicants can also learn about expanded benefits for warriors in transition. Anyone that serves the country should look into this program.

There is another program was created to stop foreclosure filings for active duty military personnel. It is known as the Civil Relief Act. Read more on this program.

Expanded Homeowners Assistance Program: As a result of the federal government stimulus program signed into law by President Obama in early 2009, the HAP program will be expanded further. It will now provide additional housing support and rent assistance to military personnel, their families, veterans, and even to Department of Defense civilian employees. So it has been expanded on the number of people that can be assisted Read more on the expanded Military Homeowners Assistance Program.

Dial 800-861-8144 to learn more on the Military Homeowners Assistance Program.



By Jon McNamara

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