Military Family Relief Assistance Program offered in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania House Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee has unanimously approved two bills that will both extend and improve upon and expand the Military Family Relief Assistance Program.

Unfortunately the economic downturn has put additional pressure on hard working, courageous military service members and their families. Some may now be in financial peril. This Military Family Relief Assistance Program serves as a last-chance safety net to military members.

The assistance program, which is managed by the Pennsylvania state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, assists both Pennsylvania military personnel as well as their families with free grants of up to $2,500 annually to provide shelter, food, and other necessities in times of financial hardship.

All of the funds and grants paid out rely on donations and contributions from the community. Most of the aid is made possible by taxpayers donating on their tax returns. Most of the money is raised when people designate all or part of their Pennsylvania Personal Income Tax refund to support the program. If you can afford to do so, please do donate and support Pennsylvania military personnel and their families.

Many military members need time to find a job when they return from deployment. Then someone in their family could be faced with unexpected bills, or even worse an unexpected medical condition. There are many stories and examples in which families have received grants from the Military Family Relief Assistance Program to help pay their bills, utilities, or mortgage while they are looking for a new or full time job. Many veterans have avoided short term homelessness due to the generosity of your donations and this program.





Application process

There are a number of conditions that need to be met by applicants. The Pennsylvania Military Family Relief Assistance Program will offer a grant to those service members, and their immediate family members, who are an immediate need for help. The cause must be related to their military service or some other form of crisis. For example, financial assistance may be provided for expenses or reduction of income caused by death/critical illness of a parent, natural or man-made disasters, emergency need for child care, an unexpected illness or medical bill. If you need food, shelter, housing, or other support from these issues then the state may be able to assist. Those are just some examples of when help may be provided. In general applicants need to lack monetary resources.

If you have unexpected travel expenses, then the Military Family Relief Assistance Program can help with those as well. It will pay for bills and expenses that are the result of the illness (or death) of a spouse, parent, sibling or child.

Often times this program is combined with other government aid or non-profit resources. For examples, individuals who apply to the MFRAP program can also seek help from organizations such as the American Red Cross, Air Force Aid Society, the United Way, or the Army Emergency Relief.

To learn more or to apply for the Military Relief Assistance Program, call 1-866-292-7201.




By Jon McNamara

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