Prince George’s County water bill assistance.

Water bill assistance programs in Prince George’s County are run by the Salvation Army as well as Prince George’s County Community Services, the regional non-profit community action agency. The two programs, when combined with payment plans or rate relief from WSSC, can go a long way towards helping the less fortunate pay their sewer or water costs.

What is generally given to a qualified low income household is a credit on their account. These are not cash based financial aid programs. But even the credit will help the customer with their water bills, as it could either entirely eliminate the balance on the account or reduce the amount of money that is in arrears. It thereby gives the household more time to catch up on their account.

In addition to the credit, the household will also be enrolled into a conservation program. This will show them how to reduce their usage of water, which will of course reduce the amount of their future bills. Conservation is more for water usage and not sewer, but in either case it free up money for the family to pay for other needs they have, whether food, housing, medical, or anything else.

Another benefit of this Prince George’s County service is any other needs the family has can be addressed too. For example, many low income families or those living in poverty have other financial challenges. A case worker from the Salvation Army, or Prince George’s County Community Services, will meet with the applicant. In addition to these water bill assistance programs they will discuss everything from debt reduction programs, public assistance or benefits such as LIHEAP in Maryland, employment, budgeting, and much more. The goal is to get the client on the right path to financial stability.

In order to apply for the two water and sewer assistance programs, the applicants income needs to be less than twice the poverty level. This threshold is set by the federal government, is adjusted yearly, and is based on family size. Other criteria include residency, reason for the emergency, and more. If the criteria are met, then the two options include:





  • -Prince George’s County Community Services runs the CAP - Customer Assistance Program (CAP). This is available as the result of company funds and is mostly targeted at water bills that are the result of the Ready-To-Serve Charge. Call (301) 909-6300.
  • -The Salvation Army, which is based in Hyattsville Maryland, operates the Water Fund. This is paid for using donations from the community, and grants can be applied to either wastewater (sewer) or water bills. Dial (301) 277-6103.
  • -WSSC may offer some qualified customers, who have been current on their account in the past, a payment plan or other forms of relief. Call the provider at 301-206-8000 to make inquires.

As noted, this is one time, emergency financial assistance. It is not intended to provide long term relief. One of the most effective ways to get help with water bills is to manage the use of it. This means conservation. It is turning off the faucets, stopping leaking drips in the home, installing low flow appliances, not watering the lawn, and other steps. WSSC also has information on the most effective ways to conserve water, which will then of course lower the amount of future bills.





By Jon McNamara

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