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Help making payments or getting car loans with low credit scores.

There are ways to get help with down payment on an auto loan if you have bad credit as well as making existing car payments as well. The cost of a new car, SUV, truck, or “auto” continues to increase at a rapid clip. Borrowers with poor credit scores often need help in making a payment on their loan or they need assistance in even obtaining funds from a lender. Find a number of options for how to get assistance with an auto loan if/when the customer has low credit scores or maybe a bad score due to a past financial hardship.

Most people who live in suburban or rural parts of the country still need a car for work or getting around. Many urban residents also need some form of transportation. Borrowers with poor credit scores can (1) struggle to find a lender to loan them the money at an affordable interest rate to buy a car or (2) they can sometimes fall behind on their monthly payments if they face any type of financial challenge.

While there are not too many car loan assistance programs available to borrowers (especially those with bad credit), some of the ways to get help range from non-profit credit counseling agencies to financial aid from community action agencies, government grants, or even auto loan refinancing options. Learn more on what a car or truck owner with low credit scores can do if they fall behind.

Programs to help with car loan payments when a borrower has poor credit

Generally, it is always a good idea for someone with poor or bad credit to contact a non-profit credit counselor. There are thousands of local offices around the country as well as national providers. They will provide in person counseling or services over the internet or phone. They can help with car loan payments as well.

There is not direct financial aid from one of these agencies. Rather a non-profit credit counselor will go over all the options available to the borrower to help with paying their auto loans. They will also provide assistance to anyone who wants to take out a loan. They can offer car owners (or those seeking to buy) with bad credit all the different assistance programs out there and help them sign up. Find details on credit card counseling agencies for car loan help.

Many banks and lenders will allow borrowers to refinance their car loan. While this may be more challenging for those with bad credit, a lender may still allow it. The interest rates, terms, conditions, and monthly payments may not be as low as a borrower with great credit scores, but savings are still possible.





Obviously someone needs to already have a loan out and, while they can be delinquent on it, they can’t be too far behind on their monthly payments. As the goal of refinancing an auto loan is to help the owner save money; it is not a form of financial aid. Learn more on assistance from refinancing car loans.

Individuals with bad or no credit can try charitable programs too. One of the nation’s largest is Ways to Work. They can help individuals obtain a car for work or job training. There will be a loan taking out, but the interest rate will be much lower than other lenders. Another option is Working Car for Working Families, which will also provide free cars to anyone who needs for work, regardless of credit.

There are also a number of no-credit loan programs out there. Some are run by non-profit credit unions or local banks. More national lenders also provide this form of financing on occasion as well. The terms, conditions, and interest rates will vary, but there may be auto loan assistance from low cost loans.

Financing for a car may be available from peer to peer lenders as well. Applicants with lower credit scores will have few options available to them, but there still may be funds available. Note applicants with no-credit history will not be able to use a peer to peer lender. As the individuals who provide the money (lenders) are peers, and some form of credit is required. Find details on borrowing money from peer to peer lenders.

Car payments, or the money to make a down payment on a new auto, can be available from sources of emergency cash. These combine both loans as well as other sources. Emergency cash is offered regardless of credit scores or history; this means people with poor scores or no credit history may be available to use these programs too. Options range from side gigs, selling products, short term jobs, and much more. Find details on applying for emergency cash.

If the low or no credit borrower is so far behind on their car loan payment, and all of these assistance programs do not help, then the owner can still get out of their car loan. There are different steps to take, but it is possible to end the financial commitment. Find steps on how to eliminate a car loan.


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By Jon McNamara

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